Features of green currant

We received a question from Nina: "What varieties of green currants exist? How do they differ from red and black, except for color?"

Features of green currant

Finnish breeders have bred a new variety of currants - green. The color of the berries persists even when the fruits are fully ripe.

  • The most common variety is Verti. Sour-sweet berries have a light green color.
  • Large berries of the Wilma variety are green. They give a high yield.
  • Low-growing shrubs with a spreading crown belong to the grade "Emerald Necklace". Middle-late ripening variety. Berries of a sweet taste, light yellow.
  • "Inca Gold" ripens in the medium early. The berries are sweet and sour, yellowish.
  • The early ripening period includes the "Tears of Isis" variety. Disease-resistant variety. The berries are light green, transparent, with a yellowish tint.
  • And finally, the newest variety is "Vennie". Berries ripen early.

Differences from red and black currants

Green currant berries have a thin skin, honey aroma, sweet taste. All this, of course, is pleasant to children.
Green currant differs from blackcurrant in its high content of vitamin C and taste. Its berries are much sweeter and more tender. They are more dessert.

Green currant berries ripen later than red and black, but this is more an advantage than a disadvantage. She ripens in the second half of August. The fruits are quite large, green, with brown dots. Ripe berries do not fall off the branches until mid-September. They do not attract the attention of birds, due to their nondescript coloration, so you can harvest a crop of approximately 4 kilograms from one bush.

Winter-resistant varieties. A huge plus is that they are not susceptible to pest attacks and various diseases.
Green currant is not inferior to black and red in the number of biologically active substances. The berries do not have a sharp currant smell, which is very important for people suffering from allergies.

Unlike blackcurrant, varieties with green berries require more heat and light. They need to be planted in an open area, where there will always be enough light. The soil should be loose and moist. Caring for green currants is no different from caring for red and black. Therefore, you may be interested in an article about caring for red currants.

Initially, green currants did not take root in Russia, only after years did it come to us again, having already changed its name. The experience of growing such berries is small.

Currant pruning

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