How to decorate a summer house for the New Year 2019: TOP-10 best ideas

Owners of summer cottages are truly lucky, they have the opportunity not only to spend time in nature, but also to celebrate the New Year outside the city. It is they who can do such a fascinating thing as decorating a summer house before the holidays, and on New Year's Day enjoy a smartly decorated area and a particularly cozy atmosphere.

How to approach the decoration of a country house and land? Introducing the TOP 10 best ideas for the 2018 meeting!

1. We focus on the Christmas tree

Almost every summer house has at least one coniferous tree. With proper design, it can become the central decorative element of a summer cottage. The most original option is to decorate the Christmas tree with figures made of ice. An equally effective way of decoration is multi-colored flags and candies.

2. Decoration of the facade of the house

It is worth doing and decorating the facade of the house. You can wrap it in a garland, hang Christmas toys, colorful balls, felt products.

3. Do not forget about the fence and the yard

The fence painted with silver or golden spray paint looks amazingly beautiful. You can decorate it with cones painted in the same colors. Cones scattered over snowdrifts in the yard look good.

4. If there is no tree, the situation will be saved ... bushes

If there is no spruce on the plot, you can decorate bushes or other trees with luminous garlands instead.

5. Arbor decoration

An arbor decorated with luminous elements looks original. Inside it, you can light candles by putting them in jars, then the New Year's mood will be provided.

6. Highlighting garden paths and driveways

The entrance area illuminated by the fixtures looks very welcoming. Do not forget about garden paths, near them you can place candles in banks.

Christmas decoration cottages

7. Garlands everywhere

In winter, there is not so much light on the street, so you can decorate the site with unblinking light garlands. To issue them is:

  • outbuildings;
  • wells;
  • pergolas;
  • benches;
  • fences.

Important! When installing garlands, you should make sure that all their parts are well insulated. The decor is attached to the structures using suction cups or guides made of plastic.

8. Myself and the birds in joy

Stock up with branches of mountain ash, make small bouquets of them and hang them on ribbons on the trees. So you will make your site elegant and enjoy winter treats of birds.

9. Homemade lights on the trees

You can surprise your neighbors with homemade lamps hanging on trees. Make them very simple.

  • Long branches are taken, connected from below - this will be the bottom of the lamp.
  • A glass transparent container is placed at the bottom.
  • A colored candle is placed in the container.
  • The lamp is connected from above and decorated with branches of spruce.
  • Finished decor can be hung on the trees.

10. The design of doors and windows

Doors and windows can be decorated with wreaths, compositions of spruce and pine branches. Particular attention should be paid to the wreath: it is believed that it brings health and wealth to the house. Making this jewelry yourself is very simple.

  • Run the frame from the watering hose: cut the desired piece, connect the ends and wrap with tinsel. As a frame, you can use flexible branches.
  • Attach coniferous branches, cones, toys and tinsel to the frame.

In addition to the presented decor options, you can decorate the summer cottage with LED figures, characters fashioned from snow, and ice figures placed on the terrace. It is important to pre-select the types of jewelry that you intend to use, and observe the measure. The best option is to draw on paper what an approximately completed area will look like, and if the project suits you, you can implement it.

Ideas for decorating the cottage for the New Year

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