How to get rid of plum in the garden

Antonina Pavlovna asks: "How can I get rid of plum trees in the garden?"

Young shoots of plums cause many inconvenience to the owners of garden plots. Your small garden can turn into an impassable thicket, and getting rid of young shoots is very difficult.

Secateurs Removal

If you simply mow or cut down the growth, then you will not achieve the desired result, because in the near future it will appear again. Plum shoots during injury will not die, as you expect, but, on the contrary, will actively grow. The more often you cut down young growth, the more it will become.

It must be removed with special patience and caution. First you need to dig the earth to the rhizome, and then carefully remove the shoots with secateurs. The upper section should be covered with oil paint and bury it again in the ground.

Chemical method

Uprooting may not help in some cases. Even a small spine sometimes gives a new shoot. In such a situation, only the chemical method can help. To do this, you will need to seek help from a specialized store where you can find funds for weed control.

If you nevertheless resort to the presented method of disposal of plum shoots in your garden plot, then you should expect that nothing will grow in the area treated with chemicals within 2 years. The best alternative is to use herbicides. They destroy only the green part of the overgrowth and decompose in the soil within six months.

The more you dig up stumps, the more shoots will appear. Cut it off several times a season and immediately lubricate it with a roundup, which is not necessarily diluted.

What else is worth paying attention to

Cutting down old plum trees, you will get rid of the overgrowth in just a couple of years. If you leave the trees, then the shoot will appear anyway. Even if you accidentally touch the root of the plum, you will inevitably get new shoots. Digging the soil under the drain is strongly discouraged.

So, the old dying branches can provoke the appearance of new shoots, so you should take care to clean them in time. Plum shoots will also appear if you like to prune the crowns of plum trees strongly, so it’s better not to overdo it, since such methods will provoke the instinct of self-preservation of the tree and give rise to new shoots.

You can get rid of plum overgrowth on the site both by physical and chemical methods. In any case, it will take patience and time.

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