How to draw up documents for the site, house and country buildings

Outbuildings in the garden are subject to registration in special bodies. But before making registration, make sure that all buildings are located on the territory in accordance with the standards.

In order to fully dispose of the property located on the site, register them as an inheritance, and make a sale, you should have a special document, namely a certificate of state registration of ownership of objects.

How to register a country house and other buildings

Register the outbuildings in the territory as follows:

Prepare a construction declaration

The form can be obtained at the administration or BTI. It will be necessary to prepare the document on their own. It should reflect the following information:

  • cadastral number of the plot;
  • address;
  • connection to engineering and technical networks;
  • type of construction;
  • materials of which the walls of the building are made;
  • square;
  • year of construction.

Registration of ownership of the cottage and land

The next stage is the collection of documents for registration of property. This stage is necessary if real estate, for example, at home, is present on the site. From the documents should provide:

  • the passport;
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • declaration of construction;
  • title document for an allotment.

Submission of documents for state registration of an economic structure (house, bathhouse)

To comply with all the rules, you must visit the authority of the Federal Registration Service at the location of the site. The application form will be filled in by the Rosregistration authority. A month later they will issue a certificate.

How to arrange buildings

Houses and other structures on the territory are located in accordance with SNiP 30-02-97. In this case, some rules must be observed:

  • outbuildings should be erected at a distance of more than 5 meters from the street and driveway;
  • if you have neighbors, the fence along the border of the land allotment should choose trellised or mesh. Their height should reach 1.5 meters. From the side of driveways and streets you can install blind fences, but only if the rest of the gardening members agree;

  • from the structure where birds and cattle are kept to the border of the neighbors' area, the distance should be more than 4 meters, from other buildings - a meter. If the buildings are located a meter from the border of the site, the roof slope should be in the direction of your site, and not put on neighbors;

Important! There should be no drains to the territory of neighbors.

  • fire safety standards should also be considered. Within the boundaries of your site, the distance between buildings can be any. Nevertheless, there should be a distance between your buildings and the buildings of your neighbors: for timber frame buildings - 10 meters, for stone structures - 6 meters, for buildings with wooden floors — 8 meters;
  • it is worth considering sanitary standards. Consider the rules for a plot of 6-8 acres. So the distance between the house and buildings for livestock and the restroom should be 12 meters or more, from the well to the compost device and the restroom - 8 meters, from the house to the bathhouse - also 8 meters.

Thus, the placement of buildings in the garden should be carried out in accordance with the rules. Moreover, if you are going to officially register buildings, if you violate the above rules you will be denied. You, as a violator, will have to pay damages caused to neighbors and other owners when transferring a case to court.

If you do not eliminate the violations in time, the bailiff and the relevant services will be called upon to deal with the rearrangement of the buildings. Naturally, all work will be done at your expense.

What is allowed to build on the site

Garden territory involves the construction of buildings of an economic type. At the same time, you can not build up your allotment with anything.

On a plot of 6 acres, it is allowed to erect a residential building or house, as well as buildings for various household purposes, for example, buildings for keeping poultry or livestock. You may find the information in the article "Construction on your own site: a memorial to the summer resident" useful.

It is important to remember that all buildings should not occupy more than 30% of the total allotment area. As a result, it turns out that on a plot of 6 acres it will not be possible to install a house with an area of ​​more than 120 square meters.

Do not forget! The house, which is located on the site, must be registered. Only after that will he be assigned an inventory or cadastral number.

Building tax

What taxes will have to pay for buildings? According to the law "On taxes on property of individuals", taxation applies to buildings in the garden allotment. There is no need to pay taxes to a whole group of people, including:

  • participants in the Second World War and the Civil War;
  • Heroes of Russia and the Soviet Union;
  • disabled children;
  • persons who have been awarded the Order of Glory;
  • disabled people of the first and second group.

The tax on buildings located in areas in summer cottages and horticultural non-profit associations is not paid for buildings with a living area of ​​up to 50 square meters and structures whose area does not reach 50 square meters.

The amount of land tax is calculated from several factors: cadastral value, allotment area, land tax rate.

Information on cadastral value can be found on the website of Rosreestr. The rate and benefits are calculated by local governments.

In the event that you inherited the land with buildings, you will first have to register the ownership of the allotment, and only then register the house, bathhouse and other buildings. Then taxes are paid as usual.

For household and utility buildings, ownership can be registered in a simplified manner. This will require declarations and land documents.

What begins the construction of a private house

According to the law of "summer amnesty", property can be registered for an unregistered building without formalities.

Any buildings on the garden plot are subject to registration. In this case, it is first necessary to correctly place the buildings, in accordance with all norms and rules. It is important to obtain the necessary permits from the fire safety service and follow the SNiP. After registration for land and buildings you will have to pay taxes, but in the future you can sell the house and land at a higher price.