How to save tomato seedlings that have turned yellow after a cold

How to save tomato seedlings that have turned yellow after a cold

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A question from Vera came to our editorial office: "Tell me, please, how to help tomato seedlings planted in open ground, which turned yellow after a week of cold?"

Your tomatoes, planted in the ground and undergoing a week-long cold, received stress, which resulted in a partial death of the roots, resulting in a lack of influx of nutrients from the roots to the leaves, which caused their yellowing.

In many cases, unfortunately, it is not possible to save the seedlings. But you can try to spray tomato seedlings with Epina solution, which is a powerful stimulator of plant growth. In addition, the tool increases the resistance of seedlings to various viral diseases (scab, late blight, fusariosis, etc.) and stresses (transplant, temperature difference, drought and excessive moisture).

Also treat the soil with a solution of complex mineral fertilizers. If the soil is already very moist, you do not need to water the tomatoes, because excessive moisture leads to the development of various diseases. In this case, sprinkle fertilizer in granules next to the bushes. Just do not overdo it - a lot, this is also not very good.

We wish your seedlings health!

In seedlings, the tomato turns yellow and the leaves dry

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