What vegetables will help cope with oncology?

The consumption of vegetables favorably affects the health of the human body. However, some of them are able to prevent the appearance of cancer.

The types of the most useful crops

Cruciferous hold the championship in the fight against a serious illness. Vegetables such as watercress, broccoli, bok choy deserve a good reputation. Various varieties of cauliflower, the features of the cultivation of which we have already described, also protect the body from starting the mechanism of a deadly disease.

They noted a high content of indole, which contribute to the production of a particular enzyme. Indoles prevent the appearance of breast tumors. Among other things, the presented vegetables have a lot of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. Important! The presented cultures are recommended to be consumed raw or after a short steam treatment.

The benefits of greenery

Many housewives seek to decorate dishes with leaflets of greens - dill, parsley. But not everyone knows that this is not just an excellent decorative element, but also a storehouse of useful substances. The most useful of greens is parsley. It is rich in minerals and vitamins. Parsley not only prevents the appearance of cancer, but also improves vision, lowers blood sugar and pressure. Among other things, parsley - the strongest aphrodisiac for men, perfectly removes swelling, slows baldness, and resists skin aging.


More recently, antitumor properties have been found in tomatoes. They contain lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant. You can learn more about growing tomatoes, choosing a variety and caring for them on the pages of previously published materials on.

Garlic and onion

Garlic has pronounced chelating properties. They allow you to bind toxins, including carcinogenic cadmium, which is in cigarette smoke, and then remove them. Moreover, it activates white blood cells, and they are already destroying cancer cells. Garlic contains sulfur, which the liver needs to function properly. Regular intake of the presented type of herbs reduces the likelihood of stomach cancer.

Onions have similar properties. It, like garlic, contains allicin, which has a good detoxifying effect. Since the liver is the main organ responsible for the removal of carcinogens, the role of garlic and onions is maximum!

Corn and Carrots

Presented vegetables will reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Among other things, they will make the skin smooth, lower cholesterol and pressure, improve the immune system and joints.

Cancer Benefits

Cruciferous are unique in that they contain a special substance that gives them a bitter taste. When destroyed, during chewing or mixing, it turns into ITCs that have powerful anti-cancer effects. As a result, people consuming cruciferous:

  • the number of inflammatory molecules decreases;
  • tumor growth slows down;
  • DNA change is prevented.

Greens - parsley, celery and dill - effectively protect against breast cancer. Moreover, even if the disease has already developed, the process stops, and the diseased cells die.

The substance that stains tomatoes in bright red color also destroys cholesterol. It was noted that men who consume tomatoes daily are 45% less likely to develop prostate cancer. Moreover, the consumption of tomatoes slows down the development of brain cancer, and in some cases helps to cure it.

Onions and garlic are excellent preventative measures. They inhibit tumor growth and inhibit cell disease.

The benefits of vegetables according to color

You can find out what benefits vegetables can bring in the fight against cancer, if you look at their color and variety:

  • green plants (cabbage, green peas) increase the body's resistance;
  • dark green (broccoli, garlic) have antitumor properties;
  • cruciferous (cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, radishes and turnips) have beneficial effects on liver function;
  • purple, red, and blue vegetables (blue cabbage, beets) are rich in antioxidants;
  • yellow, orange and red vegetables (carrots, zucchini, tomatoes) have anti-cancer properties and increase immunity.

Expert opinion

British scientists have come to the conclusion that a vegetable diet by 12% reduces the likelihood of cancer. At the same time, it was revealed that oncology most often affects people who consume large quantities of meat and neglect vegetables.

Among other things, 7 vegetables and fruits are needed per day. Previously, British scientists settled on 5 cultures, and the term “five per day” was even entrenched in everyday life. However, then it was revealed that the more vegetables and fruits will be eaten per day, the greater the benefit! The risk of death is reduced by 42%!

Researchers from New York, by contrast, believe that consuming vegetables does not significantly reduce the likelihood of a disease. They claim that the opinion of nutritionists is exaggerated, and the daily inclusion of onions, tomatoes or cruciferous in the diet prevents only 2.5% of cases of oncology. At the same time, researchers argue that those people who consume vegetables tend to lead a healthier lifestyle, which means that the risk of cancer is reduced naturally. But this does not mean that it is not necessary to include the presented cultures in the diet. They lower cholesterol and are a good prevention of heart disease. Indirectly, this also contributes to the oncology side.

For treatment and prevention, it is recommended to grow vegetables with your own hands, and if you buy, then only in Russia or the CIS countries. Only in this way will you be sure that they will help your health, and not harm.

The benefits of vegetables

There are a number of vegetables that help cope with oncology. The best option is to eat about 7 servings of not only the presented vegetable crops, but also fruits per day. First you need to consult a specialist about what types of vegetables will be most useful to you.