Do-it-yourself stork: technology step by step

Do-it-yourself stork: technology step by step

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Each cottage is a small paradise for its owner. And if this is not the case for some reason, you need to change something. For example, to make the site more comfortable, lively. Garden sculptures are great for this, and it's great if they are made independently.

One of the custodians of the site is a stork. At least, many summer residents liked this idea, because a stork nests only where good people live. This bird is a symbol of prosperity, peace, tranquility, family nest.

Materials and Tools

Let's try to make a stork on our own based on a plastic container. We will need the following materials:

  • five-liter plastic bottle (for example, from drinking water);
  • Styrofoam;
  • polyurethane foam;
  • wire;
  • Scotch;
  • paint;
  • brushes.

In the decoration process, we can use other materials. This stage is completely dependent on your imagination and creative skills.

Manufacturing steps

And now let's start the step by step instructions.

  • A plastic container is a torso. We will attach the remaining parts to it. The neck is a wire that is lined with pieces of polystyrene foam, fixed with tape. With adhesive tape we attach the neck to the body, that is, to the bottom of the plastic bottle.
  • We put a piece of polystyrene on the neck - this is the head. We try to round it.
  • We also make hips from foam, inserting equal pieces on both sides of the neck of the bottle. We fix everything with tape.
  • Legs will be from already used electrodes. But metal rods of equal length, and just several times a neatly folded wire, will do.

  • As a beak there will be a long nail. You can plant a piece of wood on it.
  • Before applying the mounting foam, we check the reliability of the support.
  • On top of the resulting layout, apply the assembly foam with our own hands.
  • Grind. All excess should be carefully trimmed.

  • Acrylic paints need to paint the sculpture.
  • You can insert real feathers into the tail and wings.

Here is our garden bird!

Alternative manufacturing

There is another option how to make a stork. Here we will also use bottles.

We will need:

  • opaque black and white plastic containers;
  • plywood sheet for the template;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • glue gun;
  • red insulating tape.

From plywood we cut out with our own hands the pattern of the body and wings of a stork. Templates are fastened together using self-tapping screws. Feathers are plastic bottles of milk. We cut them into strips, make a fringe. The strips should be the same width. Take a glue gun, attach feathers to the body of a bird. The tail and lower body, the bottom of the wings are made of black bottles (for example, from under shampoo). Beak just wrap with red tape. Feet can be made of wire and painted. Eyes can be drawn, or you can buy special decorative ones, in any needlework store there are such (for toys).

The process is laborious, but it turns out very beautifully.

Stork Compositions

Of course, a garden stork can be a completely self-sufficient sculpture. But you can do everything more interesting by arranging the whole composition.

For example, you can build a nest with your own hands. Put dry branches on the wheel of a bicycle or an old cart. If necessary, fix them with threads together. Often the branches are also painted with spray paint for structural strength.

Stork from plastic bottles

You may also be interested in an article in which we talked about the options and nuances of the independent manufacture of a nest for a stork.

And your bird can become the ancestor of an entire bird family in the country. For example, a stork can open a bird’s gallery, but its homemade flamingos, peacock, heron will continue ... The fantasy is endless! Some craftsmen simply paint the plywood blank, cover it with varnish. It turns out such a kind of painting on wood, where fantasy images are combined with your own creative abilities.

Your garden will indeed become a place of miracles.

What else can you make a stork

We list only the most popular options:

  • car tires (perhaps the most popular option);
  • forged parts;
  • plastic covers (but this is jewelry work);
  • wood;
  • shells;
  • wheels.

The simplest option is a plywood stork. You just make a template with your own hands, according to which you cut out the future sculpture. Paint your bird of happiness on both sides with acrylic paints. Or those that you have, covering the top with a construction varnish.

DIY home decor

A stork in the country can only be the beginning of your creative experiments. As practice shows, appetite comes with eating: even people who are far from artwork come to taste, and other interesting characters appear on the site over time. And this is great, they delight not only the owners, but also the guests, who are becoming more and more in connection with such summer cottage art.


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