Apple tree "Florina": variety description and cultivation features

Apple trees are popular in almost all countries of the world. However, in Russia these fruit trees are treated with special respect. Varieties of apple trees are now known to several thousand. But selection work continues. Description and photographs of new varieties regularly appear on the pages of magazines devoted to the cultivation of fruit crops.

To make the right choice of fruit tree seedlings, you should know all the advantages and disadvantages of the variety.

General information

The apple-tree of the Florina variety belongs to the category of the varieties most loved by amateur gardeners. The popularity and relevance of the variety is due to the regular fruiting of trees, as well as stable productivity and a high level of resistance to disease. The fruits are characterized by a pleasant aroma.

Florina is a late winter variety. It is the fruits of such varieties that are the source of vitamins and numerous nutrients during the long winter period.

“Florina” is a “foreigner” from France, which is a complex hybrid based on M. floribunda-821 and several varieties, including Rum Beauty, Golden Delishes and Jonathan. Currently, fruit plants of the Florina cultivar are grown in a significant area of ​​forest-steppe and steppe zones.

There are several obvious advantages for Florina. The fruits have good quality, pleasant taste and the possibility of long-term storage. In addition, the advantages of the variety include good apple transportability and resistance to scab damage, as well as productivity. The main disadvantage is represented by the frequency of fruiting. In addition, apple trees of this variety need additional care.

Grade description

Trees of the Florina cultivar grow medium in height. As a rule, the height of an adult fruit tree does not exceed 3 meters. Even the presence of a dwarf stock does not make the plant lower than 2 meters. A feature of the crown is its wide rounded shape and rather strong thickening. The crown is formed by strong skeletal branches extending from the stem at an angle that can vary from 45 to 80 degrees. The ends of the branches rush up.

Excitability in the kidneys is average. The formation of shoots on apple trees of this variety is quite fast. The type of fruiting refers to mixed fruiting, the formation of fruits is concentrated on the apical part of annual growths, as well as in the glove.

Apple blossoms are quite long. Pollen viability is very high. Free pollination helps to set at least a quarter of the fruit.

The best pollinators for apple trees of the Florina variety are represented by the Golden Delishes variety and some of its hybrids. Fruiting occurs from the second year of cultivation in the presence of a weakly stock and not earlier than the fourth year on mid-root stocks. The yield of an adult apple tree is about seventy kilograms of fruit.

The fruit plant has average frost resistance and drought resistance, which are quite sufficient for apple cultivation in moderate climatic conditions. Variety "Florina" is characterized by the presence of persistent immunity to damage by scab, powdery mildew, bacterial burns, moniliosis and aphids. When cultivating cultivators, it is important to consider the fact that the variety is susceptible to European cancer.

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Harvesting Florina

The benefits and nutritional value of fruits

Florina apples are medium or large in size. The shape of the fruit is cut-cylindrical. Sometimes there is a round-conical shape with the presence of wide, but smooth edges. The average weight of the fruit can range from 110 to 150 grams. The main color of apples is light yellow. Coating is expressed on a significant part of the surface and is a thick or blurry-striped bright red blush with a slight bluish tinge.

The peel of apples has a significant amount of subcutaneous specks of medium size, white. A sufficiently dense skin covers the soft and juicy pulp of the fetus. Taste is very high. There is a weak acidity, which does not spoil the general idea of ​​the variety. Tasting scale taste is estimated at 4.1-4.4 points.

Most often, apples of this variety are consumed fresh. Most gardeners find the Florina variety unsuitable for conservation and processing. Fruits can be used to make salads, snacks or desserts. Very often, the juicy pulp of apples of this variety is used to make vitamin juices.

The use of Florina apples is not recommended for people who have individual intolerance to fruits of this kind. However, this situation is quite rare. Doctors advise people with heart or vascular diseases to limit their use of red-skinned fruits.

Planting and Care Rules

Apple tree seedlings should be placed in deep and spacious planting holes. The root system of the plant should be placed in such a pit as freely as possible. To fall asleep seedlings, soil is used, which must be mixed with peat and supplemented with organic fertilizers. The most suitable soils for planting are chernozems with a small amount of clay. Planting material of apple trees "Florina" does not feel well on acidic soil.

Care for young planted in the ground is quite simple. Plants of this variety need thinning pruning. You can get abundant fruiting when performing simple care measures that include frequent watering, especially important in arid and very hot summers.

In winter, it is required to provide fruit plants with additional protection against freezing. To this end, the root system of the apple tree should be covered with dry fallen leaves.

Harvesting and storage

The main period of removable ripeness of apples of the Florina variety falls on the last decade of September. Sometimes there is a delay in harvesting time, and ripening occurs in October. The stage of consumer maturity begins with the January holidays.

Apples of this variety are well preserved in cool rooms. In such conditions, the fruits are excellent until the beginning of spring. When stored in the refrigerator, the freshness of the fruit is preserved until June. The fruits are very well transported and for a long time retain their original appearance.

Apple trees: growing and care

Apple trees of the Florina variety are popular in our country due to their resistance to climatic conditions and excellent fruit characteristics. Good taste qualities of apples, the possibility of long storage and ease of transportation provide demand for this variety among gardeners.