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Pest in the stems of raspberry bush

Vitaly asks us a question of the following plan: "Inside the growth that formed on the raspberry stem, a white worm with a flattened body was found. What kind of pest is it and how to deal with it?"

We answer - you met with none other than the worm of raspberry fly.

How to recognize a parasite

In addition to the symptoms listed above in the question, there are a number of characteristics by which a pest can be recognized:

  • the larva has a cylindrical shape;
  • the tops of green shoots may fade;
  • the worm is not thick, it corresponds to the diameter of the stem core;
  • shoots may turn black or begin to rot;
  • limbs in the larva are absent.

In Russia, flies come out of the soil somewhere in the middle of May. At the same time, raspberries grow new stems. In young shoots, the parasite lays eggs. Then larvae appear that gnaw through the stem and penetrate into it. As a result, the top of the shoot begins to bend. Then the larva gnaws at a course in its stem in order to reach the surface of the soil. At this time, raspberries are blooming.

How to save the bushes

If you see that the tops of the shoots are drooping, you must immediately remove them. It is important to detect the holes that the larva has made to penetrate. It is necessary to act so that no holes and larvae remain on the stem and branches.

This means that you can remove up to half the stem. If the raspberries are strong, the cut branches will begin to scrub and give new shoots. During the summer, it is recommended to use a tool such as Karbofos. You can also try to dig up the soil, but you will not destroy all the larvae.

Chemicals should only be used if absolutely necessary. For example, when a parasite damages up to 50% of the shoots.

Spraying is carried out before flowering a couple of times. In this case, the shoots should not exceed 15 centimeters. Excellent effect gives a solution of "Actellica". For 10 liters of water, 15 milliliters of the drug is taken. Raspberry processing is carried out according to the scheme: 1.5 liters per 10 square meters.

Glass Raspberry

Similar to worms in raspberry glass. But in this case, the wintering of the tracks goes at the base of the stem. Raspberry glass-box looks like a blue-and-black butterfly. Her little body is thin, the wingspan is up to 26 millimeters. In males, there are 4 transverse yellow stripes on the abdomen. Females have 3 of them.

White 27 mm caterpillars have a yellowish brown head color. Chest and anal scutes of a similar color. Pupae are light brown. In length, they reach 24 millimeters.

Pest Control

  • To deal with this problem should be as follows: in the summer to remove and burn withered shoots, and in the fall - to get rid of prolific stems.
  • The natural enemies of the pest are the poacids and tahini. They can quickly reduce the number of glass boxes.
  • When planting new bushes, bad material should be carefully discarded.
  • An important role is played by compliance with agricultural regulations. You should also remove weeds in a timely manner and try to prevent mechanical damage to the bushes.
  • Inspect the bushes regularly for glass.

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Why wilt raspberry shoots

During the laying period, soil cultivation is required near the plants. From May to June, it must be loosened.