Rules of use and features of operation of an electric chopper

Modern agricultural tools have long been unlike the ones that our great-grandfathers cultivated the land. Innovative developments significantly improved their quality and facilitated the work of summer residents.

Electric choppers are an innovative agricultural tool that is widely used for processing various types of soil. This type of chopper belongs to the class of cultivators and can be of two types:

  • using stationary electric power;
  • using the built-in battery kit.

Despite the low weight, which does not exceed three kilograms, the working potential of this tool is simply huge. The chopper is universal and has a wide range of applications.


Using a universal cultivator, you can not only prepare the soil surface for sowing and planting, but also even the edges of the beds. The electric chopper does an excellent job of loosening, weeding and harrowing, and aerates the soil layers efficiently.

Moreover, the impact of this type of chopper contributes to a more gentle care of plants at any stage of agricultural work. Thanks to the gentle regime, the soil balance is not disturbed and the natural composition of useful substances and microorganisms is preserved.

The depth of tillage may vary. The maximum level is about eight centimeters, which is enough for high-quality and careful work. The whole process of loosening the soil occurs without turning over the upper earth layer.


The modern chopper-ripper differs in absolute simplicity in management. This is achieved through specially designed cutters, which are characterized by high stability and a uniform process. The unit itself has a fairly small overall dimensions and light weight.

The electronic protection system provides a stable level of operation of the tool and protects all nodes of the cultivator from damage in case of differences in the electrical network. The hoe uses an advanced finger construction made of hardened material, as well as a modern and reliable type of clutch that transfers the necessary amount of energy to the cutters. The chopper is equipped with a highly reliable gearbox that allows you to perform work for a long time.

The ingress of stones or any solid particles during operation does not jam the electric chopper. Tillage occurs evenly, due to the alternation of translational and rotational movements. Well-balanced handles made of durable materials make working with the tool less tiring.

When all the requirements for maintenance and operation are met, the electric chopper does not lose its working properties and does not require repair during the entire period declared by the manufacturers.


The rules for using electric choppers are standard for most models and are as follows:

  • an electric type cultivator is not used to break large clods of earth;
  • mixing and shaking of any liquids is prohibited with a chopper;
  • children and those who are not familiar with the instruction manual should not be allowed to work with the tool;
  • the user of the cultivator bears full responsibility for causing injuries and other harm to unauthorized persons during operation;
  • upon purchase, you should check the availability of all components of the tool in the package;
  • connection to the electric network is possible only after the tool is completely assembled in accordance with the attached instructions.

Numerous reviews prove the versatility of the electric chopper. It allows you to perform high-quality work on plowing, harrowing and loosening the soil, weeding, applying compost and various types of fertilizer for fruit or vegetable crops, and is also used to level the edge surfaces of lawns and flower beds.

Performance Evaluation and Tips

According to the majority of gardeners and gardeners, if in the spring the soil is heavily compacted and has a high density indicator, then preliminary work will be required before plowing with an electric chopper. To this end, it is effective to use simple pitchforks, which pierce the soil and make two or three “back and forth” movements. After this, turn on the hoe, place steel spokes in the ground and pull the tool behind you with slow movements. Such actions are performed until the required working depth and optimal degree of loosening of the soil are achieved.

Experts recommend using an electric chopper for regular loosening of soil in a personal plot. This contributes not only to the saturation of all soil layers with oxygen, but also significantly reduces the number of weeds. Design features allow efficient loosening without damaging the root system of plants.

To perform weeding, experienced gardeners advise placing the switched-on equipment directly above the weed plant, and then slowly deepen it with slow pressing movements and remove it with a sharp movement, pulling the hoe towards you.

To apply fertilizer and compost, first loosen the topsoil, and then proceed to evenly distribute the compost, moving the chopper with pulling circular motions. Thus it turns out to effectively mix the soil with fertilizer and compost.

Flower growers have long used an electric chopper to work with flower beds and lawns. Numerous reviews allow us to conclude that it is possible to obtain high-quality bordering of flower beds and lawns, regardless of their shape, height and size.

Care and storage

A quality electric chopper from a trusted manufacturer does not require special care. However, like any equipment, such a chopper needs periodic inspections. It is necessary to check the absence of loosening of the fasteners, as well as to check the wear or the appearance of mechanical damage on the component parts.

To clean the spokes of the tool from clods of earth and plant debris is necessary as follows:

  • turn off the electric chopper;
  • raise the tool;
  • turn on the electric chopper for a few seconds.

Store the electric chopper in a dry and warm room, out of the reach of children. Observance of all storage and use rules will help to use this innovative equipment for a long time and greatly facilitate the implementation of most agricultural work.

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