DIY crafts from a log do-it-yourself

Cutting trees and clearing up stumps can turn into a more pleasant experience if you know exactly what to do next with logs and roots. Old trees interfere in the garden, occupy a certain area, do not bring the aroma of flowers and green foliage, do not give shade, and therefore we do not hesitate to get rid of them. Most often, cutting a dry tree under the root, we send it to the stove or barbecue for firewood. But you should not rush with this decision, because there is always material for firing up and fuel, but for the design of a summer cottage territory it is quite expensive. We suggest you use logs received from saw cut trees for decorative purposes.

Today we have gathered some information and thematic photos, and have identified all this in an article that will tell you how to use the logs in the country with certain benefits, for decoration, practicality, and even cost savings.

The use of logs in the country

A log is, in fact, a tree trunk that you remove from a summer cottage for any reason. You should not immediately pick up a chainsaw and work on a cut all day, take a little time with the following original ideas for giving, and you will not regret it.

Flower bed

We are used to building beds of stone, gypsum, even car tires or plastic bottles, who, as they consider, are more acceptable and practical for a summer cottage. But today, in the arsenal of materials that are suitable for arranging flower beds, we want to add large logs from old trees.

Say you sawed off an old tree that had long dried up. It is his trunk that will perfectly serve as the main form of flowerbed, which can be done in just a couple of hours. It is enough to use a chisel and a hammer, a chainsaw and your own imagination, as an original creation appears on the site, for which you did not pay a dime. It remains only to choose the color scheme of plants, and the varieties of flowers themselves that will be placed in such a flower bed.

Simple country furniture

In the photo below, the simplest furniture is made of wood logs, but it is not easy to make. As you can see, a rather large log with a serious cross-sectional diameter is used for production. Firstly, it’s difficult to find such a tree in the country, and secondly, if you decide to make country furniture with your own hands, this will require a lot of free time and a professional tool.

Partially, the log is processed with an ax, then a chainsaw or electric saw is used, which creates the main form. After, thorough and accurate chisel work and grinding. Naturally, it will take a lot of strength, but as a result, you have every chance of getting furniture that will easily last for decades.


You can build anything from a log, and now we offer you an unusual decor of a country well. Naturally, a special rounded log will be needed for this, and it was produced far from old wood. But you can use the material available at the cottage for a similar decor. It seems to us that if we take trunks and thick branches of trees in the bark, the picture will turn out to be much more natural and harmonious.

Country paths from cuts

We devoted enough time to the paths in the country house, and paid attention to similar masterpieces, but in this article we decided to remind them of their existence, because country paths from saw cut are very interesting.

For the construction of such tracks, it will be necessary to use high-quality material, without defects and spoilage by insects, since it is strength and reliability that are the main factors in choosing materials for flooring.

Having arranged a high-quality base of the sand track, you can lay down saw cuts of different diameters and shapes, and decorate the finished project with stones and plants. Do not forget only that paving with this material will require special protection, for example, even impregnation with linseed oil or other wood preservatives.

Crafts for the Playground

In the recent past, we talked about crafts such as wooden horses for summer cottages, which can become not only an object for children's games, but also an original decor for the landscape. Today we present another version of a wooden horse, which, by the way, is already made entirely of logs.

You can choose the trunk of any tree for such a product, correctly mark and cut it, peel it off the bark and set it on the site, creating the necessary shape. After, painting the sculpture in bright color and light decor.

Stylish furniture for a summer residence

Furniture for a summer residence can be the most diverse, which is why we mention it so often. These are original and exclusive furniture, standard rattan furniture, plastic and metal. But the owner of the cottage should choose it, since we present only the most interesting options.

Today in front of you is one of them - a shop made of thick logs, which was made taking into account the style and wishes of the customer. Of course, doing this with your own hands is quite difficult, if only because you need to use a special tool, and the weight of each element of the bench is quite large. But if you decide on a similar work and perform it on your own site, we will only have to applaud and envy!

Use of logs on the playground

Our children constantly frolic in the country, do not find a place for themselves, which sometimes seriously interfere with adults. That is why it is necessary to prepare in advance at the cottage a special site for their games. It can be a sandbox, a grassy lawn for picnics, a treehouse or a special sports ground.

Quite inexpensive and fast in terms of construction, we offer you an option. You can make small ladders, swings, and even labyrinths from a log. It remains only to securely fasten each element, and add a few ropes, ropes, other materials needed in this complex.

DIY log border

We recommend reinforcing such structures by digging them into the ground and cementing them, and fastening them together as a unit with reliable clamps or safe joints in the form of wedges or groove systems.

Dog box

We built several options for dog kennels in the country, provided various conditions for pets for convenience, and for ourselves at a cost. But now another option has come to mind that we are in a hurry to share. A booth for a dog made of logs is the most durable and durable construction that you can imagine. Of course, you will have to tinker with it a lot, but you can get an option no more expensive than we agreed on earlier. Believe me, your four-legged friend will look at you with gratitude for a long time.

For the construction of the booth you will need a quality processed log, and boards for the roof. As fasteners, you can choose nails, to cover the roof - wood and roofing material, tiles, bitumen materials.

Cars and trains

What do the boys need for happiness? Good toys that will allow you to head off into your own fantasies. This will also help them to be distracted and not to disturb adults while they are engaged in gardening or landscaping in the country.

As an option, there is a proposal to build a machine or a train from old logs. You will have to spend on production only an hour or two, and a little money on paint and accessories.

Nice, exciting, comfortable and inexpensive - exactly what we always want to get!

Log fence

Fences and barriers, serious wrought-iron and simple wickerwork - they are still protection or a simple restriction for getting into the territory of a summer residence ... so why not use a log for their construction.

You can make an order for expensive material, install it in a few days, spend money not only on elements, but also on installation and decoration. And you can make a fence with your own hands. Of course, an ordinary log is not particularly suitable for construction, especially if you look at the facade of the cottage, but you can always make fencing of such material in the backyard, or decorate the lawn, garden and other territories with such a product.

Log support walls

Support walls at the cottage are needed not only for organizing flower beds and vertical plantings, but also for visual transformation of the site, especially in the vicinity of the main buildings. Due to such designs, you can transform the entrance to the house, walkways and even the overall picture of the exterior, thereby creating a stylish decoration for the yard, garden, and some other territories.

We learned how to build supporting walls a little earlier, to carry out supports, drainage and spillage, but today we offer not only to use a log for the production of this landscape element, but also to transform it a little with changes. We want to combine cut tracks and supporting walls made of this material in the same style. This is not difficult to do, especially if you carefully study the topics separately. And exactly how such a creation looks like, you can see it now.

Log bridges in the country

Small decorative bridges through dry streams or artificial ponds are a familiar thing for landscape lovers in the country. We have repeatedly paid attention to such small architectural forms and elements. But in view of our current topic, we suggest choosing for the organization of small bridges and even medium bridges in the summer cottage, logs of old trees. In the amount that is required to create a bridge, there may not be trees under the saw cut in the country, but there is always a small forest or at least a forest belt nearby.

However, the bridge can be built from any other materials, and it is present in our topic only for the reason to indicate to you another type of use of logs.

If you decide to build a small or medium bridge in the country, to cross a ravine or even an ordinary dry stream, try to make it as reliable and safe as possible, be patient and provide the building with stability and durability as much as possible.

Wooden log house

Country houses made of wood not only fascinate, but become many years of dreams of almost every one of us. A house from a log house or timber, a small country house made of logs, a gazebo or a bathhouse - all this is feasible, but it is worth starting with a small one. Who knows, it is likely that gaining experience on simple summer crafts that we present so often to you, you will be imbued with business and gain professional knowledge that will help you build a wooden house in the future.

Decorative crafts from logs in the country

We thank each reader of our site for their increased attention to new materials, and also recall that the opinion of each of you is very important to us. Leave comments on the article or just wishes for the next publications, and we will definitely listen to them!

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