Overview of the garment steamer Grand Master GM Q5 Multi Elite

Overview of the garment steamer Grand Master GM Q5 Multi Elite

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Despite the fact that the cottage is a place of relaxation from the bustle of the city, it’s still difficult to do without some of the products of civilization. Our regular reader Nina decided to share with us the impression that she made on her much needed device in the country house, like a garment steamer.

This time I tested the device from the company Grand Master - GM Q5 Multi Elite (//

The manufacturer claims this device as multifunctional. This is a steamer, and a steam cleaner, and an iron with a steam generator in one bottle. That is, a common steam generator and various interchangeable devices that can be attached to it, whether it is a steam iron for steaming or nozzles for a steam cleaner.

Country of origin - "honest" China.

There were two reviews on this product on the Yandex Market - both positive. And on the Internet, I came across just such a video review from a hotel employee about this steamer.

{videobox} Ilqh-HQG4r4 | Grand Master GM Q5 Multi Elite: review |, oUOcU6Y5N44 | Video review of the device Grand Master GM Q5 Multi Elite {/ videobox}

First impression

And now we will pass directly to the review ...

The first thing that caught my eye when opening the box is a beautiful streamlined device. For the first time I see a steamer of this kind, it looks more like some kind of spacecraft than ironing and cleaning equipment. Stylish but a bit unusual!

Out of habit, I tried to refer to the instructions to get detailed instructions for assembling the device. Alas and ah! The instruction is accompanied by such small and incomprehensible pictures that I had to assemble it using the “scientific poke” method.

It is good that all parts are installed in grooves of different sizes, so it is impossible to mix anything up. If something does not enter a hole, then this “something” was not created for this. After some rearrangements of the pipes in some places, I still managed to assemble the device.

The control here is elementary: in the upper part of the device there is only one on / off button and a rotary switch to change the power of the steam jet.

By the way, the first flaw was immediately revealed: this switch is made of very smooth plastic, so you have to “get it out” a bit to scroll it.

When I connected the steamer to the outlet, I found the following minus: there is no mechanism for winding the cord, that is, the cord does not automatically unwind, but it must be wound manually. On the other hand, it is less likely that the winding mechanism will break. And now, like, this is a plus.

Water is poured into the tank conveniently, through the hole located at the top of the device. To drain the remaining water, it is necessary to remove, which is done very easily and quickly. The volumetric tank with a capacity of 2.3 liters was enough for me for several hours of ironing. True, I stroked with short breaks, but enough for a large pile of linen ...

Why can I use the device

The steamer kit includes a steam iron for vertical steam and an iron.

The small iron is very convenient to use, it fits perfectly in the hand. The surface of the iron is heated, which provides anti-drip properties. It is checked that the iron does not really leave drops on clothes if the initial steam is first lowered not onto the fabric, but by. If necessary, you can increase or decrease the temperature of the soleplate, however, I did not notice a big difference in ironing. This iron in any condition copes with its duties with a bang! I think that it is only necessary to reduce the surface temperature if you are going to steam ultra-thin and especially delicate fabrics.

The situation is different with the iron. Here, this adjustment is simply necessary, since when ironing on the board, a more dense contact of the fabric and the surface of the iron occurs, therefore, without changing the temperature of the sole, you can simply burn something. Powerful steam supplied under a pressure of 3.5 bar easily breaks through the fibers of any fabric. I managed to steam the pillowcase folded immediately into 8 additions !!! Imagine how much time is waiting for you with the purchase of this device. With the Grand Master Q5-multi Elite steamer, you can quickly and easily iron and steam jeans, curtains, as well as silk and wool. He can cope with any tissue.

By the way, all kinds of protective accessories are a very nice addition: a mitt for protecting hands from burns, a protective board made of thermoplastic, an iron stand and, of course, a fluoroplastic nozzle on the iron, which will protect the most delicate fabrics from the effects of the iron. The same nozzle will provide gentle smoothing without glossy marks.

The rack on which the shoulders are hung is a little unstable, but this does not affect the steaming process at all.

Already for how this machine great smoothes things (I especially liked to steam curtains), I fell in love with it. But he also cleans all kinds of surfaces, and can be used to clean clothes, children's toys and upholstered furniture.

In principle, the Q5-Multi Elite has an optimum pressure of 3.5 Bars, which should be enough to remove almost any impurities. In fact, this is not quite the case. Very strong impurities are still not cleaned with steam alone. In order to clean the oven, I had to first spray the walls with a special tool, and only then the steam cleaner easily removed all the fat deposits.

I liked to clean floors with steam, while I used a special nozzle and microfiber cloth. Where the contamination turned out to be a bit old, at first it was simply treated with steam, and then it was rubbed with a cloth. Everything was cleaned without problems!

To summarize

I want to summarize for those who do not master so many letters typed above:

There are pluses and they are significant:

  • perfectly steams any fabrics;
  • disinfects toys well, the smell of freshness appears;
  • cleans various surfaces from contaminants, it copes with grease especially well;
  • compact;
  • quickly ready for work;
  • mobile and takes up little space.

There are also disadvantages, but they are not so significant:

  • incomprehensible instructions;
  • uncomfortable steam regulator;
  • no cord winding.

To summarize: the Grand Master Q5-multi Elite steamer-steam cleaner is quite a worthy device. Easy to use, convenient and fast! Definitely, I would recommend it for purchase, as a steam iron and for daily cleaning. A steam cleaner is also a useful thing in the house, but its power is only enough for easy cleaning. To deal with severe pollution, the device needs more powerful and more expensive.

In conclusion, I recommend watching my video review of the device to visually verify all its qualities.

{videobox} Ilqh-HQG4r4 | Grand Master GM Q5 Multi Elite: review |, oUOcU6Y5N44 | Video review of the device Grand Master GM Q5 Multi Elite {/ videobox}

Posted by: Nina GREEN


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