Reasons and methods for eliminating the bitterness of cucumbers

Alexandra Zakharovna asked us the question: "For what reason do cucumbers grown in the garden or in the greenhouse have a bitter taste? How can the problem be eliminated?"

Growing cucumbers is not an easy task. To get an excellent harvest will have to work. It happens that bitter cucumbers may appear on the plant. What to do? There are several ways to solve the problem.

The causes of bitterness

Bitter cucumbers are often found in home gardens. Such they are due to illiterate cultivation. Why else are bitter fruits, how to deal with it? Many beginner gardeners and people who have long been involved in such a thing as growing cucumbers are asking this question. The appearance of bitterness is due to the presence of cucurbitacin. It is an indicator of adverse conditions for growing crops.

Why are cucumbers bitter? Due to the genetic predisposition, some varieties in the greenhouse may have an unpleasant taste. If the fruits are not ripe or overripe, they may be bitter. How to deal with this? Stick to maturity dates.

If we talk about the weather, the most favorable climate is a warm environment with high humidity. Thanks to her, cucumbers begin to actively grow and ripen, do not accumulate cucurbitacin. Watering should be carried out actively, lack of water can cause bitterness in the fruit.

Important! In appearance, the cucumber is sweet and bitter in the greenhouse do not differ. To summarize why cucumbers are bitter. This fact is affected by:

  • poor watering;
  • dry air
  • a lot of sun;
  • lack of nutrients;
  • low-quality seeds were purchased;
  • genetic factor.

What to do to eliminate bitterness

Illiterate seed selection can cause bitterness in cucumbers. If you prefer your seeds, you need to follow some rules when planting in a greenhouse. Scientists breeders have bred sweet varieties of cucumbers that grow inconspicuous. What is the reason for success? They have a special gene that prevents the accumulation of cucurbitacin. Bitter cucumbers, on the contrary, abound in this gene. It turns out, in order to remove the unpleasant taste, you should pre-acquire sweet varieties.

Vegetable growers who are independently engaged in harvesting seeds should be aware that seeds must be taken from the first third of the fruit. Seeds closer to the back will be bitter. Is there any harm from bitter fruits grown in the open ground, how to use cucumbers in food? In fact, there is no harm, and with proper processing, bitterness goes away.

Mostly cucurbititacin is located in the peel, if you remove it, the bitter cucumbers will taste good. You can pour vegetables with water for 45 minutes, the unpleasant bitterness will go away.

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Some more tips

To grow cucumbers that taste good, it will work, but you need to water them in a timely manner. The reason for the unpleasant aftertaste may be precisely this. On hot days, you should open the film, and on cold days close. Excessive exposure to sunlight while vegetables are growing should not be. We will have to do the following - to feed cucumbers on time so that they do not become bitter.

The best option for growing will be sweet varieties, they completely lack bitterness:

  • "Electron";
  • "Abundant";
  • "Topolek" and others.

Attention should be paid to hybrids growing in open land:

  • "Marina Grove";
  • Chistye Prudy;
  • "Buyan" and others.

Cucumber Care Rules

All varieties presented taste good. They have no bitterness.