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How to make cardboard furniture for a summer residence

From cardboard you can make many interesting products. But if you decide to do something useful for giving, it is worth stopping on furniture. Let's consider what cardboard furniture can be.

Features of working with cardboard

Making furniture from cardboard, it is worth taking into account several of its features. Firstly, you can use both sheets of material and boxes. Secondly, the thicker the cardboard, the stronger the furniture will be.

Joints are processed using kraft paper or cardboard. At the same time, the paper is torn, not cut. The decor of the material can be anything: tight fitting with fabric, wallpapering, painting, decoupage.

It is believed that dark cardboard has the highest density. If the sheets are thin, several products are glued together. In this case, it is necessary to arrange the waves of the next layer perpendicular to the layer of the previous one.

Why it is worth giving preference to cardboard

If you decide to furnish the cottage, and there is not much money, thick paper will help. A little imagination and the interior of the house will still be envious.

If you think that cardboard furniture is short-lived - in vain. Many designers have already preferred the presented material. Products made of thick paper have a number of advantages:

  • safety of use;
  • ease;
  • low cost;
  • ecological cleanliness.

Since cardboard is easily deformed and very flexible, absolutely any construction can be made from it. At the same time, due to its stiffness, cardboard furniture can withstand the weight of even an adult.

What can be done from cardboard with your own hands for a summer residence? Consider the most interesting options.

There are other materials that are used for the independent manufacture of garden furniture, but they are more expensive than corrugated cardboard.

Picnic seat

Such furniture made of self-made cardboard as chairs for the garden will be very convenient for the cottage. The seats are very durable, the back is made of corrugated cardboard. On the Internet you can find various product schemes, but it is better to choose workshops on the production of folding devices. This is important, as in this case you can take high chairs with you when you go on a picnic in the countryside.

Decorations for the walls of the cottage

Cardboard is an amazing material. From colorful sheets you can make amazing paintings. To do this, the cardboard is folded into several layers, and then the image is cut out in it.

The most comfortable idea: a false fireplace

If you are interested in how to make cardboard furniture, you can stop at the fake fireplace. The product will have the same dimensions as the standard hearth - 115x115x30 cm.

To make a product is very simple. First make a skeleton with stiffeners. Then it is covered on all sides with paper. Then the fireplace is put on a prepared podium, which also has ribs and a skeleton, while it is necessary to glue together about 6 sheets of cardboard.

It is recommended to attach furniture wheels to the podium so that the product can be easily pushed away from the wall. A ceiling plinth is glued to the top of the fireplace. The corners of the hearth are closed with the help of a building corner. The ceiling of the firebox is glued with gold foil so that candles can be placed and lit. The rest of the fireplace is putty.

Roughnesses are hidden with the help of liquid wallpaper. The podium is decorated with stones made of foam.

Useful Chests

In the country there are always many things. Why not put them in chests.

Consider how to make not only roomy, but also beautiful products. The chest can be made from an ordinary cardboard box, then it is braided with tubes of newspapers.

You will need: a box, stain and varnish for wood, cardboard for the lid, glue, newspaper tubes.

  • First take the box and decorate it with newspaper tubes.
  • Then a cardboard cover is cut out. The width of the rectangle should be the same as the width of the box.
  • Bend the cardboard and secure with wire.
  • Next, the workpiece is placed on another sheet of cardboard and the side parts are circled. It remains only to cut.
  • Then comes pasting with newspaper tubes. We glue the parts and again braid with tubes.
  • The junction of the box and the lid is decorated with lace. Glue cardboard to the bottom. Then it remains to attach the lining.
  • We paint the product and apply varnish.

Cardboard Clamshell

A very comfortable clamshell comes out of the cardboard. A product of this type in Switzerland costs about 400 euros, but if you make furniture yourself, it will cost a mere penny.

  • Take a 7 mm cardboard.
  • Fold it in an accordion - you should get a zigzag design.
  • Fasten with tape running from one end to the other.
  • Thick cardboard is laid on top for horizontal support.

Simple original chair

  • First of all, sandwiches are created for the walls of cardboard from zigzag blanks. At the same time, 3 zigzag stripes will be required on each wall.
  • Next is the marking of a long piece of cardboard, the interval is 42 millimeters. An incision is made on each side.

Look at the folds of the lines, make sure that the structure will fold as it should.

  • Glue the zigzag pieces to the walls. You can make as many layers as you need to give the product strength.
  • Then circles are cut out in the walls of the future chair with a special cutter. Next, use pipes from an A2 roll plotter. They are inserted into the holes.

In addition to cardboard, you can use wood to create original cottage furniture with your own hands.

Cardboard furniture

With the help of cardboard you can make a huge amount of various furniture for a summer residence. At the same time, material of any density and color is suitable for work. Of the tools useful scissors, cutter, glue or tape. What shape, size and design a chair, table or closet will be is up to you.