A neighbor in the country breeds bees. Prior to this, his farm did not bring inconvenience, but this fall, at the very beginning, the bees began to behave very aggressively. Not only do they fly to our site, but they themselves also attack, bite. My son is allergic to their poison, it came to an emergency. We communicate very well with a neighbor; I would not want to quarrel. He himself also cannot understand what happened to the bees. Tell me what to do? Is there any way to protect yourself from them?


There is no point in displaying aggression to honey bees without reason; they are similar to humans in their behavior, and the use of force only in extreme cases. And such a case is just autumn, when almost all the plants have bloomed and collecting nectar becomes impossible, they begin to steal and become extremely embittered and the invasion of their hive will lead to bad consequences, as the bees protect the hive. In such periods, theft should be noticed in time and measures should be taken, as soon as possible or otherwise, the bees will continue to bite, as they feel a threat to their life.