Orchid Flowering Calendar

The flowering process is a kind of combination of physiological processes related to generative development that occur in flowering plants.

This stage lasts from the laying of flowers to the stage of their fertilization. A feature of the process is the division into two phases, among which the initiation of the formation of flower primordia, as well as the transformation of primordia with their subsequent disclosure. The phase of development of flowers in different plants begins at a different stage in their life.

General information

Orchidaceae are the largest family of monocotyledonous herbaceous plants, the history of which begins in the Late Cretaceous era. In Europe, elegant flowers appeared relatively recently - about two hundred years ago. Once upon a time, it was possible to meet a wild orchid on almost all continents, but over the years these plants have died out.

In natural conditions, orchids live surrounded by different fungi and bacteria, which is their natural neighborhood. Florists should remember that only adult plants are adapted to the stage of formation of peduncles, the age of which is from one and a half to three years.

If the orchid at home has not yet bloomed, then you should find out how old the plant is. In different species of orchids, flowering begins exclusively from a certain age. Indoor orchids, not transplanted for several years, can vegetate for a whole year.

Flowers grow very well at home and can please their flower owners for many years with numerous flowers.

How many orchids bloom

When performing proper orchid care, the plant pleases its owner with its beautiful flowers almost all year round. To determine exactly when the orchid should go to the flowering phase, there is a special convenient calendar. A feature of each species and variety is the ability to bloom in different ways.

The frequency, as well as the flowering time of such a tropical plant as an orchid, largely depends on many fundamental factors, including the amount of moisture and the lighting of the room. Some species bloom exclusively in winter, while others only in spring or summer. There are varieties that do not stop blooming year-round.

Orchid home: flowering and care

When to bloom and how often

Significantly facilitate the determination of the period when the orchid blooms, you can, knowing the type and variety:

  • Cymbidium differs in unpretentiousness and is perfect for beginner amateur gardeners. The main flowering time begins in October and lasts until February. In addition, Cymbidiums can also bloom from March or July to September.
  • Dendrobium belongs to the category of tall orchid. It blooms usually from October to January. In addition, Dendrobiums can also bloom from July to September.
  • Miltonia known to most amateur gardeners under the name "Butterfly Wings." Flowering time - from March to May, as well as from September to November. In addition, Miltonia can also bloom between December and February or in the summer.

  • Miltassia is a fairly well-known and widespread hybrid of Miltonia. The main flowering time of Miltasia is from March to July. In addition, Miltasia can also bloom from August to February.
  • Odontoglossum characterized by the most difficult care when growing indoors. Pleases with flowers from February to May, as well as in September or October. In addition, Odontoglossums can also bloom in the summer, as well as from November to the last of December.
  • "Oncidium" It belongs to the category of orchids very popular among gardeners. The time characteristic for the flowering of Oncidium is from April to July. In addition, "Oncidiums" can also bloom after some time in the period from November to March or in August.
  • Paphiopedilum becoming more and more popular with flower growers in our country. The main time characteristic of flowering is from the first of October to the beginning of April.

  • "Phalaenopsis" - the most popular plant for beginners growers for growing indoors. Flowers can be produced from January to December.
  • Cattleya responsive to good and quality home care. The main time characteristic of the Cattleya flowering is from April to November. In addition, Cattleya can also bloom in December, February and March.
  • Zygopetalum Demanding on the regime and types of irrigation. Flowering period - from early November to early February.

Factors Affecting Flowering

A large number of different factors affect the flowering of orchids grown indoors by amateur gardeners:

  • The length of daylight hours. Each orchid species involves obtaining a certain length of daylight for flowering, which allows the plant to optimally go to this stage.
  • Florists should not expect fast and abundant flowering from a room orchid, which has largely or completely lost its root system.
  • Moisture is another factor that affects the flowering of a crop.
  • Correct and regularly controlled temperature conditions in the room is important no less than good and high-quality lighting.

You should also familiarize yourself with the material of the article that tells about the features of orchid watering in winter and at the flowering stage.

How to make an orchid blossom

The main factors that are able to slow down the flowering of orchids grown in room conditions are many. As a rule, almost all of these factors are associated with violations of the rules for care, although sometimes this condition of the plant is caused by the fact that it simply needs ordinary rest for some time.