How to make an original flowerbed from a construction grid

If you have leftovers from the construction grid - do not rush to throw them away. Using imagination, you can make a huge number of interesting flower beds.

Single and multi-level flower beds

A single-level flowerbed is a frame in which plants are located on the same level. But you can make the landing much more interesting if you use multi-level flower beds.

They are a cascading variety of flower garden. In it, using a grid, steps of different heights are made. Unlike elongated, it is characterized by a clear separation of landing zones and space underground thanks to the steps. So in the flower garden you can plant completely different plants that differ in requirements for soil moisture and acidity.

Production technology

Making the original design from the grid is quite simple.

  • First, they give it the necessary form. It can be a circle, star, square, triangle, etc.
  • At the same time, it is important to bend the grid correctly so that two walls form - just bend the product in half in width.
  • Gravel of any color, shape and size is poured into the formed opening. Then the upper part of the mesh is sewn using wire.
  • As a result, you will get a frame for the flowerbed of the shape that you have chosen. Inside it will be a void, which is filled with soil - here plants are planted.
  • Since the mesh is a fairly flexible material, it will be easy to give any shape. Among other things, you can perform both single-level and multi-level flowerbed.

Interesting options

Vertical flower bed

To make the product you will need:

  • pot;
  • grid;
  • seedlings;
  • the cloth.

First, a frame in the form of a cylinder is made of mesh. Inside it will be located the fabric. Down put a pot that fits in shape. Then add soil. Water should be watered to settle. If necessary, add more primer for compaction. Then the fabric is cut in several places for planting - at the top of the structure. That's all, the tower formed from care will need only watering.

Vertical stand

You will need a grid and several sheets of polyethylene. First choose a grid shape. Then install it. Then mount the sheets of polyethylene inside the grid so that between them it was possible to scatter the earth. Only flowers will grow on such a stand.

Original ideas

  1. Welded wire mesh will help you perform true works of art. So you can complete a flower bed picture. The lively landscape on the grid is simply framed by a wooden frame.
  2. From the grid, you can make various original frames. It is not necessary to carry out simple products - a beautiful butterfly with spread wings may appear on your site.
  3. Using the grid, excellent topiary is obtained. Creating shapes from vegetation will become much easier. You will need only a grid, support, imagination and plants with flexible stems.

Particular attention to gabion

From French “gabion” is translated as “stones in nets”. Structures of this type have long been used to strengthen slopes, roads and embankments. But recently they have been actively used in parks and gardens.

You can use the presented grid type to create fences of flower beds, supports for walls, fences, garden benches and tables. Gray pebbles, dark granite, light sandstone, and colored stones are used as fillers.

Important! The diameter of the filler should be larger than the diameter of the mesh. In this case, he will not get enough sleep. Design of flower beds can be absolutely anything - from simple to intricate in the form of spirals. The furniture-bed looks original. Of course, it is not suitable for home. But the garden plot looks impressive. In addition to the flowerbed, you can make a fence or put a castle made of gabion on the site.

There are 3 main geometric shapes of gabions: cylindrical, box-shaped, flat. Moreover, they can be mesh and welded.

Box containers can have the following sizes - length from 2 to 6 meters. Width - 1-2 meters. The height should be 0.5-1 meter. If you decide to make a larger flower bed, you will have to install special partitions - diaphragms. The manufacture of boxes is mesh or welded.

  1. The welding method consists in welding rods, which are located at the intersection points perpendicular to each other. In this case, the mesh cells will be rectangular. The walls are connected using wire.
  2. The mesh method involves attaching the mesh to the frame. The cells will have a hexagonal shape.

For fencing flower beds, box gabions are used. Among other things, they are actively used for furniture production in recreation areas of the site.

Benefits of using flowerbeds for flowerbeds

  • The grid can take any form.
  • Seasonal soil displacement is not a threat.
  • Due to the filling with stones, the product is characterized by excellent water resistance.
  • During installation, resources and time are saved.
  • The strength of the flower bed only increases over time.
  • Attraction of special equipment is not required.
  • The natural landscape does not deteriorate.
  • The flower bed will serve you for many years.
  • Properly executed flower beds do not require maintenance or repair.

Gabions in landscape design

Production of flowerbeds from building mesh is a fairly simple, but very effective way to design a flower garden. You can do all the work yourself. The shape of the frame for flowers can be absolutely any! The flower bed will last several years, additional care is not required.