Do it yourself with stones and decorate the garden

The adjoining plot needs unusual garden decorations. At the same time, it is not necessary to purchase expensive decor. It can be done with your own hands from ordinary stones.

The stones go well with trees and green grass. Contemplation of pictures on natural material helps to tune in a meditative manner, to escape from everyday fuss.

Materials for drawings

You will need:

  • solvent for acrylic paints;
  • acrylic paints (they differ in saturated color and quickly dry);
  • palette (mix paints);
  • clear nail polish;
  • cup for rinsing brushes;
  • stones (suitable form);
  • different brushes (synthetic, natural, will quickly become worthless);
  • water;
  • a rag.

Choosing the basis for work

Traditionally, coastal or road pebbles are chosen. It is better if it is sanded with water. Special preparation for the material is not required.

Painting technique

  • First you need to wash the stones with soap and dry them well.
  • Then a primer is applied. Then the basis for the drawing is again to be dried.
  • The next step is to apply the background. Shake the paint well. Apply a base coat to the stone. Color is selected in advance. After applying the coat, drying takes 15 minutes.
  • First you need to sketch the drawing on paper. Then it is transferred with a pencil on a stone base. It is important to think through all the details. Further coloring goes in layers. Each element must dry - it will take 15 minutes. Contours are outlined with liquid paint.
  • Drying the product is recommended on a battery.
  • The product is coated with a protective varnish. He must dry. After that, the product can be placed in the garden.

Master class in stone painting

Use cases

Depending on how you paint the stone, it can become a bouquet of flowers, a cute animal or a gnome. If the stone is rounded - This is an ideal option for turning into a lying animal, berry or insect. Sometimes cobblestones already resemble something. Paints will help to emphasize the features inherent in a ladybug, animals or flowers.

For the pond, you must use large boulders. You can paint them with Japanese carps or water lilies, frogs and other aquatic animals.

Stone paths

In this case, a footpath is laid out from small painted pebbles with a different pattern. You can simply fill them with space in the old paved path - the presented version also looks original.

Stone platform

If you have a desire to highlight any area of ​​the site, colored pebbles will also work. On such a platform, you can put a table and chairs for a pleasant pastime at a tea party.

Flat installations

  • Any flat boulders will do. They are painted and laid out in a variety of spirals. You can also decorate the grounds, lawns, borders.
  • The footprints laid out of stones look interesting - they can be large and small. This decor is placed on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • You can make words out of pebbles by writing them in letters. You can create graphic symbols, for example, lay out an exclamation mark.

Stone pointers

Any boulder will be an excellent pointer if you inscribe the name of the plant on it. Using such a product is convenient, it can be moved when changing the landing plan.

Game Zone

In the play area for children, "tic-tac-toe" made of pebbles looks great. The playing field is made of ceramic tiles. Crosses and toes are created from cobblestones, the corresponding symbols are drawn on them.


From the stones you can make any sculptures. The pyramids look great, you can fasten cobblestones with glue. From flat stones you can assemble houses, cars and fences.

Decoration of vertical surfaces

Fences and fences can also be decorated with painted stones. Various shaped shapes are laid out from previously painted cobblestones and glued to the fence with glue.

We draw a giraffe on a stone basis

Figures and garden compositions

  • Great option - Creation of a collection of various "smileys". They can be cunning, smiling, sad or sly.
  • Two-sided compositions look interesting. You can realize ideas such as a caterpillar and butterfly, a princess and a frog, a chicken and an egg, and more.
  • You can take and create collection of fabulous characterth, for example, the heroes of the tower - from the mouse to the bear. Looks great bouquet of various flowers - garden and exotic.

Crafts from a stone for a garden

Where to place

You can decorate with painted stones any space of the garden. Originally they look near a reservoir, under trees, in a recreation area, near a gate, on garden paths and flower beds.

You can design a garden as follows. First, the site is prepared the same as for the decoration of the Japanese garden. For this, crushed stone, pebbles or gravel are used. Next, you can place the painted products. You can arrange them in the spirit of Japanese traditions, but with modern notes, the main thing is to connect imagination.

You can decorate the garden plot without investing, just find a suitable form of pebbles and acrylic paint. The rest depends on your imagination. You can find stones on the river or on the road. The shape is necessarily round or flat. After the transformation, cobblestones can become animal figures, interesting installations, flowers, pyramids and other original products. You can place the resulting decor anywhere in the garden - lay out paths, arrange flower beds, decorate fences, fences and gates.