Pie with grapes: TOP 7 best recipes

Many fruit pies have appreciated. Tender, airy, low-calorie, rich in vitamins - who will pass by such a temptation without tasting them? Grape pies are no exception. They can be prepared not only at the time of collection. By freezing berries, you will provide yourself with delicious cakes even in winter.

Selection and preparation of grapes

For grape pies, any kind of berry is suitable. However, sweet, juicy seedless varieties such as “Russian Korinka”, “Rusball”, “Unique Kishmish”, “Muscat Rusball”. Very tasty and long-stored berries of varieties "Extra ”,“ Golden Muscat ” and others.

Purchased grapes, which are probably processed with preservatives for better storage, must be kept in cold water for several hours before use. Then it is sorted and separated from the branches. If the fruits have large seeds, then, cutting the grapes into 2-4 parts, they are removed.

Popular recipes

There are many recipes for making grape pies. We will tell you about the most popular.

Pie by Jamie Oliver

This recipe from a well-known English promoter of healthy eating contains the following products: 4 eggs, 1.5 cups of sugar, a pack of butter, half a cup of olive oil, an incomplete cup of milk, vanilla, 2 cups of flour, baking powder, zest of 2 lemons and 2 oranges, 0.5 kg pitted grapes. You will also need a large baking dish.

Pie making technology:

  • beat eggs with sugar until lush foam;
  • add both types of oil and continue to whisk;
  • milk with vanilla is sent there;
  • adding flour to the dough, mix it gently;
  • at the end, citrus zest is added to the product and left for ten minutes;
  • then a third of the grapes are sent to the dough;
  • all this is baked in an oiled form at an average temperature of 10 minutes;
  • pour the rest of the grapes over the dough and bake the pie for another 45 minutes.

Grape and apple pie

This recipe is simple.

  • 2 eggs, an incomplete glass of sugar, beat half a packet of soft margarine with a mixer;
  • pour 0.5 cups of milk into the dough, add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, zest of orange or lemon, slaked soda, salt, 2 cups of flour and mix;
  • A glass of grapes is sent there, an apple cut into slices, mixed and, pouring into the prepared form, baked for 40 minutes.

Cottage Cheese and Grape Pie

For the test you will need: a glass with a top of flour, 150 g of cottage cheese, a little sugar, an egg, 6 tbsp. tablespoons of vegetable oil, baking powder, a little salt. Stuffing: 2 eggs, lemon zest or juice, half a glass of sugar, 100 g of cottage cheese, 2 tablespoons semolina, 400 g of grapes.

Cooking sequence:

  • the cottage cheese is beaten with a mixer with an egg, sugar and salt;
  • flour is gradually added to the dough, it is kneaded to elasticity;
  • the dough wrapped in a film is cooled for half an hour;
  • from the whipped and half sugar yolks and lemon zest, the filling is prepared;
  • cottage cheese and semolina is added to it;
  • proteins are whipped with the remaining sugar and introduced into the rest of the filling;
  • the dough is manually distributed in shape, for the filling is done along the edges of the side;
  • the filling is laid out on the dough;
  • top - grapes cut in half;
  • the cake is baked at 180 degrees 40 minutes.

Bulk pie with grapes on kefir

For it, you need 2 cups of flour and kefir, 2 eggs, soda, vegetable oil, a little salt, 100 g of cheese and 300 g of grapes.

Cooking sequence:

  • from kefir, eggs, butter, salt, flour and soda, a dough of consistency of thick sour cream is made;
  • half of it is poured into a form, grated cheese, seedless grapes are laid out on it;
  • the second half of the dough spills from above;
  • the cake is baked at a temperature of 200 degrees 45 minutes.

Grape cake without baking

For its foundation you need: a large bar of dark chocolate, 80 g of corn flakes, 2 tablespoons of chopped almonds.

For cream you will need: 300 g of cream, 3/4 cup sugar, the same amount of red wine, 25 g of crushed gelatin.

For decoration you need: 0.5 kg of dark grapes, half a glass of red wine and the same amount of grape juice, a little sugar, 20 g of gelatin. Cooking sequence:

  • corn flakes are crushed;
  • melt the chocolate;
  • flakes and almonds are added to it, everything is mixed;
  • on the bottom of the split mold, covered with tracing paper, spread the chocolate mass and send it to the refrigerator for solidification;
  • half of the red wine mixed with sugar is heated to dissolve the crystals and cooled;
  • in another part of the wine, the gelatin is soaked, then it is steamed until dissolved;
  • both mixtures are combined and allowed to cool;
  • beginner gelation cream is combined with whipped cream, poured onto a base and again placed in the refrigerator;
  • a second portion of gelatin is allowed to bloom in half of the grape juice, then the mixture is heated to dissolve the gelatin in a steam bath;
  • in the second part of grape juice, with sugar dissolved in it, add wine with gelatin dissolved in it and cool;
  • put grapes on the cake and pour it in two jelly doses, putting the cake in the refrigerator until it grasps.

Grape Cake

Lean grape pie

He needs: a cup of semolina, a third of a cup of flour and vegetable oil, half a cup of sugar, a little salt, soda, cocoa, almost a cup of fruit juice or nectar, 300 g of grapes.

Pie is prepared as follows:

  • all dry components are mixed with vegetable oil;
  • add juice to the dough and let it stand for an hour and a half;
  • halves of grapes are laid on a greased and foiled form;
  • they are filled with dough and baked at 200 degrees until golden brown.

Pie with grapes in a slow cooker

You can make a pie with grapes in a slow cooker.

Product list: 200 g of raisins, 4 eggs, 1 multi-glass of sugar, 2 the same containers of flour, half a packet of butter, 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil, baking powder, half a glass of sour cream, a spoonful of starch, lemon peel, icing sugar.

The sequence of processes:

  • beat eggs with sugar into a thick foam;
  • melted butter, sour cream, vegetable oil, grated lemon zest are added to the mixture and everything is whipped with a mixer;
  • add the flour with baking powder and starch in portions to make the dough look like thick sour cream;
  • so that the berries during baking are evenly distributed on the cake, they are rolled in icing sugar;
  • they are added to the dough, which is then laid out in a greased multicooker bowl;
  • bake the mixture, setting the appropriate mode, 65 minutes;
  • the finished dessert is better to take out with the help of a container-double boiler;
  • The top of the cake can be decorated with grapes with powdered sugar.

Features of decor and presentation

The original presentation of dessert with grapes will attract the attention of guests. There are several options for the design of such a pie served on a dish in the form of a leaf of grapes. Plates are best decorated with bright green napkins, carved in the form of the same leaves.

On the eve of Christmas and the Old New Year, cake molding for baking in the form of an octagonal Christmas star is relevant. It is done like this:

  • in a circle you need to make 8 cuts on the test so that they do not reach the edges a little;
  • a cut is also made in the middle of each segment;
  • taking by an acute angle, each segment turns into a hole;
  • From the remnants of the dough you can form a pen for the star

In the form of roses. A rectangle is made from the dough by folding the filling into it, rolled up with a roll, cut into 10 pieces, put upside down in roses and baked. Then the finished pie is filled with glaze made from grape juice.

Grape filling can be stacked on the dough.cut into halves, cut up. The cake is decorated by folding together the contrasting color halves of fresh grapes with those baked in the cake.

Italian grape pie

Pie with grape filling is a tasty and healthy delicacy that will appeal to everyone. And if you also submit it to the table in an original way, then it will make a real sensation, becoming your signature home-made treat.

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