Vinaigrette: the subtleties of cooking, the most delicious recipes

2.3 hours4 servings98 kcalMedium difficulty

Vinaigrette is a bright and satisfying salad that is liked by both adults and children. Many prefer it to all other salads because of the excellent vitamin composition and interesting taste. In addition, it is not as expensive in cost as a salad of non-seasonal vegetables of dubious quality from a supermarket. In a word, the vinaigrette really has a lot of advantages. It remains only to "declassify" some tricks in the preparation of the dish, as well as rewind the tried and tested recipes.

Selection of vegetables

  • It's hard to make a mistake here. Classic vinaigrette is boiled vegetables, which should not only be brought to readiness, but also not to lose their brightness, juiciness. A stale, sluggish, wrinkled beet is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, you need to take vegetables that look healthy outwardly.
  • Many experienced housewives assure: you need to take oblong beets for a classic vinaigrette, it is juicier and sweeter. This is a moot point, but of course you can try.
  • Carrots should also be healthy, easy to peel, crunch. Just like with an advertising photo!
  • Sauerkraut is juicy, crispy, without an intrusive smell.
  • If you add some unconventional components to the vinaigrette, they should be similar to the "basic composition", which means also fresh, juicy, beautiful.
  • Many prefer potatoes only crumbly, yellow. Old stale potatoes can ruin the taste of the whole ensemble.

Ways to cook vegetables

There are several of them, although most often we just boil vegetables.

Oven vegetables

Beets can be wrapped in foil, putting garlic there, and bake until soft. Cut the remaining vegetables into cubes and bake in the usual way on a baking sheet, sprinkled with a little vegetable oil.

Baked Vegetables Vinaigrette

Steamed vegetables

In a slow cooker you can cook steamed vegetables, you will get a very useful vinaigrette. And here is a step-by-step recipe:

  • The washed beets put in the bowl of the multicooker, pour water.
  • Install the container (it comes complete with a slow cooker for steamed dishes), put carrots and potatoes in it.
  • The mode "Steaming" or any other similar is set, the time is 30 minutes.
  • After that, potatoes and carrots can be obtained.
  • Beets must be prepared separately, otherwise it will stain the remaining vegetables. Steaming time is about 50 minutes.

Vegetables in the water

And, of course, the classic way is to boil vegetables. In one saucepan, cook the beets (40-60 minutes), in another - potatoes and carrots (about half an hour). If you intend to add beans to the vinaigrette, you need to soak it at night, and then boil until soft. White beans are preferred for this salad.

Recipe Options

Recipe 1. Generous Vinaigrette


  • Beets -1 pcs.
  • Carrot -1 medium
  • Pickled cucumber
  • Potato - 2 small
  • Sauerkraut (2-3 tbsp)
  • Apple (better with sourness)
  • 50-150 g of salted mushrooms
  • Mustard
  • Salt, sugar, pepper
  • Vegetable oil
  • Vinegar or Lemon Juice


  • Dice boiled beets, potatoes, cucumber, carrots.
  • Grate the apple.
  • Cut mushrooms, add sauerkraut, cooked according to the classic recipe.
  • Mustard and salt are ground with pepper, diluted with oil, and vinegar or lemon juice is added. Vegetables are poured with this sauce, everything is mixed.
  • Garnish the dish with herbs.

Recipe 2. Step by step recipe "Unusual vinaigrette with rice"

Popular for some time, the original recipe can be a hit on your table.


  • 1 large beetroot
  • 100 g long grain rice
  • 1 red onion
  • Lemon
  • Salt
  • Nuts (handful)
  • Teaspoon of honey
  • Olive oil
  • Green peas - 100 g


  • While beets and rice are boiled, we will do the sauce.
  • Mix salt, lemon juice (halves), honey and oil.
  • We cut the beets into cubes, onions into rings.
  • We put it in a container, pour sauce, add nuts, rice and peas.
  • Let the dish brew for two hours.

Recipe 3. Vinaigrette without cabbage

Sometimes children refuse this salad due to the presence of crispy sauerkraut. Just for such cases the following step-by-step recipe.


  • Beets - 1 large
  • 2 boiled potatoes
  • 1 boiled carrot
  • 100 g canned red or white beans
  • 1 pickled or fresh cucumber


  • Cut all the ingredients in the usual way, mix, season with olive oil and juice of half a lemon.
  • A little salt.
  • Garnish with greens.

And it’s better to ask the child to help you, he will cut vegetables with pleasure or decorate the dish, do not forget about the memory photo with such gastronomic beauty.

How to make vinaigrette

Rules for filing and storage

  • If you add lemon juice, vegetables will retain their colorful appearance longer. Try to make beets the main component in the salad, and its color dominates.
  • Dill, green onion, parsley, nuts, greens are suitable for decorating dishes.
  • In a plate in which vinaigrette will be served, we advise you to line the bottom and edges with lettuce leaves (you can also use Chinese cabbage leaves), and only then pour the salad there.
  • Store in a refrigerator under plastic wrap. Salads are not a meal you can eat for two weeks. Having lost their freshness, they lose in everything. Therefore, it is better to eat a salad today, in extreme cases - to eat tomorrow.

Vinaigrette is a good cheap dish, hearty and tasty. Each time, the recipe can be changed slightly. It is important that it does not have mayonnaise, meat and eggs, but only vegetables. Vinaigrette is also suitable for a fasting day, as the main course. You just have to eat it without bread.

Enjoy your culinary experiences!