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Why does the earth turn green in the greenhouse

Something is wrong in my greenhouse with the ground, it has turned green and I can’t understand why. Tell me, please, what could be the reasons for the greening of the earth and how to deal with it? What to do? Maybe cultivate what the earth needs? If so, tell me what.


Do you have clay soils in your greenhouse? Moss usually turns green from excess moisture, he loves this business very much, consider ventilation in the greenhouse and drip irrigation. This hole in the plastic bottle is torn with a nail and dig into the ground by 5 - 10 cm, after cutting the bottom. Then only add water to the bottle, and it enters a little into the soil next to the plant. Thus, they nourish the root system, and you always have time to use different chemistry, green soil from the simplest plants such as moss. They love moist soil very much.

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