Why do peaches grind

Svetlana asked us the following question: “Why do peaches become smaller after a few years of fruiting? How can the fruit be returned to its previous size?”

It is noticed that on any tree, peaches begin to fade over time. There are several reasons for this.

Power shortage

Peaches can become smaller due to the fact that they lack nutrition. In order to solve the problem, you should perform a number of actions:

  1. In the spring, use a secateurs to cut part of the branches.
  2. Drill a hole near a tree using a garden drill. Add manure and superphosphate to it.
  3. Bring a few glasses of chalk (2-3) under the tree itself.
  4. After the appearance of the ovary, half will have to be removed - in 1-2.

Lack of moisture

Peaches may fade due to lack of moisture. This usually happens when the summer is dry. The fruits not only get smaller, but their taste gets worse, and also the pubescence is intensified. Correcting the problem is easy enough - water the trees on hot days.

Watering is carried out for the first time in early June, then in the second half of July, then in August. In this case, the soil will have to be moistened somewhere by 70 cm, it is at this depth that the roots go. So for one irrigation per square meter, there are about 2 buckets of water.

Heat shortage

If climatic conditions do not suit peaches, they may become smaller due to lack of heat. At the same time, there are several ways to get rid of the problem. First you have to choose the right variety. If the variety has been chosen correctly, but the plant is still damaged by frost, pruning will take place. So the tree will recover much faster.

Autumn pruning is prohibited! In this case, the plants are unlikely to survive the winter if you do not live in the southern regions. Among other things, so that the fruits do not shrink, it is recommended to thin out the crown. This improves lighting. Another way to restore the size of peaches is to shorten the shoots every year.

Lack of nitrogen nutrition

With a lack of nitrogen nutrition in peaches, the leaves turn yellow and the fruits are smaller. At the same time, the fruit acquires an astringent taste. Correcting the situation is very simple - just apply fertilizer. Then the crop will be of high quality, and the supply of nutrients will not run out.

Peach fruits are minced for several reasons or their combination. In each case, it will be necessary to identify why the plant behaves in one way or another, and then correct the situation for the better. In any case, you must first choose the right kind of tree relative to the region and climate where you live.

How to thin out peaches

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