House for a well: ways of execution and decoration

House for a well: ways of execution and decoration

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The house for a well has not only decorative and aesthetic, but also a practical orientation. A well-made log house protects the water in the well shaft from various debris that can be brought in by gusts of wind. Building a house above the well is important from a safety point of view: it is an effective barrier for animals and children.

You can arrange the aboveground part of the well yourself or resort to the help of specialists.

Ordering a house in construction companies that are professionally engaged in the creation of such structures will allow you to get a log house for a well in a short time. Engineers and professional craftsmen will advise on any issues, as well as draw up design documentation, draw up a drawing and calculate the size and final cost of the structure. It should be noted that this option is quite expensive regardless of the materials used.

You can develop a project, create a drawing and build a house for the well yourself. The finished design will have more personality than the purchase. In addition, this option will cost much less, and the process of creating a house will bring great pleasure. A felling for the well, made by yourself, can have almost any size and shape, all parameters will depend solely on the imagination of the builder. Such a house can be built from timber or any lumber, which increases the attractiveness and accessibility of the structure.

Manufacturing options

Despite the fact that there are ready-made step-by-step instructions, in each case, the project of building a house for a well with your own hands is best worked out independently.

There are several options for the implementation of houses for wells, which combine decorativeness and functionality.

Gable houses

This option is characterized by a relatively small size and is intended to protect such a part of the well rings as the head. The design assumes the presence of a door, which allows monitoring the operation of the pump, as well as performing cleaning and disinfection.

Log cabin in the form of logs or timber

The design based on high-quality timber is characterized by significant solidity. Such a house above the well rings looks most impressive and is characterized by guaranteed durability. The beam, qualitatively processed with special antiseptics, will serve for many years.

Hexagonal Log Cabin

This version of the house is a modification of the previous design, but differs in shape: the log house is not traditional quadrangular, but hexagonal. The slopes of the roof vary in length, so the house has an asymmetric appearance.

It should be borne in mind that regardless of the type of house that is supposed to be installed above the well rings, the design can be made even more attractive.

A traditional option for decorating any building made of wood is carving.

The design in the traditional Russian style looks attractive and original, which perfectly complements the landscape design of almost any country house with a wooden house.

A more modern house for the well can be obtained by finishing the design with siding. Most often, this decoration option is used if the house on the site is decorated with siding panels. This method of decorating a house for a well is characterized by affordable cost and ease of implementation, and also demonstrates good performance, including durability.

Well drilling

Drawings and Dimensions

A quality house for a well is built according to the drawings, which are carried out taking into account the dimensions and basic parameters of the future design. If to create a project of a house with a gable roof, as well as a structure in the form of a log house, special efforts are not required, and the dimensions of the structure are calculated based on the diameter of the well rings taking into account the convenience of their maintenance, then the hexagonal design requires a more careful drawing design.

When creating a scheme for the construction of a hexagonal house over a well, it is worth following the following parameters:

  • building height indicators are about 0.22 meters;
  • standard indicators of the diameter of the base are 0.12 meters;
  • the rounded beam necessary for the construction should have a diameter of at least 10 centimeters;
  • To cover a gable roof, it is supposed to use an edged board.

It should be remembered that the construction of wood requires the processing of all lumber, as well as rounded timber with special moisture-proofing compounds, which not only protect the finished building from the effects of water, but also extend the life of the house over the well.

Step-by-step instruction

Depending on what type of house is supposed to be built, the sequence of work should be clearly defined.

Stages of the construction of a house with a gable roof:

  • creating a frame based on timber and edged boards;
  • the device of roof trusses;
  • covering the constructed roof with roofing material;
  • installation on roofing material of slate coating;
  • door installation;
  • lining the house over the well with lumber.

Stages of building a house based on a log house:

  • folding logs to the size of the well in the form of a log house;
  • supply of log stands with small supports;
  • the design of the protruding ends of the logs with curly cuts;
  • roof covering with waterproofing material.

Stages of building a house in the form of a hexagonal log house:

  • folding logs to the size of the well in the form of a hexagonal log house;
  • the supply of the rack-mounted parts of the log house with small but reliable supports;
  • the design of all the protruding logs through curly cuts;
  • covering the roof of the finished structure with any type of waterproofing material.

It should be noted that the implementation of the hexagonal log house above the well is quite painstaking work requiring certain skills. In addition, a rounded log to create such a log house should be as even as possible, without bends and with a minimum number of knots. Not only the durability of the building, but also its appearance will depend on the quality of the building material.

We also offer you to learn about the features of carrying water into the house from a well.

Well house

Decorating tips and tricks

Decoration significantly increases the aesthetics of the completed design, and also allows you to give the building an individual style.

One of the options for decorating a house for a well is wood coloring. The use of impregnations and varnishes of various shades allows you to perform a diverse design of structures. So, you can paint the structure in a bright color or "age" it.

You can supplement the design of the house over the well rings with animal figures or openwork carvings. There are many ways to decorate, and the choice depends entirely on the wishes of the owner.

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