Varieties of roses of unusual color

Oksana asked us an interesting question: "What varieties of roses of unusual colors exist?"

A large number of breeders are trying to grow roses of unusual color. The work is long and painstaking, it is difficult to select seedlings with the desired characteristics.

What are the colors

When choosing roses from a catalog, one should take into account that in many cases their color does not correspond to reality. So, in the photo the flowers look brighter, and if the shooting took place in the sun, then paler.

The defining sign of a rose is its coloration. Flowers of the same color can be completely different. One-color, striped, two-color and painted roses stand out. Everything is clear with monochromatic ones, and painted ones are characterized by the fact that in the central part of the flower there is a bright spot, striped ones with stripes of a different color, in two-color ones the color of the outer and inner sides differs. Varieties of mixed color can give completely different shades of petals.

Most popular unusual color roses

Breeders for many years tried to bring out a blue rose. But this did not succeed, since the flowers did not have such a pigment as a dolphinide. But then Japanese scientists still achieved what they wanted. They isolated a gene from pansies and introduced it into a rose. Currently being tested.

Variegated striped varieties were previously considered a mistake of nature. But it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that the flowers look very beautiful. Of the varieties of this type it is worth noting:

  • "Harry Wheatcroft";
  • "Candy Stripe";
  • "Flash Night";
  • "Tropical Sunset" and "Abracadabra" (from the latest developments).

It is worth paying attention to the painted roses - "Omi Oswald" and "Pirourette". They were created by a breeder from Belgium Louis Lena.

Two-tone flowers are very popular in modern rose growing. Meilland recently released an original variety dedicated to singer Julio Iglesias. It has an interesting color - cream with red stripes.

Brown roses are in great demand. In 1956, V. Cordes created the "Cafe" variety. No less interesting are Chinese green roses: "Green Planet", "Green Rosei", "Lovely Green". You can learn in more detail how to grow green roses in the country.

In his designs, McGredy came to the point where his roses look as if they were painted by hand. Varieties - "Sue Lawley", "Picasso", "Molly McGredy".

Henri Delbara is the creator of a series of varieties dedicated to impressionist artists. His work was inspired by canvases housed in the Museum d, Orsay in France. Varieties of roses - "Paul Gauguin", "Claude Monet", "Paul Cezanne".

New varieties of roses