The best materials for facing a country house

Facing a country house is possible in so many ways, using a wide variety of materials. They can be expensive and cheap, with insulation or just decorative, protective or repair. Therefore, we decided to approach the issue seriously and not just point out the materials for facing the country house, but also talk about all the related steps.

Many of our readers have already read the articles in which we explain how to repair the walls of a house or insulate them with styrofoam from the outside. There are also articles about the exterior. But today we will list a lot more options for cladding and tell you what they are.

Initial phase: inspection of the walls

It often happens that the cladding begins with the acquisition of the material you like. But just which one is suitable for specific work remains a question.

It is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of the walls and establish what building materials and decor can be used. It is possible that heavy facades are not applicable due to the condition of the walls, that you need to pre-repair them or insulate them. It also happens that a serious reconstruction of the house is necessary before the start of work.

Any crack in the wall can mark the need for a multi-stage repair, so do not rush to conclusions.

Immediately inspect, make notes in your preliminary project, which is necessary, establish the complexity of the problems, if any, and draw conclusions.

What is facing the walls

There are enough options on the market to make a choice based on your budget and opinion on the design. You can always start studying materials even from a major construction-related store, where consultants will show all the offers on the shelves. We will start with the most popular options.

Brick cladding

Suitable for almost every home. A large selection of types of material here regulates the possibilities of design and budget, but working with bricks is often impossible with your own hands. Laying is done by professionals, because it is necessary to observe a lot of conditions.

Today, there is a special brick for cladding on sale - clinker, which has an average weight and excellent geometry. High quality, appropriate price, excellent appearance, durability, as well as protection of the main building material are the main indicators of clinker. If we talk about the shape, relief, textures and colors, then they are practically unlimited.

It is very important here to pay attention to the manufacturer. With clinker cladding brick, it often happens that a cheaper option is easier to install and lasts longer than the advertised popular product from a European manufacturer.

Ceramic tile

By and large, ceramic cladding tiles are the same clinker, but at this stage we are introducing a separate type of material, specifically for cladding and finishing socles.

This is a low part of the house, which occupies a minimum position in the estimate in relation to all areas of the external walls. But the role of high-quality finishing of this part of the facade cannot be exaggerated. Together with a high-quality blind area, the finishing of the basement will help protect the house and its foundation from excessive moisture and freezing walls. This will relieve the cold inside the house.

It is clear that the standard finish of the base with tiles or porcelain stoneware will not completely eliminate the cold, but it can always be chosen as an additional step and insulation.

Facing the house with natural stone

We are a little off topic and switched to facing a separate part of the house, but now we are returning to the walls and are studying options for facing both the walls and the basement.

Natural stone is an excellent material that has been used for house building and decoration for hundreds of years. It can be used today.

In combination with the correct protective solution, which is used to coat all seams, the strong and durable stone provides not only reliable protection, but also a beautiful decorative look.

Natural stone has several disadvantages - a high price and a lot of weight, but this is not suitable for everyone.

Artificial stone for facing the cottage

Many craftsmen call artificial stone a budget option. We, just knowing its value, simply cannot say this. An artificial stone can be a budget option in comparison with a natural one, and then this expression sounds a little wrong. But just to point out that it is more practical and easier to work, much easier and cheaper - it is possible!

Artificial stone is a less durable, but quite resistant to any weather material. He serves for a long time. Decor made of sand, cement and many additives is a good decoration for your home, the installation of which can be done independently. One has only to choose high quality material, as well as initially decide whether you need ordinary or thermal panels.

It is worth knowing that with the help of artificial stone, the decoration of facades is possible for almost any expensive material. And therefore not always that natural and expensive stone that looks like that!

Sandwich panel decoration

Sandwich panels are popular today, they can be installed on almost any structure. They are lightweight, easy to install even on their own, have a large assortment of species in materials, colors and sizes.

For each individual house, the system is developed individually, taking into account the characteristics of the fastening and requirements for the future result.

The wall strength and the possibility of installing a metal frame are immediately checked. Next, the mounting of the carrier system and the installation of insulation. It remains only to install wind and moisture protection on it, and then install the exterior decorative part. Almost anything is already possible here - aluminum panels, stone and ceramic tiles, artificial stone, fiber cement boards and other materials that are suitable for facing a house with ventilated facades.

Naturally, it is very important to know how the facade of the house will be finished at the final stage. The requirements for the frame and some features of the work depend on this.


Perhaps the easiest finish in terms of established processes. We can’t say that it’s the cheapest, but here’s what any summer clerk can do with installing siding on the facade of a country house - it's easy!

Siding is a lightweight material in the form of panels that are mounted on pre-installed supporting profiles. Siding becomes just a decorative component of a country house or an external part of a ventilated facade.

Today, vinyl, metal, and even wooden siding are on sale. But it’s more correct to call it a block house.

Wet facade decoration

Wet finish or cladding is plastering, leveling and giving the walls a certain shape. Not so long ago we talked about similar processes when we mentioned the full cycle of necessary work. You can familiarize yourself with our tips in more detail by simply reading the article on the exterior decoration of the walls of the cottage.

There you will see that the process is quite simple, as well as diverse. After all, after repairing the walls and warming them, you can refine the facades with plaster, leveling and painting, laying a “fur coat”, as well as forming stone, brick on the facade, and in many other ways.

What is each facade material

If you approach the issue of decorating the house in the country even more specifically, then every summer resident will want to know what he is dealing with, long before buying this material. And this is very correct, and therefore we only support a similar opinion and explain the compositions of the materials indicated earlier.

  • The facing brick, which was discussed at the very beginning, can be not only clinker. It is also silicate, glazed or ceramic brick, which is called front or facade. If we consider precisely clinker brick, this is a product of firing, forming and baking certain types of clay with the addition of special components that establish additional qualities.
  • Ceramic tile is a popular and versatile material that is produced by pressing and burning clay at high temperatures. Today, additional processes are involved in the production, which provide a protective layer, as well as special additives.
  • Porcelain tile for wall cladding is an artificial finishing material for the production of which a special composition is carefully crushed, mixed and pressed - clay, melt, quartz sand and additional additives. After pressing and forming, the material is calcined.
  • Natural stone is a natural solid rock or mineral. But most often it is simply a sedimentary or igneous rock.
  • Artificial stone is a special material that is made on vibro-presses from sand, cement or dry mixes with strength additives, plasticizers and pigments.
  • Sandwich panels - cladding for the house on the basis of a metal frame, on which the installation of stainless, plastic, aluminum, translucent PVC elements, as well as many other cladding panels.
  • Siding - vinyl, metal or wood. Today, vinyl is considered to be the most popular, which approximately 80% consists of polyvinyl chloride, and the remaining 20% ​​are special additives that are introduced to regulate certain qualities.
  • Wet facade decoration - finishing on the basis of dry mixes, which are diluted with water to the required consistency and applied to the wall. It is possible to add colorings, primers, plasticizers, special fractional impurities.

So, the inspection is done, the material is selected and the wall is conditionally repaired, perhaps even a restoration has been carried out. Now you need to decide who will produce the walls.

Facing a summer house with your own hands

Depending on the choice of material, a certain level of complexity of the work is approved. It is connected not so much even with the physical process of masonry, gluing or mounting panels or tiles on the frame, but with the mandatory requirements that each material has.

Undoubtedly, do-it-yourself casing is a very real process, and we are even sure that most of our readers can easily cope with it. But there are also building materials that require the strict adherence to strict technology, and therefore in many cases it is simply necessary to turn to specialists.

Do-it-yourself facing with natural stone (video)

Decorative decoration of a country house, cladding or cladding is a process that provides the facades and plinths of a residential building with protection and a certain level of decorativeness. Choose the materials correctly and do the work in full compliance with the necessary technology, then the result will surely please you.