Original DIY clothes hangers

Original DIY clothes hangers

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Hangers are an important part of a person’s life; organizing space in a closet is problematic without it. It’s easier to buy them in a store, but if you want to place clothes on beautiful, self-made shoulders, you should start making them.

Thick wire hangers

The most interesting option is hangers made of thick wire, curved in the form of an inscription. They look original and successfully fulfill the main function.

Hanger with basket

The most practical option is a hanger with a wicker basket attached to its lower part. Hangers can be made of thick wire, and baskets can be used to fold scarves, gloves, keys, other trifles.

Board hanger

The easiest option to make a roomy hanger for outerwear, umbrellas and bags is to take a board. An ordinary board is taken, and many small hooks are nailed to it. The hanger is ready!

Coastal hanger

If you have minimal carpentry skills, you can make a hanger in the style of coal. It differs in that right above the hooks is a kind of shelf on which wicker baskets can be placed.

Hanger from the pitchfork

One of the creative options for a floor hanger is a pitchfork, or rather, several pitchforks that are interconnected. Forks (3 pieces) are taken and connected in the middle so that the lower part forms a tripod. The upper part of the pitchfork with teeth will serve as hooks.

Hooks are attached to old chair backs. In this case, not the entire back is used, but only its upper part. To make the hanger look attractive, it is recommended to paint it with bright paint. For scarves, it is better to choose a back with vertical slats, and for coats - with horizontal ones.

Conversion of floor lamp

The easiest way is to make a floor hanger from an old floor lamp. The support is already there, and it is enough to fix the hooks on the lampshade. The floor lamp base can be decorated at your discretion.

Wooden floor hanger

A unique floor hanger comes out of ordinary dry wood. It is cleaned of knots and bark, and then processed with sandpaper. 3 legs for support are nailed to the bottom of the tree. The top of the hanger is decorated in the form of a crown. Branches act as hooks - they are cleaned and polished. The finished structure is covered with paint or varnish. To decorate the hanger, you can use large beads.

Floor hanger made of timber

You can run the product from a standard beam with a cross section of 10x10 mm. The length of the hanger is selected according to your height. As legs 4 bars are used with a length equal to 35 centimeters. A cut should be made at one end at an angle of 45 degrees. Small planks should be nailed between the legs and the support to make the structure stable. Hooks are nailed to the base in its upper part. The finished product is covered with paint or varnish.

Eco-friendly floor hanger

You can make an eco-hanger from wooden sticks.

  • 4 sticks or 4 shovel cuttings are taken. You will also need one long stick on which you can hang clothes.
  • First, 4 sticks are connected so that 2 crosses are obtained.
  • To make the structure strong, a plate is nailed to the bottom of each cross. All components are connected to the screws.
  • It remains only to treat the surface with an antiseptic and cover it with paint or varnish.

Important! For structural stability, the sides of the cross are connected closer to the top.

You can make hangers yourself from anything. The shape and material for the production of hangers are selected based on your preferences. However, when using wooden products, do not forget that they need additional processing, otherwise the product will become a home for insects.

DIY clothes hanger from an old chair

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