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Why does not peony blossom

My tree peony is already eight years old. In theory, last summer was supposed to bloom, but, alas. It used to grow in a sunny place, but the bush has not grown a centimeter in three years. This summer transplanted at partial shade, sort of like it began to grow better. Regularly watered, fertilized. Warm for the winter. But he never bloomed? Why? What am I making mistakes?


I have been growing peonies for many years - there are bushes of different ages and colors in the garden. I often plant bushes, once every two to three years in the autumn, carefully cut off the tops and dig a bush. I divide the rhizome into two parts with a sharp shovel and plant these parts in two separate pits (35-45 cm deep). I dig them up with fertilized soil “with a hill”. I water it so that the rhizomes take root and in a year or two the bush gives the first flowers.

Watering in the spring - in the summer I carry out minimally and only into the hole (5-7 cm deep. Around the bush), in no case fill the middle of the bush.

For the longest time, the peony bushes have not been replanted for 5 years, but it gradually sags into the ground, peony rhizomes are very confused and fused (sometimes they are affected by diseases and pests), and because of this, the bush “degenerates” and does not bloom.

Recommendation: First, pay attention to watering the bush.