How to grow large garlic

Anton Vadimovich asks: "Why does garlic grow small?"

Garlic may fade. There are several reasons for this. One of them is an improper landing. After a number of plants, garlic planting is not recommended.

After what crops can not be planted garlic

  • If before there were cauliflower, peas, and beans on the beds, garlic grows well.
  • It is important to add compost to the ground in the fall.
  • After another batch of garlic, carrots, onions, cucumbers, problems can arise.
  • Recommended to place the culture near the water.
  • It is noted that next to pepper, tomatoes, garlic is larger.

  • The shadow of the fence leads to the fading of greenery!
  • You can’t keep garlic in one place for more than 2 years.
  • If you intend to plant it for the winter, planting is carried out after 3 crops, they should not be onion. Suitable cabbage, potatoes.

Why is garlic minced

The fact is that it degenerates. In fact, garlic is a three-year-old, but summer residents make it an annual. From the bulb, you need to get a single tooth, then a clove, then again a bulb. So the variety will not fade. Almost 400 single tooth will come out from a square meter of bulbs. Leave bulbs to know the time of harvesting winter garlic. When the wrappers burst - the harvesting period has come.

Important! Repeatedly, the teeth from which the bulbs appeared cannot be planted!

It is worth paying attention to the preparation of the garden. It is better to cook it a month before planting. Garlic requires fertile soil. It is necessary to make organic and mineral fertilizers. Feeding is prepared according to this recipe: a can of lime-fluff is taken, half a bucket of manure, a can of bird droppings, half a bucket of wood sawdust per square meter.

The indicated top dressing is applied to the bed, it is harrowed, watered with a manganese solution, covered with a film, left for a while. The best time to plant winter garlic will be the period from September 25 to mid-October. The teeth are buried by 5 cm, the bulbs by 3 cm. If the weather is dry, you will have to mulch the plants and water them. As soon as the arrows reach 10 cm, they must be broken off. Spring garlic is planted in the same way, but in the second half of April. Watering garlic is rare, it should be plentiful.

The easiest way to grow large heads is to plant a special variety. Then it’s just bred. You can grow a rockambol, about the features of the planting of which we have already talked about.

The above methods will help grow large garlic. He does not chop, the main thing is to follow the rules.

Growing garlic