Items of furniture and decor for giving from old books

Modern technology does not stand still, more and more often people read books in electronic form, and good old friends gather dust on shelves. Why not implement such an idea as furniture from books? Printed products in binding and in the form of magazines can be an excellent material for the production of furniture, decorative elements and lamps.

The presented products look great on a site decorated in a country style, so for a summer residence they will be the best option. Among other things, this is a good way to get rid of waste paper and breathe life into old things.

Roomy shelving

In order to make a bookcase, you will need books of the same size. It is better if it is one collected work. Do not pay attention to the color of the cover - the rack can be pasted over with decorative paper. Printed products will act as a frame. Important! Draw a diagram in advance to know how to position the material.

Books are placed in such a way that they form lateral faces, shelves, countertops. Ready-made surfaces are fastened together. Bolts are suitable for mounting. After the structure is completely connected, you can decorate the rack with wrapping paper.

Tables and chairs

Books make good coffee tables - beautiful and strong. Worktops are made with your own hands directly from books, and the legs can be ordinary wooden. There is a very simple way to make a stool. A pile of magazines is taken, secured with straps, a pillow is placed on top, and the stool is ready. It is better to make several such stools at once. They look great in a group.

When laying the material with bricks, excellent coffee tables are also obtained. If there is no desire to perform complex actions, you can simply lay out the “book” table. Thus, large podium tables or bar counters are created. You will need a large number of books, which are laid out in several rows.

Another simple option: a few books and thick glass - the table is ready!

Original fixtures

Using the technique of origami, cutting and application, you can create your own original lamp from books. It is important to understand that only energy-saving bulbs should be used in them.

Wall decor

From books you can make a huge number of decorative elements. For example, a bright headboard for a bed. Add a bedspread in a rustic style to get a real masterpiece.

Books like shelves

Just a few books, and you can get a wonderful shelf for flowers, for example. To start, a large book is selected - it will be the surface of the shelf. It is attached to the wall. Below the product is supported by several more books. Fasteners are mounted on bolts. Important! The product must be securely attached to the wall.

Another ingenious design - one book and metal fasteners!

Storage tanks, vases and pots

Making book decor easier is simple. Cut interesting pictures from various printed materials, and then glue various useful containers from them.

  • So easy enough to make an openwork vase. To do this, take a book with vivid illustrations - of which curls of paper are twisted and circles are formed. After many colored laces of different diameters are made, they are glued together so as to form a spherical shape.
  • From a thick daily planner, it is easy to make a stand for storing various office supplies.
  • From tubes made of magazine and book pages, you can make a frame for watches.
  • Among other things, you can make interesting pots for plants. To do this, a hole is cut out in the book, soil is poured into it and the flowers you like are planted. You can put several such products on the windowsill. Plants growing directly from printed matter look extravagant.
  • An alpine slide made of books looks interesting. The plant installation method is exactly the same as in the above embodiment.

  • It is very easy to make a cute vase from a glass test tube. For this, the vessel is wrapped in book pages, having previously been shaped with an electric jigsaw.
  • The simplest decor for the interior is a bunch of grapes. Drops resembling grapes are made from bent book pages. Then they decorate the walls of the room.
  • Using plotter cutting, you can make any sculptural portrait.
  • A train that hides in the thickness of the pages, a swarm of butterflies flying out of the depths of the book - all this can decorate even the simplest dwelling.
  • Combining pages with the image of the starry sky and clippings from magazines of the 60s produces wonderful retro installations.

Original sofa

From such material you can even make a sofa. To do this, you need to perform a wooden frame on casters. Then books are stacked on it. An art object will be useful not only as a decor. At the same time, it can be moved, which is very convenient!

Perina from books

It is believed that if you put a book under the pillow, you can find out in a dream what is written in it. You can enhance the effect by making a feather bed of book production. Just lay out the base, and put a mattress and pillows on it. If you suddenly change your mind about sleeping, you can pull out a book and read it.

If you have old books, do not rush to throw them away, just take all the unnecessary printed materials to the country. From books you can make absolutely any furniture and decor elements, you just need to try a little and connect your imagination. Sofas, tables and chairs, lamps and pots - all this can be done with your own hands at minimal cost.

Decor from old books