We make our own original and comfortable bench around a tree

The bench around the tree is made of specially treated pine. The product is very convenient, since one of the parts of the bench is in the shade. In the photo the bench looks very original. Consider the manufacturing process in more detail.

As a rule, wooden benches are made in the shape of a hexagon. They can be with or without a back. It is better that the diameter of the barrel reaches more than 500 millimeters. If the tree is still growing, it is worth considering what diameter it will be in the future. Make a bench around the oaks needs a larger size. The product can be made in the form of an octagon.

Tools and materials

To make a bench do it yourself The following materials will be required:

  • screws;
  • planed lumber (section is 70x70 millimeters) - 4 pieces of 2 meters each, length - 480 millimeters;
  • planed material with a section of 45x70 millimeters - 9 meters;
  • terrace boards with a section of 22x95 millimeters - 30 meters;
  • corners - 8 pieces.

Do not forget about cement - you will need about 2 bags and such materials as varnish, paint, wood impregnation. Ready to paint the bench is not necessary.

Wood also has special requirements. To make a bench, You will have to find a tree that is highly resistant to weathering. These can be different types of tropical wood. If the rocks are not so resistant, they will have to be processed using special impregnations.

Do-it-yourself pine is often used to make a bench with its own hands. If there are knots on the breed, this is not an obstacle for processing impregnation. No further processing is required.

Step-by-step instruction

We make drawings

A bench is usually made of 6 pieces of equal size, in the photo it looks very original. First, determine the diameter of the tree trunk. If it is young, you need to add 30 centimeters, if it is young, 15. To identify the length of the short part of an individual element, divide the sum by 4. Mark the length on the measuring rail and saw off the edges at an angle of 30 degrees.

Product Size

To make a bench follow start board template, based on the identified dimensions with angles sawn at 30 degrees. Next, put 3 boards parallel to the board and separate them with centimeter pads. Reiki is applied to wooden elements (given an angle of 30 degrees of the initial board). Put a mark.

Cutting boards

Make a cut should be like this. Set the saw to 30 degrees. Saw off 3 boards, marked earlier, in length with opposite angles at both ends.


Now you need to assemble a hexagon with your own hands. This is done on a flat surface, Do not forget to add centimeter pads. Begin from the inside of the seat. It is important to clarify whether the corners are suitable.


Making legs is easy enough. They include the inner and outer leg, located between 2 supports. It will take 12 elements to assemble 6 frames. Fabricate 12 piers. The end face of each of them should be sawed off at an angle of 30 degrees.

Bolt holes

Although not visible in the photo, the recesses for the bolts should be prepared in advance. Take a drill and make holes, the indent from the leading edge of the outer support should be 5 centimeters. At the indicated location, mark the vertical flat side. Repeat the procedure on the other side of the foot.

Foot fastening

Fasten the legs and feet with your own hands. Place the bolts in the holes. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten the bolts with nut and washer.

Section assembly

With your own hands, place your feet on an even surface vertically. Lock using clamps. Install gaskets on the top of the assembly foot between the boards. The edge of the board should be halfway through the assembly. At the feet of the board are fixed on the screws. Fasten the legs to 4 sections. As a result, 2 groups should come out, each with 2 sections. Install the last section. On the opposite sides of the trunk, place 2 groups. Fasten them with the remaining 2 sections.

End of work

Level the product. To do this, using a spatula, dig the legs into the ground. If there is a need, cut and place the backs, that’s all, in front of you is a practically finished bench that will look good in the photo in the family album. It remains only to make an apron.

To do this, measure the distance between the long points of the supports in the sections. Make 6 bars at an angle of 30 degrees. Fasten the bar using the clamp. Next, drill holes, mount to the outer leg. Similarly, all sections should be processed. The final stage is grinding roughness. As a result, a very comfortable bench will come out.

We also recommend that you read a previously published article on our website, in which we talked about how you can make wooden furniture for a summer house.

Good advice

  • If you move a little away from the size of the bars and supporting boards, there is nothing wrong with that, just the bench design will change a little, in the photo it will still look spectacular. However, the outer frame should still be in the shape of a square. The dimensions on the short sides are decisive, and the length of the beam, multiplied by 2, should be added to the long ones.
  • Water is able to penetrate the tree through the lower parts of the legs, so it is recommended that they be treated with azure or special oil. A composition similar to wax gives a good effect, in the photo a bench soaked with this product will look great.
  • If you are going to make a backrest, you should foresee 4 components, 4 backrests and loose seats in advance. As a result, the assembled form an octagon.
  • The load capacity of the finished product is sufficient. If you think that the load will be large, install additional supports in the inner square. But if the soil is uneven, mounting can cause problems.
  • If the elements of the bench were processed under pressure, the product will be resistant to sunlight and adverse weather conditions. In this case, the tree should not be painted; cuts are not subjected to additional processing.
  • It is recommended to tilt the back slightly. The design of the legs with two support points on the seat makes the bench more stable.
  • It is important to determine in advance where the bench will be placed. On the ground before installation, marking is performed in the form of a regular 6-pointed star or octagon. It is very simple to draw a star - put 2 equilateral triangles on top of each other.

DIY bench around a tree

Almost everyone can perform a bench around a tree, as in the photo in this article, the main thing is to act in stages, following the instructions. It is important to choose the right wood, it must be strong and not be afraid of sunlight and bad weather. Each bench option can have its own. The most commonly used hexagonal shapes, but if the tree is impressive, then it is better to stay at the octagon. Backrests are optional.