What to do if a tree sheds unripe apples in June

We got a question from Marina: "Why do apples fall from an apple tree before it is fully ripe? How can this be avoided?"

Each gardener cherishes and cherishes all the inhabitants of his garden. Every gardener wants to get a good harvest from all of his trees and shrubs. But often nature makes its own adjustments. And the fruits of the apple tree fall from the tree without ripening.

Reasons for falling of unripe apples

There are several reasons for the collapse of unripe apples:

  • The most harmless is natural. When too many fruits are tied up on the apple tree, she is forced to drop some of them, because the branches simply can not withstand such a severity.
  • Another natural reason is the removable ripeness of the fruit.

Remember that removable maturity is the maturity of seeds in apples. When this very moment of maturity comes, apples fall. And then they should ripen in a dark, dry place: autumn varieties require ripening from one to two weeks, in winter - 1-2 months.

  • Pests. The apple codling moth eats apples, gnawing moves in them. And the apples are falling. To check whether the codling moth is really to blame for falling off, cut the fallen fruit: if you find moves there, then start the fight against the insect.
  • Lack of moisture. Always keep the soil moist, especially in dry weather. It is known that an apple tree requires between 500 and 1000 liters of water per year. If moisture is lacking, then the tree “draws” it from the fruit in order to saturate the leaves with it. And the fruits fall.
  • Excess moisture can also cause early fall of apples. This is due to the fact that with an excess of moisture, the right amount of oxygen ceases to flow into the roots of the tree. The processes of moisture movement along the tree are slowed down, in connection with which the tree begins to experience its lack. And everything repeats again: the leaves take moisture from the fruits, the fruits fall off.
  • Nutrient deficiency. If the apple tree lacks useful elements, then it simply physically does not have enough strength and energy to grow fruits.
  • Acidic soil, as it interferes with the absorption of nutrients.
  • Improper pollination conditions during ovary formation.
  • Late spring frosts. Because of them, already fertilized ovaries can freeze, and this will slow down the growth and development of the fruit.

How to preserve unripe fruits and prevent them from falling off

  • Water the tree regularly. Watch the condition of the soil: if it is loose, then it is time for watering.
  • With excess moisture, drainage will help you.
  • Remember to regularly fertilize the soil. The tree needs phosphorus, potassium, manganese, calcium, magnesium, copper and other nutrients. Once every three years, it is recommended to add such fertilizing to the soil: for 5 kg of humus, take 50 g of superphosphate and 0.5 cups of ash (or 20 g of potassium sulfate). Do not forget to make other fertilizers. We suggest you read the previously published article on our resource, in which we talked about recipes for preparing organic fertilizer.
  • Acidic soil must be neutralized. The eggshell will do just fine with this. It is best to use its infusion: pour 5-6 eggshells in a one-liter jar (to the edge). Let it brew for 3-5 days (until a rotten smell and turbid water appear). Pour the apple tree with this infusion. Repeat the procedure regularly.
  • In addition, you need to choose the right types of trees: they should pollinate each other.
  • Also make sure that bumblebees, wasps, bees, butterflies live in the garden, because they play a very important role in pollination.

  • After freezing the crown should be treated with the solution "Ovary". You can treat the crown with cold water before sunrise. Or cut off the tops growing from fruit buds (with mild freezing). The furrowing of the bark of the apple tree trunk and the bases of skeletal branches is also suitable.

What to do to get rid of the codling moth on a tree

You can get rid of the moth in several ways:

  • Cover the soil around the tree with polyethylene (fixing it) so that the tracks do not burrow into the ground for pupation.
  • Spray the tree trunk with decoctions of chamomile, dandelion, nettle, wormwood, horsetail, burdock, garlic, sorrel, tomato tops.
  • Use insecticides if necessary.

How to care for apple trees in June

So, you are convinced that the causes of early fall of apples can be very different. Do not be lazy, determine what exactly your apple tree suffers from. After all, with timely help, the tree will be able to delight you with delicious fruits for more than one year!

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