Apple tree "Candy": growing rules and characteristics of fruits

Among the varieties of apples of domestic selection, the variety "Candy" stands out. It was bred thanks to two varieties - Papirovka and Korobovka. Having tried these apples, it is impossible to forget them - how tasty they are. It is no coincidence that this variety bears such an appetizing name.

Grade description

Apple tree "Candy" refers to the early summer varieties, its fruits can be enjoyed at the end of summer. Their taste qualities are unique. The fruit tastes like apple confiture.

These apples are very beautiful - light yellow with a pink blush and red strokes covering almost the entire hundred-gram fruit. Their skin is smooth, the flesh is tender, juicy, soft, with a taste reminiscent of candy - sourness is absent in them. Therefore, harvesting these fruits for the future in the form of jams, jam, juice, it is better to add a few varieties with sourness or citric acid to the treats.

Apple tree "Candy" grows fastbecoming very high, its crown is powerful, sprawling, with dense dark green foliage. The tree blooms in small pink and white flowers. Fruits appear already in the 4th-5th year. Moreover, they themselves, having reached maturity, do not fall.

Grade advantages:

  • great resistance to frost: even after a frosty winter, the tree blooms profusely, grows well and bears fruit;
  • high productivity - the weight of fruits from one tree reaches 50 kg;
  • unpretentiousness in leaving;
  • high resistance to infections.

The disadvantages of the variety:

  • due to the complexity of crown formation and the need to maintain a large distance between trees, it does not have industrial significance;
  • poor fruit transportability;
  • low fruit preservation at ordinary temperature.

In amateur gardening, the variety is widespread in the European part of the country and in many regions of Siberia. The variety "Candy-2" with a compact crown and the best preservation of fruits has already been bred.

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The nutritional value

According to many experts, the fruits of the apple tree "Candy" - this natural apple confiture - are unparalleled. Fruits are so rich in sugars that you do not need to add it when making desserts from these apples. Scientists believe that by eating them, you can get powerful positive energy, which can kill an infection that is only emerging in the human body.

Children are very fond of apples, and parents may not be afraid that their children, when consumed, may suffer from allergies. Such cases were not observed.

It is interesting that even the unripe fruits of the Candy variety are much sweeter and tastier than the fully ripened representatives of many other varieties. The apples taste like a mix of pineapple and banana.

Apple tree "Candy": early summer grade

Landing rules

When planting seedlings, several recommendations must be observed.

  • It is better to prepare a pit for a seedling six months before planting. The soil is fertilized by adding peat, humus, superphosphate, nitrogen, saltpeter.
  • Both spring and autumn planting are acceptable. In autumn, it is important to guess the time of planting so that the seedling does not have time to actively grow.
  • Variety "Candy" requires planting in a well-lit place. Apple trees grow widely and quickly and do not like close proximity to other trees. Therefore, when planting, large intervals between the trees are observed.
  • The soil should be fertile and moist, with good drainage. If the underground water, which is very dangerous for this tree, lies shallow, it is better to plant an apple tree on a hill. Otherwise, you need to dig a drainage groove to drain excess water.


An important condition for the normal growth of trees is a set of agrotechnical measures.

  • Watering should not be plentiful, but regular, especially in the hot summers.
  • Cropping crown. For the best fruiting and the convenience of harvesting, the permanent formation of the crown and its thinning are important.
  • Fertilizer. Superphosphate, humus and ash must be added once a year.
  • Digging up. It is made for better oxygen supply to the roots, especially in autumn, so that soil compaction due to snowfall does not cause root decay.
  • For winter, the roots are insulated with mulch, and in winter also with snow.

Pest and Infections Control

Of great importance for the variety "Candy" is the fight against scab. For this:

  • in early spring, trees are sprayed with a special solution;
  • the bark of aging trees from the bottom of the trunk is completely removed;
  • in winter, whitewash and putty are applied to the trunk and cut branches.

From the rodents that eat the bark of a tree in winter, opening the "gate" for fungal infections, the apple trees are saved by wrapping them under spruce or peat. This prevents the roots from freezing.

Harvesting and storage of crops

Harvest apples variety "Candy" harvested in late summer. Since the apple trees are very tall, it is better to use a special device for picking fruits - a fruit picker with a telescopic handle. It is much safer to gather on high stairs.

Fruits of this variety are poorly stored without refrigeration. They are stored at zero temperature in a refrigerator or cellar, but even under these conditions they lie for a maximum of two months. Apples cannot be transported over long distances.

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Cooking Application

Candy apples are widely used for the preparation of sweet dishes, jams, juices, etc. Apple confiture is the best dessert. Here are some recipes for this treat:

Amber Confiture

It is cooked using an air grill. A pound of sugar is taken per 1 kg of fruit. Peeled apples are passed through a meat grinder. After mixing them with sugar, put them in jars and simmer for 15 minutes at a temperature of 235 degrees at high speed. Then another half hour at 150 degrees and medium speed.

Apple Confiture with Ginger

For 1 kg of apples, you need half the sugar, juice of 2-3 lemons, 20 g of ginger. Peeled apples are cut into slices, mixed with sugar, lemon juice and chopped ginger. Then bring to a boil and leave covered with a film for half a day.

Confiture "Summer aroma"

With apples, 1 orange is peeled and cut into slices. Then add one and a half glasses of sugar and a little water. All this is brought to a boil. Then, at intervals of 5-10 minutes, boil another 2 times. For the last time, just before boiling the mixture, finely grated orange skin is added to it. There you can add a little cinnamon or vanillin.

What kind of apple tree to choose

The most delicious of all varieties of apples - "Candy" - is not known to every gardener. It is not grown commercially, but for a garden plot this is a great option. Children, once tasted these apples, will be happy to eat them again. When making desserts from these sweet and healthy apples, you do not need to use sugar. In the care of the apple variety "Candy" unpretentious, winter-hardy, fruiting - plentiful. The fruits have some drawbacks, in particular, poor keeping quality and, accordingly, a short shelf life in fresh form. But the numerous advantages of these unique domestic fruits will undoubtedly be of interest to those who have not yet settled "confiture" apple trees in their garden.