Decor from shards of dishes, or how to glue a broken cup

Decor from shards of dishes, or how to glue a broken cup

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At times, when there is a desire to update the appearance of the cottage, it is not necessary to turn to expensive designers and specialized stores. One of the good decisions can be the creation of unique decorative elements with your own hands. Of course, this may take a lot of time, but occupation will be a good rest if you involve household members in the process. Collective creativity helps strengthen family relationships.

What you need to create a decor

One of the simplest and most original decorative elements is a mosaic of broken dishes. The idea of ​​creating something unique, individual will certainly capture your close friends and relatives, which will change the mood of repair work from a depressingly routine to a fascinatingly enthusiastic one. Plus, the fact that the decor does not require special cash costs.

Material for manufacturing are:

  • old broken cups, plates;
  • fragments of ceramic tiles left after repair;
  • various porcelain vases, other things that went into the category of trash.

The decor in the form of a mosaic will become the center of attention of guests, will create an unforgettable atmosphere of beauty and poetry in the house and in the country.

Original ideas

The mosaic that came from the Ancient East today demonstrates the rare and exquisite beauty of products. With it, you can decorate caskets, vases.

Decor gained popularity in ancient Greece, where mosaic laid floors, walls, furniture, fountains, dishes. Broken dishes will help you bring all the ideas of the ancient Greeks to life.

Wall decoration

To do wall decor, you need determination and material. The latter can be found if there are broken dishes, ceramic tiles, vases, glass or mirrors. The amount of material is directly proportional to the scale of the work.

Mosaic technology

  • First you need to decide on image complexity. If the goal is to cover the wall with multicolored randomly arranged pieces of mosaic, you can start working almost immediately. If the goal is even a very simple drawing, the wall will have to be prepared in advance.
  • Decorating area needs good to clear from the remains of wall-paper, glue, to level. Please note: the temperature when laying the mosaic should be in the range from +5 to + 30!
  • Dilute the solution. You can buy it at a hardware store. Color is better to take white or transparent.
  • Apply the solution to a small piece of the wall. Process the slice. Broken dishes are applied to it. And so on…

Important! You should start from the center. First, lay out the main figures, then the secondary details, the background - last.

  • If broken dishes are presented in large pieces, break it into small elements. A hammer is suitable for this purpose. In this case, the dishes should be wrapped in cloth, which will protect you from possible injuries.
  • Grout is applied after 24 hours. Before applying it, remove excess glue from the wall surface. Grout is applied in parts. Treat the bite, wait 20 minutes, remove excess with a damp sponge.

Ideas for using broken dishes

What else can be done

Broken dishes are not only suitable for decorating walls. There are many ideas that can be brought to life. So you can arrange using it:

  • hot coasters;
  • vases;
  • spacing;
  • candlesticks, plates.

Broken dishes are great for decorating furniture:

  • cabinets;
  • tables;
  • sideboards;
  • chairs.

If there is a desire to surprise guests, you can decorate birdhouses in the garden with a mosaic, a sink in the house.

Panel creation

Inside the house in the country can be decorated with attractive panels. In this case, in addition to ceramic and glass fragments of dishes, other materials can be used:

  • pebbles;
  • pebbles;
  • beads;
  • colored glass;
  • shells;
  • roof tile.

To create geometrically even figures, a glass cutter is used. So triangles, polygons and even circles turn out! Importantso that the edges of the elements are not sharp, which eliminates cuts.

You can pre-draw a sketch of the panel. It marks the location of the elements, their color scheme, the sequence of work.

Products from broken cups and lids

The use of broken cups allows you to make many unique products. They can be adjusted to the surface of the tile so that half the cup can be glued to the wall. As a result, excellent coasters for small things, personal hygiene items - toothpaste, combs, brushes, will come out.

If you find a broken teapot lid, do not throw it away. By taking a few lids, you can make great hangers for tacks and towels.

Design Tips

  • Mosaic requires careful care. It is strictly forbidden to rub it with substances containing hydrofluoric and phosphoric acid, as well as oils and wax. Cleaning products should be non-abrasive. If the contaminants are strong, it is worth taking a drug with a low acid content, treating it with a surface, and then rinsing it with plenty of water.
  • On a convex or even, previously degreased surface, pieces of glassware can be glued onto "liquid nails" or standard glue. Next, the seams must be grouted.
  • To divide the dishes into pieces, you can use a conventional glass cutter.
  • A great option is to lay out a mosaic worktop. But the surface in this case will not be stable, which means it will have to be coated with epoxy. In this case, even fragile glasses can be put on the table, and the countertop will last a very long time.
  • The most common option is decorating garden furniture. If you prefer to work on a lawn garden, you just need to take the idea into service. The manufacturing costs are a few hours. Decorating is the same as working with the countertop. The benches look great. You can learn how to make cardboard furniture for your own home.
  • You can lay out the fragments of the dishes steps of the stairs or paths. And they both look just great.

Broken Tile Wall Decor

The mosaic, laid out from the fragments of the dishes, looks simply amazing. At minimal cost, you can create something new and original. The amount of time that you spend on laying out the mosaic depends on the size of the painting or surface. Work takes a lot of time, but the result is worth it.

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