Aniseed Apple Trees in Your Garden: Feature of Popular Varieties

Speaking of apples "Anis", it should be noted that this is a number of similar varieties, known in the Volga region since ancient times. It was there that they were widespread. On their basis, in modern breeding, new varieties have been created that have stepped far beyond the region to the east, south, and north.

Description of varieties with photos

Anise scarlet

Among the anise varieties of apples, the variety "Anise scarlet" or "velvet" is widely known. It is widespread in the north and east of the Volga region. This clone of "Anise striped" is a summer variety.

Trees of "Anise scarlet" tall with a pyramidal, and with age with a spherical crown. The medium-sized leaves are round or oval in shape. Short petiole strongly omitted. White-pink buds, blossoming, have a slightly greenish tint.

The fruits of "Anise scarlet" are medium in size and painted green with a yellowish tinge. A bright spot on the apples looks uniform dark red blush. Their smooth skin is covered with a slight wax coating.

The flesh of the Anise Scarlet apples, white with a greenish tint, is juicy, sweet and sour and aromatic.

The advantages of this variety are: good adaptability to natural conditions, high yield, longevity of trees, beautiful appearance, pleasant taste and easy transportability of fruits.

The disadvantages of the variety can be considered the frequency of its bearing, susceptibility to powdery mildew.

Anis Sverdlovsky

"Anis Sverdlovsky" - autumn variety of apples. It has medium-sized trees with an oval crown. Shoots of brown color, green rounded leaves of medium size. The pink buds, blossoming, have a saucer-shaped with white with a pale pink overflow color.

Apples of the Anis Sverdlovsky variety do not exceed 120 g in weight and have a rounded shape.

Dry and smooth skin is covered with a slight coating of wax. The main color is light yellow with a significant blush. They have a wonderful sweet taste with acidity and a light aroma. The delicate and juicy creamy flesh is not too dense.

Advantages of the variety "Anis Sverdlovsky": good presentation and pleasant taste of fruits, winter hardiness. And the disadvantage is poor scab resistance.

Anise striped

Anise striped variety in the Middle Volga region is early winter, in regions with milder climates it is an autumn variety, and in the south - a summer one without the best qualities of winter and autumn varieties.

His crown is pyramidal, transforming with age into a round one. A thin, shiny grayish-green apple peel is covered with red stripes. The weight of apples of the Anise striped variety is 120 g. Up to 80 kg of fruits are harvested from a tree.

The variety grows in the entire Non-Black Earth Region and in the north-west of Russia.

Grade advantages: frost resistance, drought resistance, good productivity and resistance to fungal diseases. Disadvantages: tallness, a small fruit life.

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The nutritional value of apples

The nutritional value of aniseed apples is directly related to the description of the chemical composition of these varieties. All grades have a rather high sugar content: from 11% in Anise striped to 15% in Anise alom. Ascorbic acid is most found in the Sverdlovsk variety - 14.4 mg per 100 g of weight, in the Alom variety - 6 mg per 100 g. The same variety is very rich in P-active substances - up to 400 mg per 100 g of weight. Tartaric acids - 0.6-0.8%, fiber - up to 18%, pectins - up to 0.7%.

These apples are sweet and sour, very tasty and fragrant.

Cooking use

Apples of the varieties "Anise scarlet", "Sverdlovsk" and "striped" are used for making desserts, toppings for baking, preservation (juices, cider), from which they make jam and pastille. Apples are also dried, soaked, salted, and an uzvar is made from them.

Aniseed apples are cooked from aniseed apples, preserving their unforgettable aroma. The following is a description of the recipe for this treat:

  • 2 kg of apples are washed, the core is cut out, they are cut into small cubes;
  • they prepare sugar syrup from four glasses of sugar with five glasses of boiling water, boil it and pour it into a bowl with apples;
  • jam is simmered, periodically carefully stirring and descaling;
  • closer to the middle of cooking, an orange is added to the container, cut into small cubes, the peel is not removed, only seeds are removed;
  • at the end of cooking, put a little cinnamon in the jam;
  • during cooking, you can also add a little pears, viburnum or other fruits and berries to the treat;
  • the prepared jam is put in sterilized dry jars and covered with lids or thick paper.

Planting seedlings

So that the seedlings acquired in the nursery are better taken, you need to prevent their roots from drying out. Before transporting the trees should be held in water and then wrapped with a damp cloth. Before planting, it is also better to place them in water for 2-3 days. Landing is carried out as follows:

  • dig a hole at least 0.5 m deep and 1.25 m wide;
  • the pit is filled with a mixture of fertile soil, manure - 30 kg, superphosphate - 0.5 kg, potassium chloride - 100 g, ash - 1 kg.
  • the root neck should protrude above the ground.

Seedling care

Description of care for seedlings "Anisa" is not very different from other types of apple trees. The soil at the planting site should be moisture permeable, breathable and non-acidic. Therefore, lime is introduced into it. In addition, you need to carry out activities such as:

  • sufficient and regular watering;
  • loosening the soil to avoid caking;
  • protection of trunks from nibbling by rodents;
  • formation and cutting of the crown;
  • mulching adjacent to the trunk layer of soil.

Pest control

Experts say that the main enemies of aniseed apples are scab and powdery mildew. They are fought with spraying with urea or 1% Bordeaux liquid.

From aphids, treatment with nitrafen and fungicide helps. From the leaflet, spraying tobacco infusion is effective. Codling moths are fought with a decoction of wormwood and digging the ground in spring and autumn.

Harvesting and storage

Varieties of apples “Anise” ripen at different times: “Anise scarlet” is harvested at the end of summer, “Anis Sverdlovsky” - in mid-September, and “Anise striped” - in late September. The last two varieties are well transported and stored for several months. Storage temperatures should be around 0 ° C. There should be good ventilation and constant humidity.

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Aniseed apple tree is a good choice for our gardens. These are unpretentious, frost-resistant apple trees with tasty, aromatic and healthy fruits. Many varieties of goodies and winter preparations are prepared from them. With proper care, these apple trees will delight you with a good harvest for a long time.