Lunar sowing calendar for gardener for January 2019

Lunar sowing calendar for gardener for January 2019

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The lunar sowing calendar for 2018 will be a real find for those who are eager to plant something in January. You can approximate the beginning of the summer season, if everything is done correctly.

Usually, seedlings begin to be planted in February, but if natural lighting is supplemented with artificial, January is also suitable. If you ignore this recommendation, the seedlings will rise, but will stretch and will be unsuitable for planting in open ground.

What to plant in early January 2018

The planting calendar of works in the garden and the garden recommends growing peppers, strawberries, strawberries at home in early January. But you need to consider that these plants require additional illumination. If it is impossible to provide them with illumination, it is better not to work.

Usually in the Urals or in the Volga region seedlings of hot pepper are grown in boxes with a drainage hole. The soil should include the following components: ash, one part sand and three parts humus. Seeds are placed in grooves and buried by 3 cm. The picking of seedlings is carried out with the development of two true leaves.

According to the advice of the lunar sowing calendar, strawberries can also be planted. Soil in this case should consist of one part of humus, three parts of sand and one part of garden soil. To accelerate germination, it is recommended to put a 2-centimeter layer of snow on the soil. Seeds are placed on it, and then the entire container is put in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Such a procedure is necessary so that the snow, melting, "draws" the seeds into the soil. After the containers are removed from the refrigerator, they are put in a warm place. Strawberries are dived after the appearance of four leaves.

If we talk about trees and shrubs, work on their planting is not carried out. The day of planting trees should be moved to March - May.

Work on the lunar calendar in mid-January: planting flowers

In Siberia and the Moscow Region in mid-January, the preparation of flowers for seedlings begins. This work is best done at this time, so that in the spring there is no need to purchase finished plants. The gardener's calendar recommends starting planting the following representatives of the Russian flora:

  • Clove Shabo (Dianthus caryophyllus var. Schabaud). The presented summer has a long growing season, respectively, its flowering occurs a few months after planting.
  • Plants requiring stratification. The lunar sowing calendar for January 2018 recommends planting aquilegia, swimsuit, clematis, perennial violets, lavender.
  • Plants that can be grown in the garden and at home: capsicum, balsam, fuchsia.
  • Early flowering summers: petunia (Petunia), lobelia (Lobeliya).
  • Tuberous perennials, for example, begonia (Begonia). When a plant propagates by seeds, its flowering will occur only after six months.
  • Favorable plants for planting in January are those that have a long period of germination (primrose).

The benefits of growing in mid-January

Growing indoor flowers and plants from seeds has many advantages. Not only can you start planting in January, it also gives the following advantages:

  • The choice becomes more, since it is easier to find different seeds than different types of prepared petunia.
  • Self-cultivation makes it possible to get stronger seedlings.
  • Profitable. Of the seeds purchased for the same amount as the finished plant, more seedlings will grow.
  • The flowering period will increase.

In any case, the gardener's calendar in January indicates the need for additional lighting. If you do not create a plant a long daylight hours, it will not develop.

Work in the last decade

The table of the gardener clearly shows that in the last decade of January, you can start sowing sweet pepper and celery. The optimal time is coming for sowing strawberries, but there is no day for planting trees.

The gardener’s lunar sowing calendar for 2018 recommends that at the end of the month sow eustoma, the inflorescences of which are similar to a rose. But in order to get an adult plant, you have to try. Seeds germinate for a long time, and not all sprout. Diving is required (2 times), only after eustoma is transplanted into the open ground.

Sowing bell pepper

Lunar calendar of landings for January 2018, taking into account the phases of the moon and its position in the zodiac signs


Moon in the zodiac sign.

Recommended work in the garden

Recommended works in the garden

1st of January


Moon in Cancer

Plowing, loosening and hilling, as well as thinning

Sowing, planting and transplanting any crops give low productivity

January 2


Moon in Cancer

Vaccination, irrigation and top dressing, removal of stepsons and pinching

Transplanting and pruning fruit crops and shrubs

January 3rd


Moon in the sign of Leo

Sowing, planting and transplanting vegetables, pumpkin and solanaceous plants

The resulting crop is poorly preserved and is not suitable for seed production

4 January


Moon in the sign of Leo

Top-dressing, especially foliar type, in a low dosage

Harvesting leaves and leaves, as well as pruning and diving plants

5 January


Moon in the sign of Virgo

Thinning and weed removal, sanitary pruning and strawberry mustache removal

Pruning, diving, crown shaping, indoor plant care

6th January


Moon in the sign of Virgo

Digging and loosening, hilling, changing soil in pots

Sowing and planting plants for seeds, irrigation and any fertilizing

January 7


Moon in the sign of Virgo

Soaking and pre-sowing treatment, as well as germination of seeds, sowing and planting

Conducting loosening of soil in basal areas and replanting

January 8


Moon in the sign of Libra

Irrigation and vaccination, fertilizing and grafting

Pruning to enhance growth processes, grafting and pinching

January 9


Moon in the sign of Libra

Planting crops with drooping, creeping or creeping stem parts

Planting and replanting of herbaceous plants, pruning of garden plantings

January 10th


Moon in the sign of Scorpio

Collection and laying for long-term storage of fruits and vegetables, spraying from plant parasites

Cutting the crown of garden plantings, planting and replanting grass crops

January 11th


Moon in the sign of Scorpio

Compost mass laying and preparation of medicinal plant material.

Sowing, planting and transplanting, the use of chemicals

January 12th


Moon in the sign of Sagittarius

Soaking seed, sowing and planting, irrigation and fertilizing

Pruning, picking and pinching, vaccinating or removing stepsons

13th of January


Moon in the sign of Sagittarius

Cultivation, cultivation, harvesting and laying of crops for storage

Formation of fruit trees, planting and replanting of herbaceous plants

January 14th


Moon in the sign of Sagittarius

Sanitary pruning and crown shaping, canning and processing

Collection of medicinal plant materials, shaping and pinching

January 15


Moon in the sign Capricorn

Sowing and planting annual flowering crops and ornamental shrubs

Sown vegetables are low-yielding and do not form seed material

January 16th


Moon in the sign Capricorn

Transplanting, grafting and tree shaping, thinning and weed removal

Irrigation measures, cultivation and any activities with plant roots

January 17


Moon in the sign of Aquarius

The formation of the crown in order to slow down the growth processes, fertilizing

Carrying out any activities with the use of garden tools

January 18th


Moon in the sign of Aquarius

Harvesting and laying of crops for long-term storage, thinning seedlings

Any manipulations with the root system, abundant watering

January 19


Moon in the sign of Aquarius

Crown formation, vaccination, root dressing

Pinching and diving, any irrigation activities

January 20th


Moon in the sign of Pisces

Weed removal, organic top dressing

Pruning, picking and nipping, vaccinating and removing stepsons

January 21


Moon in the sign of Pisces

Thinning seedlings, removing weeds, spraying crops from plant parasites

Transplantation, root division, reproduction of bulb and tuber-bulb

January 22


Moon in the sign Aries

Sowing and planting of spicy, flowering and medicinal plants

Digging potatoes and other root crops, laying for the winter

January 23


Moon in the sign Aries

Sowing and planting for seed, digging, loosening and hilling

Abundant irrigation measures and top dressing, crown formation

January 24th


Moon in the sign Aries

Vaccination or re-grafting of berry plants and orchards

Root formation, picking and pinching, grafting and pinching

The 25th of January


Moon in the sign Taurus

Transplanting plants with weakened root systems and winter flowering crops

Pinching and diving the roots, the use of garden tools

January 26th


Moon in the sign Taurus

Sowing vegetables and spicy green plants, fruit and berry crops

Any manipulations with the root system of plants

January 27th


Moon in the sign of Gemini

Rooting and transplanting, sowing seedlings and planting flowering crops

Soil work, including loosening and digging

28 January


Moon in the sign of Gemini

Loosening, weeding, mineral dressing, thinning seedlings

Sowing and planting, transplanting any plants to obtain seed material

January 29


Moon in Cancer

Collection and laying for storage of harvested crops, excavation of bulb

Sanitary measures and the formation of garden trees and shrubs

January 30


Moon in Cancer

Preparation of medicinal plant materials, compost laying

Spraying from any plant parasites and pathogenic flora

January 31


Moon in the sign of Leo

Sowing vegetables and spicy green plants, planting fruit and berry crops

Fertilizing and harvesting nutrient soil substrates


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