Ground heating in the greenhouse: increase the yield by 2 times!

If you annually encounter the problem of freezing on the ground, from which you lose most of the crop, the GREEN BOX AGRO electronic heating system is specially designed to solve your problem.

Why do we need soil heating in a greenhouse?

In cold latitudes, summer is not always warm, which adversely affects plant health and productivity. Alas, no one is protected from a sharp change in weather conditions. But it’s worth it to insure yourself.

Ground heating will provide you with summer from April to November. Is this not the dream of any gardener and gardener? You can harvest in your greenhouse year-round and plentifully.


This is a moisture-proof heating cable that can be cut of any length multiple of a meter (from 0.9 to 8.9 m2), 3-5 mm thick. Power from 150 to 980 watts. Prices are quite affordable, from 1785 to 8199 rubles. You can find out the price for a certain length and power on the official website //

The only thing that is not included in the kit is a thermostat. It must be purchased separately (cost: from about 1,500 to 4,500 rubles). A big plus of this device is that it reduces power consumption by 2 times. Also, you can set the desired temperature.

The warranty is promising - 5 years from the date of sale.

Laying in the ground is possible through independent efforts, without the experience of installing the heating section and other elements of the system. If you still have questions, then the kit contains detailed instructions for installation and use. But it is advisable that the installation is handled directly by a professional electrician, in order to avoid accidents.

What are the advantages of the system?

Electric soil heating has a number of advantages compared to growing crops on unheated soil.

Suitable for:

planting plants in the early stages;
growing seeds in the ground;
harvesting in the cold summer;
extension of the season during cooling;
crop safety.

Resistant to:

ultraviolet light;
electromagnetic fields;
mechanical stress.

The heating section is not harmful to the environment and does not require special disposal. The only thing that does not need to be done is to burn it in bonfires, domestic stoves or burners.

What does the soil heating system consist of?
Elements of the system, as well as the sequence of their installation are as follows:
First, the heating section is laid out.
A layer of sand is poured on top.
The sand is covered with a net, from which the thermostat tube rises.
The grid is covered with a layer of soil, on which plants are subsequently planted.
Thermostat TP 600 with temperature sensor - should rise above the plants and be available for reading.

More details are described in the instructions.

Ground heating GREEN BOX AGRO - will help you create the necessary temperature conditions for growing your favorite crops. By purchasing such a system, you will increase the safety of plants that will delight you with their healthy appearance and rapid growth.