Unpretentious coniferous plants for giving

Coniferous plants are able to qualitatively complement the landscape design. But the problem is that many of them require not only a special attitude, but also the creation of optimal conditions, and often this is not so easy. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to unpretentious conifers.

Unpretentious coniferous plants exist, and there are quite a few of them, which makes it possible to choose from the general list the most suitable for any individual dacha. This gives us a chance to grow spruce, pine or juniper without any problems that occur with ordinary conifers.

Ephedra often planted in our own plots, but the most unpleasant thing is that in the country they feel a little different than in nature. Sometimes even high-quality care does not save from diseases or simply shedding needles.

Why do not take root conifers in the country

Initially, we want to describe the standard causes of coniferous diseases in order to establish why some species do not take root in cottages.

Unsuitable climate for conifers

Perhaps you want to grow a plant in the country that prefers a frosty and dry climate, and your country house is located in the region where the climate is different. It is quite realistic that, on the contrary, the plant prefers moisture and sun, and in your country house it is rather cold and drier. Climate problems are the most important, but they are also trying to get around them. For many, this is achieved through adaptation, hardening, and proper preparation of seedlings. But it’s more right to immediately choose those plants that can take root in your climate.

Incorrect soil conditions

Some species of conifers grow and develop on sandstones all their lives, many can be seen in the mountains, among the stones, but there are those who prefer a standard suburban soil. These are again adapted species that have been cultivated for several years in the city or in a summer cottage cooperative, receive watering, bait, crown formation and other living conditions. It is on such and it is worth keeping a reference point, and also be sure to specify on what soil the coniferous tree of your choice grows. It is real that country land will not suit him. You may have to choose a different species, or maybe try to create artificial conditions.

Poor quality seedlings

If you assess the situation roughly, then more than half of the summer residents plant plants that they just liked. The second part is experienced summer residents or those who do plants professionally. But if we talk about the former, it’s quite difficult for them to choose high-quality seedlings, because even the criteria are sometimes unknown. Therefore, crippled seedlings of coniferous trees of the wrong varieties, initially infected with some diseases, or most susceptible to pests, fall in the summer cottages. The result is one - the plant does not take root and quickly dies.

Improper care of conifers

You can plant spruce or pine in the country, but it is not known how the coniferous plant will behave in a year or two. Therefore, it is required to provide the young tree with quality care. Increased attention is required during the first 5-7 years, and this is a mandatory requirement. In the future, it will also be impossible to leave the plant to its own devices - additional nutrition, crown formation, and other care will be required.

It is very important to study the type of plant that is acquired and planted, and the requirements for its cultivation. You cannot use general rules, because each species is individual.

Negative interior

Each cottage has its own conditions for plants, which are regulated not only by the entire garden, but also by neighboring cottages. The situation becomes clearer when you pay attention to the state of your economy. For example, you etch pests, and they reappear, because on both sides of the street the neighbors do not take care of their garden. The same is about diseases of trees, shrubs and other plants that easily move from one summer house to another. This can negatively affect conifers, which, for the most part, are quite whimsical.

In addition, pets and even children can be negative for young trees. If a sapling is broken by a dog or kids who run around a young Christmas tree, then it may not survive. Positive conditions should be created for the young tree and try to take care of new plants comprehensively. Perhaps in this case the result will be even better than you expected.

There are many reasons for the poor growth of conifers, but the main ones are indicated above. Try to pay attention to every single trifle and fix all the flaws. Then you will be able to grow a really healthy and beautiful coniferous plant in the country. But also think about how to facilitate the task will help you choose the right kind, adapted or simply unpretentious!

What are unpretentious conifers

Their list can be quite large if you study absolutely all conifers. But we need only those that meet the following conditions:

  • plants can winter without shelter;
  • Do not freeze in winter;
  • do not get wet or dry;
  • not fired by the early spring sun;
  • Feel good on all soils.

The best unpretentious conifers for giving

We have created a small database of unpretentious conifers, which will require only minimal care for them. Of course, dropping them off in the country and forgetting them for several years is wrong. But worries with such plants will be much less.

Regardless of which plant you choose to plant on your own site, try to study its agricultural technology, as well as the necessary conditions for the first years of life, while the conifer is stabilizing and gaining strength for further development.

Unpretentious junipers for a summer residence

Of the total number of unpretentious conifers, the largest number of them among junipers. Plants grow quickly and gain strength, they feel normal in the sun and in the shade, on almost all types of soils. The most correct to plant junipers on the slopes, in rockeries.

  • Juniper is Chinese. Chinese juniper, or Juniperus chinensis, is a truly luxurious plant with a bronze yellow color. The conifer is resistant to various weather conditions, as well as to many diseases. It grows up to 2 m in height and spreads about the same distance along the radius, showing dense greenery.
  • Juniper horizontal Juniperus horizontalis. We present to you a kind of unpretentious juniper called Andorra Compact. This is a small plant that grows up to 30-40 cm, but spreads up to 1 meter to the sides. Needles of a very interesting color - with gray, blue and gray shades, which in winter gains a more violet color. Juniper feels good on sandstones, in a humid environment, normally tolerates both the sun and partial shading.

  • Juniper Horizontal Wilton. This species is an original shrub, which spreads on the ground with a dense carpet of silver-blue needles. Juniper is great for landscaping, especially for the decoration of rocky gardens, because in height it is only 10-15 cm, but in breadth it grows to several meters!

In addition, I would like to add the following species to the list of unpretentious junipers - Blue Spider, Prince of Wales and Juniper Cossack.

Unpretentious spruce for giving

Many of us have tried to grow or grow spruce today. But it is worth knowing that the most unpretentious are the following:

  • Norway spruce, or, as it can be called, spruce Picea abies. At the moment, we recommend that you spruce Barryi! This is a dwarf form that grows very slowly, but shows itself as a strong and fairly resistant plant. About 8-10 years after planting, the spruce can reach a height of 2 meters. The needles of the spruce are dark green with a charming sheen, and the crown in the first years of life is round. Growing up, spruce loses this form.

  • Picea abies Nidiformis is another beautiful and unique species of spruce that surprises and evokes positive emotions. This coniferous plant is a nest-shaped dwarf form, which is very in demand in landscape design. We can say that the plant does not have a trunk, since all branches and shoots grow with a fan-shaped fan. But this does not interfere with the originality of the coniferous plant. The needles are short, often light green in color, and the growth of the plant is only 0.5 m. The width reaches 1 m, which allows the plant to acquire a very nice shape.
  • The ordinary blue spruce Glauca Globosa is a semi-dwarf species that grows very slowly. Only at the age of 27-30 years the plant reaches a height of 3 m. The crown is round, and the needles are blue and silver-blue, very prickly.

Unpretentious pine trees in the country

Among unpretentious pines, the following can be listed:

  • mountain pine Pinus mugo, which is also called Winter Gold. Very small, slow-growing, up to half a meter in 10 years, it is a squat and spherical plant of light yellow or even golden yellow color. Due to its unique color and growth, pine perfectly fits into the landscape design of the cottage;

  • mountain pine Ophir. This is another representative of unpretentious conifers, which is able to please its unusual and even amazing appearance. The pine is very small and round, grows in about the same way as the previous species, only up to half a meter in 10 years. In winter, the needles of the plant are golden, and in summer - green, which means that in the landscape such an instance is generally irreplaceable.

As you can see, unpretentious conifers are, and there are a lot of them. We have listed only a few from the general list, but each of our readers has already managed to dwell on a certain form, which he will choose for his dacha.

I would also like to note that conifers, regardless of growth and color, fit perfectly into landscape compositions, whether it is a summer cottage built in an ultra-modern style, or a plot with classic forms and similar buildings. Be sure to pay attention to the pines and spruce when you start to make out the cottage or just change something on its territory.

Unpretentious garden plants (video)

Unpretentious conifers for summer cottages found and installed! Now you just need to carefully approach the rules of agricultural technology and take the time for the young plants until they gain strength in order to please us in the country for many more years with their charming appearance and fresh aroma.