Rules for the independent implementation of a clay castle for a well

A clay castle is a structure around a well made of well-washed clay or oily loam. The width of the structure, according to SanPiNu, should be a meter, depth - 2 meters.

Why do I need a clay castle

The construction of a well cannot do without the installation of a clay castle, which tightly envelops the structure and makes it waterproof. Clay perfectly holds water, which means it is an ideal option for waterproofing. The castle performs important functions, namely:

  • provides protection of a well against hit of water from soil;
  • provides protection for waterproofing: a clay lock prevents water flows on rolled materials, which means it increases their service life.

Features of the work

Installing a clay lock for a well with your own hands is not easy. An impressive amount of material will be required for the work, and after installation, the well will have to be cleaned of contaminants.

The well is "closed" with clay in 3 stages, although some deviations from the instructions are possible. Typically, a clay castle is installed as follows:

  1. A trench with a depth of about 1700 mm and a width of about 600 mm is made along the perimeter of the mine.
  2. Black or blue clay is placed in the mine and carefully rammed.
  3. On top of the castle is a blind area with an inclination towards a well 170 mm high.

Positive and negative sides

The main advantages of making a clay castle with your own hands:

  • the material for the work - blue or black clay - is natural, which means that you do not need to spend money on its purchase;
  • the design perfectly protects the well from rain and other types of water;
  • Every year, the seams at the construction will not have to be closed.

Of the shortcomings of the construction of the structure with your own hands, it is worth noting:

  • the presence of sand in the clay, which reduces clay sediment;
  • the inability to fully protect the well from dampness, which means the need for additional waterproofing;
  • clay located in the freezing zone of the soil in winter can significantly increase in volume.

How to correctly install

When installing the clay castle with your own hands, it is important to strictly follow the technology, then the water in the well will not be polluted, and the seams of the structure will not be deformed.

Work is carried out in 2 stages:

  1. First, the upper ring of the well is sprinkled with dense clay and rammed. It is not worth stopping after the first stage, because this is a temporary measure that is not effective and will not be able to protect the well in winter.
  2. The second stage is the implementation of a real castle, which uses greasy clay, which can be obtained by digging soil 3 meters deep.

Around the well in clay they dig up the top of the shaft, a little deeper than the second seam from the surface of the soil. The shaft of the mine is wrapped with roofing material, and the resulting space is filled with clay. In this case, backfilling must be performed above the soil level by 30 centimeters.

The castle is ready! It will not allow the upper and melt water to penetrate into the well, and the seams to deform. The use of roofing material will provide protection against heaving soils. After completing the installation of the castle, the well should be thoroughly cleaned.

It’s quite possible to make a clay castle with your own hands, there is no need to hire specialists to carry out the work. You can replace the design with modern materials, but their cost will be slightly higher, so a clay castle is still a popular method of protecting concrete structures from rain and water.

Well lock

Is there an alternative

The well can be waterproofed with a soft blind area. It is held around the second ring from the top, since the first ring is located on the surface. Of the materials, a dense film for waterproofing and sand will be required, the width of the structure as a result will be about 1.2 meters.

The best option for the film is the one used to create ponds. Additionally, you can use a decorative coating in the form of grass or tile, as well as geotextiles.

The waterproofing film is pulled onto the concrete with one edge. The seams between the second and first rings are closed so that water from the surface of the earth could not penetrate into the well. If we consider the structure in the context, it will resemble a layer cake, in which the film acts as the first layer, then there is sand and all the geotextiles and decorative material are finished.

Installation technology is quite simple:

  • The upper fertile soil layer is removed to the level of the second ring.
  • The film is placed so that its edge covers the ground near the wall by about a meter.
  • The second edge of the film is wound directly on the ring so as to close the seam located between the first and second rings.
  • The film should be pressed to the well so that it could not slip. This can be done using a metal tape that fixes the film wrapped around the well. The tape itself is fixed on concrete with screws.
  • There is another option - the use of scotch tape, which a couple of times wrap rings. But in this case, the place of pasting will have to be hidden with the help of decorative material. With a slope away from the well, a sand cushion is poured over the film, a decorative coating is mounted on it. As a result, even in the case of heaving, the seams of the well will not be affected.

We also offer you to learn about how to choose materials and technology for the manufacture of a well in the country.

Tips & Tricks

An important role in the construction of the clay castle is played by the compaction of the material. Clay is processed by tampers with a small sole and an impressive mass in several stages.

Special attention is paid to clay moisture. The most ductile is a material whose moisture content is about 20%.

If the well is recently installed, do not immediately do it yourself with a clay castle. It is necessary to give the building time to settle, so that the soil near the mine shrinks. If it is necessary to carry out a water supply, this work is first carried out, and then a lock is installed on the well.

To protect the well from overhead water, it is recommended to mount a clay castle around it. However, to get a good result, it is important to choose the right clay and do the work yourself with technology. If there is no desire to spend a lot of time and effort, you can use modern waterproofing materials for lining the well, but their cost will be much higher.

Clay well castle