The incredible transformation of a glass bottle into a vase

The easiest way to make an empty bottle the right thing is to turn it into a vase. And in the summer you will certainly find how to use the finished product.

But to like the vase, you need to decorate it. For this purpose, stickers, multi-colored threads, ropes, paper napkins, paint spray, polymer clay and ribbons are used. Consider the most beautiful and easy to perform transformation options.

Coloring: the easiest option

The most affordable option to get a vase from a bottle is staining. It is best to take a bottle of the original form, then the vase will turn out spectacular.

  • Before applying the coloring composition, the container must be washed and dried. In this case, it is recommended to first apply a white water-based paint, and then paint on it with any other color.
  • If there is a desire to perform any pattern on the bottle, it is applied with a pencil, and then painted with markers or gouache.
  • Painting the bottom of the vase is optional. After the drawing has dried, it is fixed with a layer of colorless varnish.

The drawings transferred to the container with a stencil or leaf stamps on the surface of the product look excellent!

Decoupage transformation

You can turn a bottle into a vase with decoupage napkins. First, the product must be washed and degreased. Then a series of actions is performed sequentially:

  • A primer in 2 layers is applied to the bottle with a sponge.
  • Then a napkin with a favorite pattern around the bottle is glued. To make it easier to stick, you can cut the image into 2 parts, and to separate the top layer from the rest, a napkin laid on polyethylene is moistened with water. You can remove the napkin layer from the stationery file, and transfer the motif with the picture to the bottle again through the file, then the picture will definitely not break.
  • Then all the folds of the napkin on the bottle are smoothed with a brush, and excess glue is removed with a napkin.
  • It remains only to apply paint over the bottle with a sponge everywhere except for a napkin.
  • If you want, you can make cracks using craquelure.
  • The final stage is the application of varnish on the product.

With the help of such simple actions, a luxurious vase is obtained from an ordinary bottle!

Dressing with a linen cord

Turn a bottle into an interesting vase with a linen cord. It is glued to PVA glue, and beads are used as an additional decoration.

  • A glass bottle is taken. It is cleared of a factory sticker and wiped with alcohol.
  • PVA glue with water is diluted in a ratio of 1 to 1.
  • Then napkins are glued to the bottle.
  • After that, the container is treated with PVA glue and put to dry.
  • Then you can decorate the bottle with linen cord. To do this, the selected sketch of the pattern is transferred to the product, and then according to it the cord is glued.
  • In the central part of the vase, large beads can be placed, and then halves of peas in a chaotic order.

After the bottle has dried, it can be covered with acrylic paint.

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The use of polymer clay

Any bottle will be a wonderful vase if you decorate it with small flowers or other decorative forms made of polymer clay. The option looks spectacular when the lower part and neck of the bottle are decorated in this way. In combination with polymer clay, stained glass painting looks great.

How to make a vase from a glass bottle

If you have empty bottles, do not rush to throw them away. Turning bottles into vases can be a good hobby ... or an idea for starting a business.