We decorate stumps and cuts of trees in the country

Cutting trees in the garden leads to the appearance of rough and not very pretty stumps. There are two ways to solve the problem - to study the uprooting and get down to business, or to decorate the stumps after a saw cut and revive a quiet garden a little.

We decided that summer residents, always busy with complex work, would be interested in distracting themselves in order to tidy up the garden without spending physical strength on it. Today we will analyze the problem of stumps in the garden without uprooting and organizing the rutaries we spoke about earlier. We simply decorate the stumps with improvised objects and means, ennoble the site and give it an even more interesting and fun look.

Decorating and decorating stumps is a great way to save yourself from the worries of uprooting, especially if there are no opportunities for this.

So, we forget about working as an expensive chainsaw, we exclude felling of roots and physical fatigue, and just consider the most interesting ideas that will help transform hemp and saw cuts of old trees.

Decorating a saw cut tree with homemade figures

We have a great idea that absolutely everyone can bring to life. In the photo below you can observe an interesting picture - small fairytale lumberjacks wielding over a tree trunk. You can make such kids out of plastic or tin, or you can simply buy figures in a toy and souvenir shop.

You can place the figures and their accessories on the barrel using self-tapping screws, nails, wire or clamps. As a result, you get not a bare tree trunk, but a really sincere picture.

Decorate the stump with pots of plants

Surely, many of us grow flowers not only in the palisade or specially equipped flower beds, but also in pots, on vertical beds. Our next proposal will be the decoration of the stump with just such flowers, in pots. You can install around the stump some nice clay or plastic pots with flowers already grown, or you can plant them again. In addition, there is always the opportunity to decorate the stump with moss, beat it in a fabulous version, for example, adding ferns, bright flowers, animal figures about, turning a small space into a real forest.

Finished jewelry

Landscape designers, sellers of shops for the garden and vegetable garden, as well as ordinary entrepreneurs who want to earn a little money, have long come up with garden figures. They are intended for partial or universal decoration of the garden, lawn, plot as a whole. It is such colorful and funny products that are perfect for decorating stumps.

In the image below, a funny gypsum frog that majestically “conquered” the stump and remained on it forever. In addition, the stump of an old tree is decorated with improvised objects, ordinary summer garbage, and painted in cheerful colors. To tell you the truth, this is only two hours of free time and for the amount that could be spent on just a few chocolates.

How to make a mushroom from a stump

The classic form of transformation of old hemp in the garden is the mushroom. It can be a white mushroom or fly agaric - you choose, but we are starting from a more cheerful mood.

A little lower is the simplest option, which is great for summer residents who do not want to spend money on such fun. Yes, it is an old and dilapidated basin, which no longer holds water and cannot be used around the house, becomes a mushroom hat. The stump itself forms a leg.

The inverted bowl is fixed on a pair of nails to the saw cut, it is painted in the color of the mushroom that you have chosen, and the stump is painted in the color corresponding to the name of the mushroom or your mood. You can add decor, plant flowers or herbaceous plants nearby, but you can leave the mushroom in this form.

DIY stump chair

Here we digress a bit from fun and fun, and move on to serious, and even adult, things. The example presented by us is only possible for true professionals with a certain amount of time and the availability of a tool.

We offer to convert a stump into a chair that can be used in the garden for relaxation. How to do it, read it now !!!

Right cut

If the garden has an old and thick tree that needs to be cut, it is great for our venture. Immediately you remove the upper branches, then the thicker ones below, and so on, by all the rules, cut large trees. But as soon as you get to the main trunk, you should stop and work a little with the dimensions.

A comfortable height for sitting will be a height of 40 to 60 cm, but do not forget that each chair has a backrest. Therefore, sitting at a height of, say, 50 cm from the ground, and the back and cut - at a height of 100 cm. It is at this point that a chainsaw cuts off.

Further, the height of the seat is an incision of the barrel by 2/3. The horizontal cut should be on the side you want the chair to be turned into.

Now a vertical cut, up to a horizontal one, to remove a piece of the trunk from the place where the seat of the chair is formed.

Naturally, all such work takes place with preliminary marking and compliance with all safety regulations.

Decorative trim, seat shaping

Now the chair is subject to decorative decoration, since we have in front of us only a crude version. Finishing is done with the help of special tools - chisels, mallet, hammer, hacksaw, grinder, and possibly with the use of professional devices. The result depends on your efforts, desire and time, but we have got such an interesting option.

Fairy stump castle

One of these is already available in our previous article on the design of a summer residence, but today we decided to install the castle a little higher. How to make it, decide for yourself - with your own hands or purchased. But the installation of the castle (or maybe an ordinary house or a forest hut) is simple. You need to nail on nails or screw the base under the structure with screws. It can be a figure board or a piece of chipboard soaked in protective varnish.

After that, on glue or screws, we install all parts of our construction, slowly and confidently moving towards the result. At the end of the work, you can get something similar to our example!

Decoration with living plants

Agree, it is much more pleasant to watch live pictures from plants on the territory of the summer cottage, rather than forms and compositions, which cause more surprise and misunderstanding than joy and delight. Therefore, we offer to try the option of decorating a saw cut tree with living plants. It can be grassy plants, small annual flowers, or even some ornamental plants. It is them that we will land in hemp.

On the stump saw, we make a hole, which according to agricultural technology is enough for the root system of the selected plant. It could be a pot-sized recess. Next, we pour inside a little nutrient substrate or garden soil with fertilizers, and plant the plant inside. How it will look after a while, see below!

Garden figure from a stump

Making garden figures, modeling or carving is very interesting, but today our task is less creative. We just need to come up with an image for a stump that will match the design of a garden or flower bed. Often colorful characters come to mind, famous cartoon characters and so on, but doing it yourself is quite difficult. And this means only one thing - we will simplify everything as much as possible, color the stump, create an elementary image that does not require investments.

The result is a wonderful image of a face on one half of the hemp, as well as a saw cut decoration.

The simplest decor saw and trunk stump

If there is no time or money for grandiose ideas, you can do it as shown in the photo below - just paint the stump in funny colors, set flowers from plastic bottles on a saw cut plane (we studied plastic bottle products not so long ago), plant plants nearby.

Funny stump figure, garden scarecrow

Here is such a completely fearless scarecrow can be made from the trunk of an old tree. The stump is not suitable for this, but with a cut you can make the cut a little higher, then everything will work out for sure. To form the image, we use imagination, old clothes and accessories, perhaps some additions. As a result of pleasant work, we get a wonderful creation that will amuse your guests and relatives.

If you have such ideas or are ready to surprise us with something more exclusive and even exotic, please leave your thoughts in the comments, for which we will be very grateful.

Cache-pot made of wooden saw cuts (video)

Today we have considered yet another way to spend time pleasantly and usefully in the country, but there are even more ideas, interesting ideas and the implementation of DIY decoration and decoration plans ahead!

We decorate stumps and saw cuts in the garden (20 photos)