How to emphasize the beauty of white flowers in the garden

White flowers are associated with purity, childhood, joy. They look great in the garden on the flower beds and flower pots. Landscaping, where white flowers are used, gives a feeling of freedom and visually increases the space.

Popular views

All flowers can be divided into bulbs, perennials and annuals. Many plant names that will be presented in the article are well known to you.


  • The most famous white flowers that can be used in the garden are crescent and anemones. They can form a very beautiful carpet. In some cases, plants are used to create alpine slides. A variety of anemones such as "White giant" are widely used.
  • Blooming asters also will not leave anyone indifferent. Of the varieties, it is worth noting New Belgian, Alpine and New England.

  • The photo looks great geranium and cloves. The latter looks advantageous in any garden. The most popular variety is the White Lady.
  • For an alpine hill, the best choice would be: stubble, Iberis and saxifrage.
  • To create a carpet suitable asterisk. Important! The plant is poisonous.
  • Blooming peonies not only look beautiful, but also differ in excellent aroma.
  • It is worth paying attention to white host. Its variegated leaves look very original.
  • The flowers look good in the photo catchmentif you put them in a group. You can give preference and Volzhanka.
  • In the garden you can plant gypsophila panicled. Then it will be filled with a scattering of stars.
  • Do not forget about openwork astilbe. The best varieties: Tunberg and Arends.


Bulb names are also known to almost everyone.

  • The real decoration of the garden will be lilies, dahlias and gladioli.
  • Actively blooming in spring: snowdrop, white flower, blueberries, hyacinths, tulip and bulbous irises.
  • Surely you have heard the names of such colors as crocuses, begonia, colchicum. They can also be used in the white garden.


  • The photo looks cute and gentle violets. They can also have a white color, for example, a grade of "White Crystal".
  • White flowers may be in the middle bellas well as sweet pea.
  • Caps look original lobularia marine. The flowers are very large, the leaves have a white border.
  • Decorative cineraria - silver-white color is on openwork leaves.
  • Do not forget about zinnia, daisies and petunias.
  • White inflorescences are also in ageratum. The most beautiful variety is Houston. Flowering plants are from July to September.

Combination with other colors

In order for the garden to look wonderful in the photo and in reality, you need to combine the plants correctly. A large role in this is played by coloring. The main rule is that flowers should be visible on the flowerbed, and not a blurry spot of different colors.

  • If you like everything bright, you should combine white plants with saturated ones. If you are by nature a soft and romantic person, the flowers should be white and pastel shades.
  • An excellent combination are plants of red, blue, yellow and green. They should be combined with white flowers. The flower bed in this case will look voluminous.
  • As the main tone of the flower garden, it is better to take purple, green or blue flowers. Yellow, red and orange plants give warmth. White will allow to dilute unsuccessful combinations: blue and green, orange and red, purple and red.

Rules for choosing flowers for a flower garden

Important! First, tall plants are planted - they should be in the background. On the front you can arrange grass, peony, dicenter, phlox and other perennials. Those flowers that quickly lose shape should be planted between species that bloom for a long time.

When choosing annuals, pay attention to the sowing period. It is better to take those that are sown in the ground in May. An inert material - gravel or sand - is filled up between beauty landings. Upon completion of the placement of plants, the edges of the stands are decorated with broken brick, turf, stones, so they will look no less impressive than the photos in glossy magazines.

We also recommend that you read an article on our website that talks about the rules for combining flowers and plants when composing landscape compositions.

Additional landing rules

A number of rules should be followed:

  • Large plants are recommended to be placed with small ones - gypsophila, alissum, and Iberis.
  • White roses always dominate other plants.
  • For a large rose, it is recommended to use silver wormwood as a neighbor.
  • Alyssum looks great with a viola.
  • White viola can be planted with blue forget-me-not.
  • With vertical gardening, clematis and climbing roses can be used - red with white looks very impressive.

Original ideas

Originally in the photo and in real life, flowers planted in unnecessary containers, such as a sink, a barrel, a bathroom, look. An interesting option is plants in a cart. Car tire, wicker basket, ceramic wing - all this is suitable for landing. You can use any dishes. Beautiful flower girls and flowerpots - an original option. But in this case, you will have to carefully monitor the watering.

You can break the discount. In this case, 3-4 species of plants are used. The width of the beds should reach 1.5-3.0 meters. The length can be any. Workers are used two-sided and one-sided.

The place around the tree trunk can also be turned into a flower bed. Flowers will become not only a bright decor, but also a great mulch. And the roots of the trees will not dry out. Perennials and annuals that tolerate shade well are suitable for planting:

  • lily of the valley;
  • anemone;
  • bell;
  • astilbe;
  • geranium;
  • cloves.

If you make a continuous flowerbed, it will delight you with flowering for a long time and look great in the photo in any season. It is important to use a black film! It holds moisture well and helps in weed control. Be sure to cover the flower bed with a film, and in those places where the flowers will be located, make incisions. Corners should be turned inside. Then you can plant flowers. Top them sprinkled with shallow bark.

Garden decor

In the garden, flowers with snow-white petals look very beautiful. In this case, bulbous, annual and perennial plants are used. A wide selection of species allows you to implement the most interesting solutions and achieve continuous flowering. Violets, roses, astilbe, bells, daisies, hosts and many other representatives of the flower kingdom can be used on your garden plot. It is important to choose the right neighbors for white flowers, they should emphasize their beauty.