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Grade apple "Glory to the winners": description and cultivation rules

It is impossible to imagine orchards without apple trees. Among the most sought after are apple trees, which can produce crops for a long time.

It is to such a variety of types that the "Glory to the winners" apple trees can be attributed. The variety was bred at the garden experimental station on the territory of Mlievo. The apple tree was the result of crossing varieties "Papirovka" and "Macintosh." Initially, fruit trees of the Glory to the Winners variety were involved in industrial gardening.

Grade description

Strong-growing apple trees with a powerful, spreading, wide pyramidal crown. Over time, the crown takes on a highly oval or highly rounded appearance.

The main branches are straight, moving away from the stem at an acute angle. The end part is directed upwards and covered with brown bark. With age, the main branches diverge to the sides and form gloves and fruit twigs. The stem part is reddish-brown in color and weakly articulated, the surface is shiny.

Foliage has a light green color with a slight yellow tint. The leaves are slightly rounded or oval, slightly elevated, with a double, jagged serrate. The leaf tips are short and pointed. The plate is flat and smooth, has a slight wrinkle and slight pubescence. Petioles are dim, and stipules are small.

At the flowering stage, the tree is very attractive. The blossoming flowers of the apple tree of the Glory to Winners variety are pink in color and saucer-shaped, and the color of buds that have not yet opened is red.

Flowering occurs in the medium term. Pollen has a low or medium level of vitality. Variety "Glory to the winners" refers to the category of self-infertile. Free pollination results in the setting of less than ten percent of the fruit.

On the territory of the southern regions, in conditions of a good agricultural background, the period of fruiting of the tree begins with two years. Apple tree varieties "Glory to the winners" has a shoot-forming ability. Renal excitability is relatively low. The fruiting type is mixed.

The benefits and nutritional value of fruits

The shape of the apples of the Glory to Winners variety can be not only round, but also oblong-round or slightly conical in the apical part. Apples are not ribbed, with a glossy skin. Fruits are medium in size or large. Weight indicators range from an average of one hundred and twenty to one hundred and eighty grams.

The pulp of apples has a yellowish-gray or light cream color. It is characterized by medium graininess, slight aroma, juiciness and sweet-sour taste. Assessment of dessert quality at the level of 4.4-4.6 points.

The standard parameters of the chemical composition of the fruit are as follows:

  • total indicators of sugars vary from 13 to 14.4 percent;
  • sugar content is 10.7 percent;
  • the content of ascorbic acid in 100 grams of apples does not exceed 8 milligrams;
  • indicators of P-active substances per 100 grams of apples are about 110 milligrams;
  • titrated acid content of 0.8 percent.

Apples of the Glory to Winners variety are used fresh and are used for processing with the aim of making jam, jam or juice. It is possible to carry out drying and urination.

Description of the apple tree “Glory to the winners”

Planting and Care Rules

Cultivation technology involves following the basic recommendations.

  1. Particular attention is required to the selection of seedlings. The root part of plants should be lively and plentiful. The vaccination site should be dry and the bark should not have any damage.
  2. Several branches should be developed on the seedlings. The standard seedling height should not be less than 1.5 meters.
  3. Preparing the wells for landing is done ten days before planting. The standard width and length of the hole is 70 centimeters, and the depth cannot be less than a meter.
  4. The bottom of the planting hole must be covered with black soil or other fertile soil with the addition of organic fertilizers, as well as ash, humus or bone meal.

Apple trees of the Glory to Winners variety can be planted not only in autumn, but also in early spring. When planting in the autumn, all foliage on the plant is subject to removal. The first two years after planting, the standard care for the seedlings is to conduct regular watering and remove weeds. At a later stage, as the fruit plants grow older, the care consists of watering, loosening the soil and treating the apple tree from pests and diseases.

Harvesting and storage

Dates of the period of removable maturity for apples of this variety are determined on the basis of climatic features of the cultivation area. As a rule, when growing fruit plants of this variety in the southern regions, the main harvest of apples begins in the first half of August.

For fruit trees cultivated in forest-steppe zones, harvesting occurs in the last decade of August. On the territory of central Russia, the period of mass harvesting of apples of this variety falls on September.

Picking apples should be very careful. Features of the variety allow harvesting before the ripening of fruits. It should be remembered that ripened apples of this variety intensively crumble, which requires timely harvesting.

You can store the fruits until the New Year holidays. When using the cellar, storage periods are not more than one and a half months. Preservation of fruits in the refrigerator can be carried out for four months. The marketability of harvested apples does not exceed ninety percent.

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Grade Reviews

Gardeners of our country as a whole are very pleased with the grade "Glory to the winners". Reviews about it are mostly positive, due to the unpretentiousness of trees, as well as good taste indicators and presentation of ripened fruits. Observance of storage rules allows a sufficiently long time to maintain the collected apples in good condition and enjoy their taste for several months.

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