We celebrate the New Year in the country: how to make a menu

New Year's Eve in the country, as in any other place, can not do without a festive table. But the menu will have to be compiled differently than during a holiday in the apartment.

Menu Rules

The primary task when compiling the menu for the New Year's Eve in the country is the convenience of transporting food. Olivier will have to refuse or cook it in the apartment, and then bring it to nature. Goose will not be the best option for hot due to the complexity of the preparation. The only thing that can be done so that the bird is cooked on time is to boil it in advance, and then, already at the cottage, bake it.

It should be taken into account that the celebration of the New Year is usually delayed. And if there are no shops near the dacha, getting additional products will not be easy, therefore, everything should be prepared in advance.

An important point: the dishes must be universal, everyone should eat them. It is worth asking if someone invited to the holiday is allergic. It’s a good idea to ask guests to bring something edible.

The minimum number of hot dishes in the country can be prepared, and there should be enough snacks. They will support the feast throughout the night.

Mandatory Dish: Canapes and Sandwiches

Preparing canapes and sandwiches is quite simple, you can connect children to the lesson. As components for these snacks can be used:

  • pitted olives;
  • cheese;
  • Shrimp
  • sausage;
  • chicken liver with onions;
  • boiled eggs;
  • red, black caviar;
  • any finely chopped salads.

You can combine the ingredients for creating canapes in different ways. It all depends on your taste preferences.

Assorted: slices of cheese, meat, fish

For a holiday in the country, various cuts are perfect. Their components may be:

  • creamy, blue cheeses;
  • smoked, salted fish;
  • hard, soft cheese;
  • sausage of different types;
  • sausage bread;
  • brisket;
  • fat.

In the fresh air, such an assortment is always appropriate. You will not notice how the appetite will play out, and slicing in this case will come in handy.

Traditional homemade blanks

On holiday, on the table, there must be various homework. Everything that was done in the summer will be successfully tested in the winter. The following goodies look appropriate on the New Year's cottage table:

  • vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, wild garlic;
  • mushrooms: mushrooms, chanterelles, honey mushrooms;
  • spicy, salty snacks: eggplant, sauerkraut, lecho.

Putting homemade blanks on the table, you will give the New Year party a family atmosphere. Moreover, there will be many topics for talking about collecting vegetables in the country and cooking spins.

Quick preparations for the holiday

If there is no time for a long preparation, and you are going to put a table on the street, you can hold a buffet table. You will need to cook several salads, canapes, snacks. At the same time, it is important to arrange the dishes so that, if necessary, they can be quickly transferred to the house.

From hot dishes, it is recommended to choose barbecue on the grill, fish, kebab. Canapes and sandwiches should be laid out on several trays. Portion salads should not be served. It is better to take disposable plates - 5 per person.

Do not forget about drinks - compotes, fruit drinks, mead, cider. A good option for a New Year's feast in the country will be pre-baked pies - with pumpkin, cinnamon, dried fruits. You can bake your favorite potatoes on the grill.

How to make a menu for the New Year

If you decide to celebrate the New Year in the country, you should choose simple but tasty dishes. The best option is light snacks that can be spread on cookies or bread. It is also worth putting sauces and pastes on the table. It is not recommended to serve salads in portions, it is better to put them in tartlets or replace canapes with cheese, ham, vegetables. It is recommended to choose kebab, baked fish or vegetables with poultry from hot dishes. And if you also prepare a beautiful New Year’s cake, the celebration will be unforgettable.