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How to deal with a cherry fly

This year, almost the entire crop was damaged by a cherry fly this year. Tell me, please, how to deal with this pest? Is it possible to do without the use of chemistry in this case? If so, how? Maybe someone has experience fighting a cherry fly, share it.


  1. In early spring, as the snow melts and the soil dries up around, dig the soil and select 4-mm pupae. They hibernate at a depth of 5 to 7 cm in yellow.
  2. After that, apply the soil insecticides: Stormbreaker, Prestige, Mruvko-Byte or Medved-tox solution to prepare as in the instructions and sprinkle around the tree.
  3. After the tree fades it is necessary to spray: soap emulsion, feverfew, sodium silicofluoride, Parisian herbs or Anabazin-sulfate.
  4. Repeated spraying after 2 weeks, but 14 days before harvesting should not be sprayed.