Celosia: how to grow and combine correctly with other plants

Celosia: how to grow and combine correctly with other plants

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Celosia (Celosia) in Greek - "fiery flower." Actually, this is the best characteristic of a bright, plant-like flame. On any floristic photo, the look will fall primarily on this flower. These plants really bloom the gardens, make them more fabulous and add a pinch of exotic to the familiar landscape.

Plant description

A plant of the Amaranth family, in the genus has about 60 species, growth began in countries with a warm climate. Perennial or annual plants (often ranked among shrubs), its stems are straight and succulent, often with a red tint, ribbed. In height they can reach 70 cm, at least 30 cm.

The leaves of the celosia flower are whole, smooth, arranged in turn, have an ovoid shape and an isahedral end. The color of the leaves can be variegated, dark purple or green.

Celosia flowers are bisexual, small, collected in paniculate or comb inflorescences. The fruit is a rounded box with black shiny round seeds.

Photo gallery

Plant varieties

The most cultivated varieties or types of celosia:

  • Panicled celosia (silver celosia cirrus) has lush inflorescences, tall varieties reach a meter in height, the color of various parts of the plant can be very diverse.

  • Silver celosia - the flowers of this plant variety form an inflorescence very much like a cockscomb.
  • Spikelet celosia - it is cultivated much less often, but it is deprived of attention in vain. Its inflorescences resemble spikelets. The colors are the most varied.

All types of plants are original, beautiful, and can become a landmark of any site.

Planting and reproduction

Most often, celosia is propagated by seeds, and rightly so: cuttings can adversely affect the decorative characteristics of the flower. To buy a mixture of varieties of celosia for planting is a very right decision. The plot or balcony where the flower will grow will become unusually bright and rainbow.

Reproduction and planting of a flower has a number of nuances:

  • For seedlings, celosia seeds are sown under the film in March-April, dive at a distance of 5 cm on the surface of moist soil.
  • On average, after 5 days the first sprouts appear.
  • Celosia, the cultivation of which requires careful care, needs a temperature of 18-20 degrees, ventilation and proper lighting.
  • Watering should be moderate: do not fill, do not overdry.
  • Seedlings are grown on a bright window, but protected from direct rays.
  • Transplantation into open ground is possible only at the end of spring cold weather, because celosia is a very thermophilic plant.

Top dressing can be carried out once a month with mineral fertilizers. The main thing is not to forget about leaving, so as not to cross out all previous works.

Varieties of celosia

We advise you to read the article "Fertilizers for flowers - the key to a healthy and beautiful plant."

Celose Care

Celosium comb, panicled celosia equally need care. The first weeks after planting are important for celosia precisely in relation to watering: it should be plentiful, but not excessive. Further, if summer spoils with rains, you should not water celosia daily (except on very dry days).

Do not overdo it with organic fertilizers, nitrogen: feeding more than once a month - this is not leaving, but wrecking. In this case, the plant will grow very much, but the flowers will be small and unremarkable. This is especially evident in the photo in comparison with the colors that provided the right care.

How Celosia Combines with Other Plants

This plant is beautiful, bright, hardy, which ensured its popularity. In principle, it is considered self-sufficient, so if there is no desire, it can not be mixed with other colors. But if nevertheless it is decided to do this, you can mix celosion with literally all annuals.

  • If you have combed celosia, it will be balanced by more calm and simple-shaped flowers.
  • If celosia is a bright accent, other flowers should be slightly muffled.
  • Yellow-orange tones of panicled celosia combine perfectly with the blue-violet Mexican aggregate.
  • Two-color godson is an excellent "companion" of celosia.
  • White Label will be a beautiful backdrop of red celosia. The same variety of celosia goes well with decorative cereals. However, do not forget if the care of plants is different, you will have to follow its principles in relation to each to the right degree.

How to apply

One has only to look at the photo where this flower dominates or skillfully complements other plants on the site, as soon as a desire arises to equip such beauty on its garden territory.

Comb celosia, like other varieties of this plant, can be planted in clusters in prefabricated flower beds. Can be planted in rows and at work. Often the flower is grown in containers and vases, which immediately ennobles the territory. But if celosia grows in an isolated container, the care will be slightly different: the moisture of the substrate where the flower grows must be constantly maintained. Planting is not fundamentally different wherever a flower grows.

In a dark flowerpot, it is better to grow a mixture of varieties of celosia, and in a white flowerpot, planting a plant of the same color, but very bright, is optimal. And in the photo, and in reality it looks impressive.

Flower Garden Ideas

Lovers of brightness, fresh flowers, natural variegation on the site should not ignore celosia. These flowers are not too capricious, although they can not stand the cold, however, it is not so difficult to care for them. But what elegant look they give even to the simplest site! No wonder beginner gardeners love to stock up on his seeds.


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