Rules and secrets of growing cucumbers on the balcony

The look and aroma of green cucumber covered with prickly pimples does not leave indifferent even the most avid gourmet. And the succulent foliage of this plant and bright yellow flowers will decorate any city balcony. How to do this in order to achieve a good result? The secrets of this unusual type of vegetable growing will be discussed later.

Conditions for growing cucumbers on the balcony

To obtain a decent crop of cucumbers on the balcony, a number of conditions must be observed:

  • thermophilic plants are best planted from the south, east, south-east or south-west;
  • cucumbers can not stand the wind, so the windows should be glazed and insulated;
  • each of the plants occupies at least 30 cm of the windowsill.

Variety Selection

When choosing seeds to grow cucumbers on the balcony, you should stop at several hybrids bred specifically for balcony conditions. On the label that these seeds are equipped with, their qualities are indicated:

  • high drought tolerance, shade tolerance;
  • developed root system;
  • precocity
  • self-pollination, i.e. pollination without insects;
  • medium-sized leaves;
  • small fruit size;
  • short internodes;
  • many ovaries in the nodes.

Gherkins or pickled cucumbers are no more than 7-8 cm in length, do not outgrow. This allows you to collect them for a long time.

Seed and soil preparation

  • For growing cucumbers, plastic cups are used, in which they plant 1-2 seeds. Seeds before sowing should be treated with a dark pink solution of manganese for 15-20 minutes. This will prevent fungal diseases.
  • Then they are washed well and dried.
  • After that, they should be heated in the oven for a day at a temperature of up to 65 degrees, and you can - in a thermos. It is good to pour cups of ground with hot water just before sowing.
  • You can grow cucumbers in flowerpots, pots, containers, etc. It is better that in these tanks there is a double bottom, and in the top there are openings for draining excess water.
  • Pots are filled with soil mixture, not reaching 5-6 cm to the top. As it shrinks, the earthen mixture is refilled. At least 5 liters of soil is provided for one plant in order to avoid its drying out during fruiting.
  • The soil should be loose, it is better to add peat, compost. Its acidity should be 6.6-6.8. The acidified soil is calcified with chalk, lime or dolomite flour. It is good to use prepared soils for vegetables, where all fertilizers are applied.

Methods for growing cucumbers

The most common are three methods of growing cucumbers on the balcony.

  1. A growing plant is wound around a vertical twine, mounted on a balcony support, located on the side or along the wall. Pots with plants are initially placed on an elevation, and then to increase the fruiting nodes do the following: all the twine is separated from the support, the pot is placed on the floor and the elongated twine is again tied to the trellis.
  2. Mobile trellis. Each pot is equipped with a vertical rigid support for cucumber lashes.
  3. In suspended baskets, when, using good branching of the balcony varieties of cucumber, they are grown as ampelous plants. In this case, only the overgrown ends of the shoots are pinched.

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Growing seedlings

Considering that a 24 degree temperature is necessary for seed germination, seedlings are first grown to plant them later on the balcony. In Russia, with its unstable heat, seedlings are planted no earlier than the beginning of May. It is better to sow seeds in the apartment in mid-February.

How to grow cucumbers on the balcony

Seedlings are placed in 200-300 ml cups in well-moistened soil at a two-centimeter depth. Top them sprinkled with moist loose ground or peat, slightly thickening this layer. For seedlings need a high temperature, so the soil should be well warmed up. The first sprouts appear after 2-3 weeks.

After that, the air temperature is reduced to 20 degrees in order to avoid excessive stretching of the sprouts. After a few days, the temperature can be slightly increased.
Potted seedlings should have drainage holes. It is best to put them in pallets. Plants should not obscure each other. A two-time feeding of seedlings under the root is also carried out when 2 and 3 leaves appear with complex mineral fertilizers, breeding 2-3 grams of them in a liter of water, 10-20 days after the first shoots.

Variety "Balcony" has favorable differences from other varieties of cucumbers. It has a strong stalk and small leaves. On the balcony you can plant its seedlings even with 6-8 leaves. She takes root well, begins to bear fruit faster. With a cool spring, this gives an additional 10 days for transplanting seedlings, which protects against crop loss.

Planting seedlings and caring for her

Many are interested in how to grow cucumbers on the balcony? To get a solid crop of crispy cucumbers grown at home is quite realistic if you follow some rules.

  • Tanks for their seedlings are filled with soil similar to the soil for seeds, before this it is abundantly watered with warm water. The height of the containers should be more than 15 cm.
  • To protect the plants from the wind, they are placed in corners and against walls.
  • The fruiting of cucumbers on the balcony lasts 90 days. At this time, they must be constantly watered, and fed - every 8 days, using mineral fertilizers and other natural substances: tea infusion or eggshell from raw eggs. Avoid getting top dressing on the leaves. The soil needs to be loosened periodically.
  • At the end of fruiting, the lashes are cut, the roots are dug up.

Pests of balcony cucumbers

The most common pests of balcony cucumber are:

  • aphid;
  • whiteflies;
  • spider mite.

The fight against aphids consists in treating plants with tobacco infusion. To a liter of water, tobacco is consumed from a pack of cigarettes. The mixture is boiled for 10 minutes, then diluted with a liter of water. The irrigation fluid is ready.

In the fight against whitefly, the tobacco solution is insisted for at least 24 hours so that the nicotine concentration is high. A good helper to destroy this pest is also a vacuum cleaner tuned to minimum power.

A strong infusion of garlic helps get rid of the spider mite. At the same time, one fresh head of garlic is ground and poured with a liter of water, insisted for more than an hour. Then the infusion is filtered and, adding 15 g of antibacterial soap, diluted with five liters of water. Spraying with the obtained solution of growth, you can successfully cope with unpleasant insects.

You can learn more about the diseases and pests of cucumbers in the corresponding article posted on our resource earlier.

Planting Cucumber Seeds

Using these simple tips for caring for special varieties of vegetables, you can easily grow cucumbers on the balcony. According to the reviews of experienced vegetable growers, you can get at least ten tasty, crunchy, environmentally friendly cucumbers from each of their bush. The success of the application of these agricultural techniques will be undeniable.