Redcurrant jam: features and options for preparing a healthy treat

0.3-1 hours3-4 servings284 kcalLow complexity

Redcurrant jam has a great taste and is a healthy product. In the cold season, this twist is difficult to replace: for example, it is considered a good natural antipyretic. But even in warm time, delicious jam is useful - with ice cream this treat goes away with a bang. Yes, and in the photo these berries look very beautiful, which means that the jam can be presented to friends as a home presentation.

The benefits of red currant jam

The cooking method is important here. The so-called raw jam is really useful, it is used in the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases. Moreover, the impeccable vitamin composition of currant makes it an effective natural remedy in the treatment of such ailments as:

  • hypertension;
  • anemia;
  • diarrhea;
  • gastritis;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • violations of the liver;
  • dysentery, etc.

Blackcurrant can be considered more useful, but this does not mean that the composition of the red berry does not go compared to black. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, so cooking preparations for the winter is a must!

How to choose berries for red currant jam

There can only be one hint here - large-fruited varieties of berries are suitable for jam. Then a healthy treat will really be optimal in consistency, it will be easier to cook, and the taste will be pronounced.

Berries must be thoroughly washed, removed from the brushes and dried.

Jam "Minute": how to cook

It’s easy to cook the “Minute” treat - even beginners can handle this. In order to prepare this fragrant treat, as in the photo, we need:

  • 1 kg of berries;
  • 1 cup ordinary water;
  • 1.5 kg of sugar (sand).

First, syrup is made from water and sugar - a minute in this regard is no different from traditional jam. Prepared (selected pure berries) are sent to boiling syrup, and after boiling, boil the mass for no more than five minutes. Actually, that's why such a name is a minute.

Three times the mass must be boiled for five minutes. Ready, it is poured into pre-sterilized jars, rolled up with metal lids or clogged with kapron. Until the jars of jam "Minute" have cooled, they need to be wrapped.

Red currant jam for the winter for a quick recipe is ready!

How to make delicious jelly from redcurrant berries

“Minute” is a delicious cooking option, but jelly is not inferior to it at all. Cooking it is also easy, and the photos with the prepared jelly are impressive - the dish looks more than appetizing.


  • berries;
  • sugar.

The quantity is not specially prescribed - this is an individual choice, the main point here is that sugar is taken in equal proportions to the currant juice to be squeezed.

Step-by-step instructions for red currant jam next:

  • The first step in the preparation of jelly is to wash the currants and lower them into a colander.
  • Berries need to be warmed up. This can be done as follows: either warm in a double boiler or in a refractory container put in a heated oven for about ten minutes.
  • Now a delicate process - you need to squeeze the juice. Grandma’s method is a strainer or gauze. Today, they are increasingly using a juicer, but many photos of culinary publications demonstrate just such a method of making jelly.
  • Next, in the squeezed juice, add sugar, and wait until the mixture is infused. This will take several hours, not a minute, as in the previous recipe. Therefore, be patient, the result is worth it. If the juice came out one and a half liters, then a similar amount of sugar will go to jelly. It is a liter! It is necessary to measure by volume, and not by weight.
  • Juice is poured into a container, where we will cook jelly. The fire is kept small. Stir the jelly until the sugar dissolves. It takes a minute or two.
  • Juice does not need to be boiled as soon as sugar is dissolved. The mixture is poured into prepared jars (to the brim).

To freeze the jelly, it is covered with a towel. Then it is best to cover also with parchment paper, bandage with a rope. Only paper is first soaked. This prevents condensation. Yes, and it will be beautiful, as in the photo in cooking magazines. Jelly is done!

Redcurrant jelly

Jam without boiling: the subtleties of cooking

Berries for him should be whole, without ripe barrels. Currants are crushed in a blender until mashed berry is obtained. This mass is laid out in a container, where sugar is then poured (1: 1 ratio), mixed with a spoon. So leave the mixture for half an hour. After that, the jam, which did not have to be boiled, is laid out in sterilized jars.

Close with nylon covers, put in the refrigerator.

Redcurrant jam without boiling

Making red currant jam with oranges

One has only to look at the photo of such a treat, as one wants to try it. For 3 kg of currant, you need to take 1 kg of oranges. Sugar to take 3 pounds, a bag of vanilla will not be superfluous.

  • Berries are passed through a meat grinder. Oranges cut into pieces are also minced through a meat grinder. Bones, of course, it is desirable to remove. Do not peel oranges!
  • Ground ingredients are mixed.
  • Sugar is added, which must all dissolve.
  • The mixture is put on fire and brought to a boil in the usual way.
  • After the red currant jam has reached the boiling point, it is boiled for 15 minutes.
  • After that, vanillin is poured.
  • Jam is laid out in jars.

It must be kept cool, as always. To make the jam look like in an advertising photo, the lid is decorated with a bandaged colored napkin.

Redcurrant jam with banana recipe

  • For 1 liter of currant juice, 600 g of sugar, 4 large bananas are taken.
  • Juice is put on fire, sugar is added there.
  • In boiling juice, you need to lower the banana puree, boil all this for at least half an hour, and after that - put it in jars.

That's the whole recipe!

Also, red currant jam in a slow cooker can be cooked according to this recipe. It is usually prepared in the "soup" or "stewing" modes.

We also offer you to get acquainted with recipes for the preparation of fragrant strawberry jam.

Jam storage rules

No matter how you have to cook the berries, in what way and technology, proper storage is no less important.

It is believed that jam can be stored in a dry room for two years. If it fermented, it means that there were errors during the cooking process, or the container turned out to be non-sterile.

If sugar from redcurrant jam is not enough, and the jars were wet, most likely mold will form.

Red currant is a delicious berry, a find for selections. Both photos and reviews of people on the Internet about this jam speak in his favor. It is also interesting that many men who do not have a special passion for ordinary jam, still love currant. And children with pleasure will eat pancakes with jelly currant mass.

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