Features of the variety and the rules for planting wrinkled roses

A wrinkled rose is characterized by a very plentiful and long flowering

Rosa wrinkled or Rósa rugósa is a species of plants from the genus Rosehip and belongs to the family Pink. A wrinkled rose is characterized by a very plentiful and long flowering, and unpretentiousness and minimal care made this plant very popular in Russia and abroad. For most ordinary people, such roses are known as dogrose or rugroza rubr.

Plant description

This type of rose is a shrub reaching two meters in height. The branches of a wrinkled rose may have a different look, and the old lignified shoots acquire a brown hue and lose their foliage. In accordance with the view, the rose bush can be creeping or lianopodobny, with the ability to significantly rise above the soil level.

The homeland of this ornamental shrub is Eastern Siberia and China, where it grows on coastal areas in rather harsh natural conditions. The plant is so hardy that it can easily tolerate soil salinization, severe frost and drought. In addition, a wrinkled rose does not require any special care, and the absence of top dressing is not able to affect this plant. Decorativeity is also characteristic of the original or ordinary type of rose, on the basis of which a significant number of various species and varieties are derived. All bred hybrids combine the preservation of the original qualities and a pleasant, fairly strong aroma.

Wrinkled rose varieties

Under natural conditions, wrinkled roses look like overly prickly and rather tall shrubs that have thickened branches. The leaves have a dark green color and differ in characteristic veins that give the plant a wrinkled texture.

The most popular varieties recommended for cultivation in Russian climatic conditions include:

  • Blanc double de coubert - time-tested variety with a height of not more than 1.5 meters. The stem part is exposed in the base area, and in the upper segment is covered with rare leaves. Fragrant semi-double white flowers are characterized by undulating flowering. Rose bushes of this species are not used in hedges.
  • Frau dagmar harlopp - squat shrub with pink flowers, characterized by a pleasant salmon shade. The plant is unpretentious and ideal for planting in hedges. You can find out what other plants are suitable for the formation of hedges by reading the corresponding article on our website.

  • Rosa ugosa alba - A typical representative of wrinkled roses. Alba rose leaves change color from light green to golden in the fall. It is characterized by the presence of fairly large flat white flowers with unusual golden stamens. Alba rose does not tolerate heavy pruning.
  • Roseraie de I'Hay - One of the most hardy and unpretentious varieties with large double flowers of deep red color. The height of the rose bush does not exceed two meters.
  • Schneezwerg - the smallest wrinkled rose with semi-double white flowers. A distinctive feature is a very long flowering period.

  • Pink grootendorst - A variety that forms a very lush and sprawling bush with an abundance of terry flowers of a pale pink hue. A characteristic feature of this amazing variety is the presence of racemose inflorescences from flowers with serrated edges. In cut, these flowers stand for a very long time, and a slightly noticeable aroma does not cause discomfort.
  • Sarah van fleet - an incredibly high sort of wrinkled rose, the erect stems of which exceed two meters in height. The earliest variety, characterized by long and abundant flowering. Leaves have a bright green color with a bronze tint. Cup-shaped terry flowers exude an inimitable persistent aroma.

Features of planting and care

Planting this type of rose is not difficult.

  • Bushes of rosehip varietal or rugosa rubra are unpretentious, but susceptible to moisture and light.
  • Rose bushes do not require transplanting for many years.
  • For planting a wrinkled rose, it is necessary to prepare a hole 50x50 centimeters. Such sizes of landing pits are optimal regardless of the variety.
  • The root system is treated with clay mash, and the hole is filled with humus at the rate of one bucket per landing hole.
  • Immediately after planting, a pink bush should be shed abundantly and the soil around should be mulched.
  • In conclusion, the planted bush should be shortened by a third.

Varietal features of a wrinkled rose

The main care consists in spring feeding the plant with organic fertilizer, removing weeds and loosening the root soil layers. Pruning bushes stimulates an increase in the branching of rugose rubr.

Plant propagation

  • For wild varieties of wrinkled roses, propagation by seeds is characteristic, the planting of which is carried out similarly to sowing the seed material of any species of roses.
  • Cultivated species of this rose are propagated by vegetative methods: dividing the bush, planting layering and cuttings.
  • The main method of propagation of rose bushes consists in budding, which should be carried out in early spring or early autumn. In winter, all oculants need high-quality hilling. After steadily warm days, care for the plants consists in releasing and pruning.

Diseases and Pests

Rosa wrinkled refers to plants with a high degree of resistance to pest attacks. The most significant plus when growing this plant is a high degree of leaf immunity to various diseases, including black spotting and powdery mildew.

It should be borne in mind that rugose leaves are very susceptible to the use of various chemicals. Conventional remedies approved for use on garden roses can cause severe burns on wrinkled roses.

Landscape design

Numerous photos of this type of roses make it possible to use the plant for various design decisions. Wrinkled roses look great in single plantings, in groups and in a variety of floral arrangements. The climbing varieties of wrinkled roses look especially elegant. Thorny bushes of this beautiful and unpretentious plant allow you to perform a hedge, distinguished by grace and inaccessibility.

Rules for planting roses

In addition, having looked at the photos of these amazing plants, you can easily choose the suitable variety and create an individual flower garden of wrinkled roses, which will please for a long time not only with an amazing and persistent aroma, but also with an abundance of bright fruits.