Description of the process of growing grapes of the variety "Nastya"

Grapes "Nastya" is quite popular. However, the description of the variety and its photo relate to the grapes "Arcadia", which was obtained from the parent pair "Moldova" and "Cardinal" in UkrNIViV named after Tairov.

Characteristics and photos of the variety

Little is known, however "Nastya" in reality is synonymous with the well-known variety "Arcadia" early ripening. Harvesting is done on 115-125 days. The variety has long managed to establish itself not only in their native land, but also in Russia, as well as in Western Europe.

Biological description

The main characteristics of stability during cultivation in adverse conditions obtained by the variety from grapes "Moldova". Bushes are medium, but often strong stature. Bunches are characterized by beauty, large size and massiveness.

The standard weight can vary from 0.5 to 0.7 kg, but sometimes reach 2 kg. They are characterized by branching, conical shape with the presence of blades and medium density.

Technical specifications

Berries of grapes "Nastya" have a pronounced ovoid shape. They are quite large, and the standard sizes are 2.8 by 2.3 cm. Most often, the weight of the berries is 15 g or more. The characteristic coloration is represented by yellow or white. At the stage of full ripening, the berries become a pleasant amber-yellow color.

The pulp is characterized by meatiness and good juiciness. The taste is quite simple, but has harmony and lightness, with a slight nutmeg. The peel is strong, but not too dense. The surface of the skin is coated with a thin layer of white spring. Differences in humidity often provoke severe cracking of berries. Standard indicators for sugar content are 15%, and acidity does not exceed 5 g / l.

Advantages and disadvantages

The grapes received the main advantages in relation to resistance to adverse conditions from the Moldova variety. The second parent variety, represented by Cardinal grapes, gave Nastia high quality and excellent taste. The advantages of the variety are:

  • friendly type of return of the crop;
  • average yield from one bush is about 20 kg;
  • the formation of very elegant clusters with beautiful and large berries;
  • excellent taste indices;
  • frost resistance up to - 24about FROM;
  • the variety is not affected by mildew;
  • high level of transportability, which belongs to the category of record and allows you to classify the variety among the five market leaders.

However, when growing it should be remembered that the variety "Nastya" more than others requires protective measures against defeat by oidium and has a high tendency to overload the vines with a high yield.

Photo gallery

Grapes "Nastya": characteristics

Landing rules and care features

Planting seedlings of this variety is standard:

  • the landing pit must be prepared in advance. The standard distance between the seedlings can not be less than a meter, and the depth exceeds the length of the root system of the plant by 10 cm;
  • soil mixed with humus should be poured to the bottom;
  • the seedling should be trimmed with secateurs damaged or non-viable roots, and then dip the root system into the solution "Humate";
  • when installing the seedling in the planting pit, a distance of 5 cm should remain from the ground level to the root neck;
  • the expanded root system should be gently covered with soil and lightly tamped with hands;
  • it is advisable to use a support in the form of a wooden peg or a metal rod of standard reinforcement for the correct direction of plant growth;
  • the soil around the seedling should be abundantly watered, followed by mulching.

In the process of care, some characteristic features of the variety should be taken into account:

  • grape variety "Nastya" is characterized by insufficient resistance to damage by oidium and gray rot, which requires twice a season for preventive spraying;
  • a very good result is given by spraying the vineyards with Bordeaux liquid in a concentration of not more than 1%;
  • bushes of this variety very poorly tolerate differences in soil moisture indicators and need to be controlled with subsequent artificial regulation;
  • in order to protect against overloading the vine and chopping the formed crop, it is recommended to leave no more than one large bunch on each shoot;
  • pruning of vine bushes is required regularly, during the dormant period of the vines. The optimal is the formation of a fan shape, which will be based on 3 or 4 grape sleeves;
  • pruning is done for 8-12 eyes with the number per bush from 35 to 45 eyes.

A significant number of eyes can provoke an overload of the plant with the crop. For adult bushes, you can leave no more than 55 eyes.

Gardeners reviews

Experienced winegrowers have repeatedly noted the fact that it is during growth on root-own bushes that Nastya grapes form the most delicious and highest yield. Grapes of this variety very quickly enter the fruiting period: already in the second year after vaccination on the old stock plant forms a good crop. When planting seedlings, a similar yield can be observed in the third year.

Shoots ripen well. In favorable years, in conditions of non-overloaded bushes, the maximum ripening of the vine was observed, sufficient for the formation of the bush. The number of fruitful shoots is more than half. Amber brushes are very attractive to please growers annually with high yields, even in the presence of completely nondescript signaling ovaries. The majority of wine growers noted the variety as a high-yielding, problem-free and formative crop with high commercial qualities.

How to grow grapes “Nastya” - “Arcadia”

Perhaps the only thing that can spoil the impression of this variety is the location of the vineyard on a site with a high occurrence of groundwater, which causes not only cracking of berries, but also many diseases. Otherwise, grapes "Nastya" or, as it is more correctly called "Arcadia", refers to varieties that deserve the attention of a winegrower and easily live up to even the most daring expectations.