How to choose a flower pot

Flower pots are special containers in which beginners and experienced gardeners plant plants. Today you can choose from a huge assortment. Capacities differ in the type of colors for which they are intended, the materials from which they are made, the shape, color, size, and many other signs.

But a few basic criteria can still be identified. In particular, the material of manufacture is the most important criterion. The most common containers are:

  • plastic
  • clay
  • wooden
  • wicker.

Let's look at the features of each type.

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Plastic: cheap and cheerful

Plastic flower pots are very popular, especially among beginner gardeners. Their undoubted advantage is the cost: such products can be purchased the cheapest. Another plus of plastic containers is a huge variety of possible colors and design. In addition, they are very convenient in that they are easy to wash.

The disadvantage of these products is that they pass air and moisture very weakly, which requires special preparation before planting plants. Because of this, it is best to plant undemanding plants in plastic containers. So that the roots do not rot, several holes should be made at the bottom. At the bottom put drainage, which can be bought at any flower shop. Well, if you are just starting to learn the basics of floriculture, just use pebbles or even washed river sand.

Clay, she's ceramics

Clay or ceramic flower pots are not inferior to plastic ones in popularity, although they are more expensive. This material has a porous structure, this allows the dishes to pass air well, which is very useful for plants. In addition, moisture is almost not retained in it, because it evaporates to a certain limit.

The components of such a container are absolutely natural, which makes it environmentally friendly. But there is also a fly in the ointment. Of course, this is the price. Clay products cost a lot, although they are durable. Some housewives have ceramic pots left from their grandmothers. It is very pleasant that such containers can be decorated as you like. Please note that choosing which plants to plant in clay dishes, you need to carefully, not allowing moisture-loving species to be in uncomfortable conditions.

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Noble tree

Wooden containers for flowers are not so common, but you can find them if you wish. They look expensive, stylish and unusual. In addition, with proper care, wooden products are environmentally friendly. Another advantage of wooden pots is their ability to easily pass air.

The main drawback of wooden containers was the need to properly care for them. They must be washed on time and thoroughly, as well as covered with special paint for wood or varnished. Also, their obvious disadvantage is the cost.

Bewitching weaving

Another interesting type is wicker flower containers. They are expensive, but still quite popular. Their main advantage is an unusual, comfortable design. Such products can be delivered both at home and in the country. Fascinating weaving gives an indescribable feeling of warmth and tranquility.

Please note that wicker pots require processing: they must be covered with oilcloth or plastic wrap so that the earth does not spill out between the bars. Also, holes for drainage must be made at the bottom.

When choosing a flower pot, try to bring joy to you and benefit your plants. After all, this is not just a flower stand, but an important part of the interior, and a real "home" for your green "neighbors".

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